Nikki blasts Billy Y&R
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At Chance Comm, Billy’s on the phone with a reporter trying to find out how Gaines checked out of the hotel and just disappeared. Jack comes in Billy explains he’s investigating why Victoria shouldn’t rush into marrying Ashland Locke. Jack wishes he could say he was surprised and relays that Nick’s apparently on a similar mission. He can’t understand what it is about the guy, who has late-stage cancer that they don’t trust.

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Billy recaps that Ashland suspiciously acquired two news stations when he was younger and shares the story Locke gave them about his past at the ranch. Jack figures he’s trying to protect Harrison by not saying more. Billy isn’t looking to go public, he just wants to protect Victoria and his children. Jack can understand Locke not wanting to spend his limited time fending this stuff off. Billy won’t let Victoria marry this man without knowing the whole story — they don’t even know for sure that he’s sick. Jack’s stunned and argues, “He’s going through chemotherapy.” He tells Billy this is not about protecting the kids, it’s about him trying to stop Victoria from moving on!
Billy offended by Jack Y&R

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis takes a call from Nick, who is stuck at the airfield and relays that he went down a dark rabbit hole. He urges her to go ahead to Milan on Jack’s jet, he has to get some answers from Ashland before his sister says, “I do.”

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Nikki and Victoria wrap up some business at Newman and Nikki thinks her daughter seems keyed up. Victoria admits she’s not thrilled with the wedding dress design; it’s an added stress she doesn’t need right now. Nikki reassures her and asks when she last spoke to Ashland. Victoria admits he cancelled their dinner plans. Nikki muses, “And that just made you more concerned.”
Nikki concern Victoria Y&R

At Society, Ashland tells his banker he no longer needs the money. The man wishes him the best of luck. Once alone, Locke pulls out his phone and calls Victoria. His meeting ended sooner than expected and he’d like to see her. Victoria will be there in a few and can’t wait to hear all about his business meeting.

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Nate shows up at Society and agrees to hang with Ashland until their significant others arrive. Talk turns to the wedding and Nate, as best man, asks how Ashland’s managing the effects from the chemo. Ashland is doing surprisingly well physically, though he’s had a stressful couple days. Now, he’ll focus on enjoying this time with the woman he loves.
Nate, Ashland Y&R

At Newman, Victoria admits to her mother that she looked up Jessie Gaines online. His father was an attorney who worked for Camila Rhodes. She has to wonder why the man was in Genoa City, but hasn’t asked Ashland as she doesn’t want him to feel she doesn’t trust him. Nikki confides that Ashland and Victor were at the ranch yesterday speaking almost conspiratorially. Victoria wishes she wasn’t having doubts and blames Billy for planting the suspicions in her mind.

Victoria arrives at Society and greets Ashland and Nate. Elena comes in and Ashland insists on getting a table for four. Victoria shoots him a look and says, “Wonderful.”

At Chance Comm, Billy and Jack continue their argument about Billy’s investigation into Ashland. Talk turns to Nick’s unscheduled trip to the east coast, which had to do with Victoria and her wedding. Billy’s pleased to hear it, as their both on the path to uncovering what Ashland’s hiding. He tells Jack to throw his theory out the window; he’s not the only one concerned about Victoria marrying the guy.

Phyllis arrives at the Abbott house and rambles to Traci about Nick not being able to fly to Italy with her and Jack. Traci realizes it will only be Phyllis and Jack on board and decides she’ll pour her a glass of wine and they’ll talk. Wary, Phyllis replies, “Sounds great.”
Traci, Phyllis greeting Y&R

Jack arrives at the Abbott residence and beams upon finding Traci and Phyllis bonding over wine, book and spa talk. Traci thinks the experience Phyllis has created at the hotel is a reflection of her and how much she’s grown — a phoenix rising from the ashes. It gets her writer’s mind going wondering what’s next. Jack says it will be a flight to Italy. Phyllis tells him Nick is held up out east, so Jack will file a later flight plan and they can have dinner in the meantime. Traci leaves the room and Phyllis asks if Jack told Traci about his feelings for her. He replies, “God no.” Phyllis asks if he’ll have a drink, but he plans to stick to ginger ale. She assures him he can pour his heart out anytime he wants. He tells her, “Right back at ya’.”
Jack, Phyllis chat Y&R

