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At Crimson Lights, Nick thinks he should speak to Ashland in private, but Victoria’s not going anywhere. Ashland wants her there. Victoria knows her brother went to New Jersey thanks to Phyllis being her usually cagey self. Nick asks again if Ashland is sure he wants Victoria there for this. Victoria snaps at him again. Nick says, “Ashland why don’t we talk about a 40 year old car crash and a man named Bobby DeFranco.”
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby tells Dominic how she’ll take care of him. “You can always count on me.”

In their hotel suite, Tessa brings Mariah her favorite foods for dinner. There’s a knock at the door — it’s Sharon. Tessa lets her in and she asks if she came at a bad time. Tessa has some things to do and will leave them to talk.

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Sharon tells Mariah that she knows she asked for space. “I gave it to you.” Mariah wryly replies, “You lasted 24 hours.” Sharon’s pleased to hear her making jokes and asks how she’s really feeling. Mariah feels stronger after getting out of the house. Sharon has been getting second-hand information and wants to know why she left. Mariah admits it was a lot harder than she thought it would be, being around Dominic after carrying the baby and protecting him throughout the ordeal. She knows he’s not hers, but there’s a bond and it’s hard-core strong — which she warned her about. Sharon isn’t there to say ‘I told you so,’ and asks what she can do to help. She extends an invitation to move into her house, but Mariah reminds her, “Space.”

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Sharon wants to know what’s next for Mariah and is keen to recommend some therapists to help get her through the post-partum period. She warns about jumping into anything big. Mariah demands to know what Tessa told her. Sharon admits she told her she wanted to have a baby. Mariah snarks, “Clearly, Tessa does not.” She argues that it’s not a kneejerk reaction — having a baby with the woman she loves is the next step in her life!
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At the penthouse, Amanda and Devon are dressed up. She asks if he made reservations. Suddenly, Moses comes running in wearing a suit. Faith appears and relays that their special date is off to a shaky start. She explains that Moses said he forgot something and she still doesn’t know where they’re going. Moses appears with his wallet, relieved that he won’t end the evening doing dishes. Faith guesses that dinner must be involved. Amanda teases about Moses still not telling his date where they’re going and urges them to have fun.
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At the coffee house, Ashland says Bobby DeFranco is a name he never wanted to hear again. Victoria asks, “Who is this dead man?” Locke replies, “That dead man is me.” Victoria gawps, “You’re Bobby DeFranco?” Ashland says he was… before he became Ashland Locke. Victoria isn’t impressed by Nick’s sleuthing — they knew he changed his name. Nick explains a young man really did die. Ashland details that all he told Victoria about his abusive childhood was true. He had a friend who inspired him named Ashland Locke; they got matching tattoos. His dad saw it and beat him up real good. He talked Ashland into taking off, so they did. They worked odd jobs up and down the Jersey coast until one day they found themselves in an arcade and there was a commotion — his father had come to take him home. Ashland hid him and ran interference. He owed him so big. They became family for each other. Ashland had big plans to strike it rich. He wanted to be involved in communications and snagged an interview with Camila Rhodes. “But my friend couldn’t make that interview…”
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The night before the interview, they were out in Ashland’s Camaro — he liked to speed — Ashland lost control and wrapped it around a tree. Victoria’s fiance describes the intensity and fear he felt as he tried to free his friend, who was pinned behind the steering wheel, as the car caught fire. While pulling on his pal, his wallet flew out. In the confusion, he picked up Ashland’s wallet and dropped his own. A car pulled up and he was going to ask for help, but he feared when the police arrived they would take him back to his father — so he made the decision there and then to become Ashland Locke; Bobby DeFranco went up in flames.
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Victoria asks, “Where did you go?” Ashland says he stayed in an abandoned beach hut and learned that his father made a positive ID on the dead body based on the tattoo. “It was my chance for a new start. A clean slate. And to permanently escape my father.” He went to the interview with Camila Rhodes, got the job, and the rest is history.