At Society, dinner wraps up and Nate and Elena take off after telling Ashland and Victoria they’ll see them in Italy. Once alone, Ashland asks Victoria if there’s something wrong. She is having a lot of trouble believing he’s not keeping something from her. Victoria wonders if he got bad news about his health, or maybe this all has to do with her brother Nick taking an impromptu flight to New Jersey… or maybe it’s about Jessie Gaines! Ashland cautions, “Not here.”

At Chance Comm, Nikki comes in as Billy disconnects from one of his team. Nikki fumes that he needs to stop filling Victoria’s head with doubts. Victor warned him not to hurt her and he defies him at his own risk. She adds, “And here’s a news flash, you also need to worry about defying me.” She points out that he has no proof of anything and is persisting to feed his own ego. Billy argues that Victoria doesn’t even know the man’s real name yet. Nikki reminds Billy of the many ways he’s failed her. “Victoria is going to marry Ashland, and you are going to stop trying to undermine them.” Billy vows to uncover the truth. Nikki fumes, “Back the hell off, Billy!” She advises him not to show his face at the wedding either — he’s no longer invited!
Nikki blasts Billy Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Elena and Nate discuss Victoria’s intense mood. Nate thinks it’s more than wedding planning. When he ran into Ashland, he seemed to be in pretty bad shape. He doesn’t think he’s as well as he claims to be. Elena thinks that would explain why Victoria seems off. Nate relays that he advised Ashland to slow down and he’s genuinely worried about the guy. Elena marvels that he’s incredibly sweet and thoughtful and invites him upstairs.
Nate, Elena Y&R

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria confronts Ashland about Jessie Gaines, who lost his license for malfeasance — it can’t be a coincidence that he showed up in town. It’s getting harder and harder to convince herself that there’s nothing wrong. “Stop with the vague reassurances and just tell me the truth.”
Ashland, Victoria Y&R

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Phyllis marvel that soon they’ll be in Milan watching their children get married. Phyllis reflects that Summer was her miracle — so many doctors said it would never happen again after Daniel. They flash to Jack delivering Summer. After, they laugh that Kyle was an unexpected surprise. Jack next remembers their wedding in that very house almost twenty years ago. “You literally took my breath away.”
Jack, Phyllis flashback Y&R

Jack realizes he’s about to be the fool again, and Phyllis reassures him. She loves spending time with him. They toast to happiness. Phyllis’ phone rings — it’s Nick. He’s back in Genoa City and has something to do. “I’m going to get this out in the open.”

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Phyllis sighs as she tells Jack how glad she is that it worked out so Nick can go to Milan with them. Jack queries, “Were you really that concerned?” He wonders why Nick went to New Jersey and guesses it was about Ashland Locke. “I spoke to Billy earlier, he’s absolutely convinced Ashland is keeping a big secret from everyone.” Phyllis muses that Billy is the king of wishful thinking. Jack would ordinarily dismiss it, but it appears Nick has concerns as well. Phyllis confides that Nick has something — what Victoria decides to do with it is up to her. She thanks him for postponing the jet so Nick could fly with them. Jack’s glad it all worked out.

At Newman, Ashland gets a text from Nick that says, “I need to see you… now.” Ashland tells Victoria that her brother’s back and wants to meet. She asks what he wants. Locke replies, “We will find out.” She asks, “We?”

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At Chance Comm, Billy leave Nick a phone message, “Please tell me you found the answers we both want.”

Ashland and Victoria walk into Crimson Lights. Nick was expecting to meet Locke alone. Whatever he has to say, Ashland wants Victoria to hear it as well. Victoria fumes that Nick went against her wishes to look into Ashland’s past, “So let’s hear it. What is all this about?!”
Nick confronted by Victoria Y&R

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victoria accuses Nick of betrayal.

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