Nick questions the split second decision to swap wallets. Locke says his survival instincts went into overdrive. Nick asks why he didn’t try to pull his buddy out. Ashland hollers that he thought he was dead! He’s thought about this every day of his life. “Ashland Locke saved my life when my father was coming after me. I wasn’t able to save his.” He asks Nick how much he knew of that. Nick spoke to a reporter who always thought there was more to the story since the driver who pulled up on the scene saw a young man run into the woods. Ashland’s ashamed he didn’t tell Victoria the whole truth and hopes she can accept it. Victoria fumes, “How could you do this?” and turns to glare at Nick.
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Abby arrives at Society and spots Tessa at the bar. She asks how Mariah is, and Tessa isn’t sure, but she’s not hungry — Sharon bought over a bunch of food right after they ordered room service. Abby misses them at the house. Tessa thinks Mariah is starting to get back to herself. She gets a text from Mariah saying they need to talk and heads out. Devon and Amanda pass her and he asks about Mariah. Tessa politely responds but has to go.
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Devon and Amanda tell Abby about Moses and Faith’s special date night and she gushes that it’s so sweet. Amanda gets a text that Imani’s taking Naya to the emergency department and rushes off. Devon says to Abby, “I guess it’s just a dinner for one now.” They sit down and discuss Amanda being shaken up. Devon asks about Tessa being frazzled. They conclude they’re all worried about Mariah. Devon thinks she needs time.

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At Crimson Lights, Victoria storms off. Ashland hopes Nick got what he wanted. Nick wanted the truth, which is more than he was willing to give them. Ashland scoffs, “Ah, the almighty truth.” Now, Nick knows that he didn’t get anything handed to him. Nick snarls that he watched his best friend die and his first instinct was to take his wallet and run off — that’s all he needs to know about him. Ashland says he had to make some tough choices and that’s something Nick will probably never understand. He walks out.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria is looking at her portrait when Ashland comes in. “I’m sorry. I truly am.” He should have been completely truthful about how he became Ashland Locke. Victoria reminds him he told her there’d be no more secrets. Ashland wouldn’t blame her if she couldn’t forgive him, but he’d be devastated. She asks why he didn’t tell her. Ashland replies, “Shame.” He describes how the horrible night has haunted him ever since it happened. There isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t wonder the same thing that Nick did — what if he’d stayed? What if by some miracle he was able to get some help and save Ash from the wreckage? How would his life be different? He tries to convince himself that Ashland would have wanted him to do what he did; that he’d have done the same thing if the situation were reversed. Ashland has never loved anyone the way he loves her, but if this breaks them up, he’ll understand. He just prays with every fiber of his being that it won’t. Victoria needs time to process.
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On the coffee house patio after their date, Moses tells Faith that her grandfather helped him get the private room. She gushes about the filet mignon and says she loved the date — it was the most perfect thing ever. Sharon watches them and smiles.
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At Newman, Victoria tells Nick that he betrayed her trust. She asked him — begged him — to leave them alone. Nick reminds her she told him she had concerns about the man she was going to marry. He doesn’t regret making him come clean — who knows how many other shady things he’s done? Victoria reminds Nick that Ashland has spent decades as a powerful businessman; he’s certainly done things, but nothing illegal. Nick complains about him leaving his friend in the car. Victoria scoffs as she wonders what a young Nick Newman would have done in his position. She rants, “You had advantages and could never understand the position he was in.”
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Victoria questions why something that happened forty years ago should mean her fiancé is not worthy of love, forgiveness and happiness. Nick guesses they have different opinions of what’s right and wrong. Victoria reiterates that he betrayed her. She urges him to go to Summer’s wedding and tells him not to bother flying on to Tuscany. Nick asks, “Am I no longer invited?” Victoria barks, “Just go.” Nick knows she’ll never say it, but this news concerns her more than she’ll ever admit. Once alone, Victoria looks out the window in the dark.

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Tessa rejoins Mariah in the suite. The redhead confronts her about going behind her back again and telling her mom she wanted her to have a baby. “Why would you do that to me?!”
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At Society, Ashland sits alone deep in concerned thought.

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