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At the hotel, Jack startles Phyllis and questions her about her cryptic text. “What’s so important?” She wants to discuss his conversation with Nick. Phyllis is glad it’s out in the open, though she’s suspicious. “Why did you decide to tell Nick?” Jack had a dream that left him feeling guilty. He respects Nick and hates to think it would get in the way of their relationship. Phyllis assures him Nick’s okay; he’s out of town. She alludes to him trying to surprise Victoria and relays that he may have to meet them in Milan. Jack asks if she’s comfortable flying alone with him. Phyllis reassures him and apologizes for being suspicious about his intentions toward Nick.
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Victoria appears so Jack takes off. Victoria tells Phyllis, “I just heard that Nick took the jet to New Jersey and I want to know why.” She points out it’s where Ashland got his start and wonders if that has anything to do with it. Phyllis questions why she’d be upset at her brother for looking out for her best interests. She suspects Victoria is pushing suspicion onto someplace other than where it should be, which is on Ashland. Victoria sniffs about her dime-store analysis.
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In Crimson Lights, Sally admires her tablet and muses, “This wedding dress is going to be spectacular.”

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On the patio, Faith is on the phone with Sharon and assures her she’ll get caught up on her school work. She disconnects, gets a reminder about her date with Moses.

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At Newman Media, Adam’s surprised to receive an invitation to Victoria’s wedding.

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At the penthouse, Moses teases Amanda when she arrives with all of her luggage. He takes off to meet Faith and Devon appears. He took the day off to help her get moved in. Amanda relays that Moses left to meet Faith. She didn’t ask him to help because she’s the new roommate and didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot. Devon corrects that she’s not a roommate; this is her home. “This is our home.”
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On Crimson Lights patio, Moses is dismayed when Faith says she can’t go on their date because Sharon’s making her work. When he suggests he’ll talk to her, she stops him. He wants to know the real reason he’s cancelling. Faith admits she’s fallen behind on her schoolwork… really behind, and the school called her mom. She feels terrible for messing things up, but Moses realizes he’s the one keeping her from her work. Faith confesses that Sharon said the same thing… which is why she can’t go out with him until she’s caught up. Moses may have a solution. “We’ll do it together and then we’ll get it done twice as fast.” Faith is puzzled and worries it would be cheating. Moses will just transcribe what she’s already done.
Faith, Moses homework Y&R

Inside, Jack greets Adam and congratulates him on some recent good press. Talk turns to family and Jack asks if he’ll be in Tuscany for Victoria’s big day. Adam received an invitation but is sure it’s a mistake — he’s persona non grata. Jack thinks maybe Victoria’s impressed he’s turned over a new leaf and suggests he show up. Adam doesn’t want to be away from Connor or take him out of school. Jack is sure he’ll do the right thing for Connor, and for himself.
Adam, Jack chat Y&R

Lauren joins Victoria at the Grand Phoenix with the seamstress and wedding dress design. Phyllis gives them a key card for a private room and then goes on about not being able to help with Summer’s design except online. She offers another set of eyes, but Victoria informs her she hasn’t reached bridesmaid status yet. Sally watches and tries to follow the entourage but Phyllis stops her. When is she going to understand she’s not welcome? Sally counters to ask when Phyllis will understand she’s not going anywhere. Phyllis threatens to have security to throw her out. Sally vows to record the ‘scene’ for social media. Chloe arrives and claims they want to meet with her. Phyllis wouldn’t do business with the person who ran her daughter out of town. Sally thinks she should get over it since Summer is happy. Chloe reiterates they want to do a shoot there for the new fashion platform — it would be great publicity. Phyllis loves it. She gestures to Sally and says “Fire her and I’ll do it.”
Chloe shoot Y&R

In a suite, Victoria tries on her wedding gown for Lauren and the seamstress. She thinks it’s pretty, but isn’t exactly what she had in mind when she saw the sketches. Lauren wants to make some adjustments and reassures her. Victoria tells Lauren it’s not her fault, but she wants something really spectacular. Lauren vows to fix this, but Victoria is concerned. Lauren asks the seamstress to give them a moment. “Are you sure the dress is the only thing bothering you?” Victoria, unconvincingly, says that everything is fine.
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In the lobby, Sally tells Chloe that they may have failed to get the shoot location, but Lauren and Victoria are upstairs. She couldn’t get a meeting with Victoria through her assistant but she’s not giving up yet. Chloe reminds her about her reputation and warns against trying to insinuate herself into Victoria Newman’s wedding plans, which could backfire.

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On the coffee house patio, Faith and Moses work their way through her assignments amid high-fives and smiles. When they’re finally finished, Faith tells him she needs to go change before their real date.

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At the penthouse, Amanda has put everything away. Devon shares that Abby gave him great advice about closet space. Devon offers tea or her favorite foods, but Amanda just wants to do her favorite thing — hang out with him. They talk about his outing with Dominic, and Amanda notes he’s being careful not to call him his son. Devon thinks Mariah is a cautionary tale. Amanda thinks there’s no way he couldn’t be attached. Devon likes that he can talk to her about anything. Talk turns to Naya, and Amanda reports that she’s settled with good doctors. She enthuses about having a sister to share her troubles with; it’s comfortable with Imani. Devon gives Amanda a suggestive look and she laughs that if he’s thinking what she’s thinking, it’s pretty decadent for the middle of the afternoon. Devon teases a look at the entire penthouse — she was a guest before but now it belongs to her. Amanda invites him to join her in ‘their’ bedroom. Devon eagerly follows her up the stairs.
Amanda, Devon chat Y&R

Adam arrives in Victoria’s office and she asks, “What are you doing here?” Adam figures his initial hunch was correct — the wedding invitation was a mistake. He’s about to leave when she stops him and says it wasn’t a mistake. She’s inviting him because of their father. They both know how important family is to Victor and that includes him. Victoria concedes that the new, improved Adam has lasted longer than she expected. Adam learns that Victor approved of her new portrait and gives her kudos. She says Ashland has a certain respect for Adam and wonders if he’ll come to the wedding. She won’t beg. Adam muses that she finally opened a door, so it would be rude not to go. He wants to make dad happy, but can see how important the wedding is to her, so that is reason enough to be there to witness it. Victoria finds it kinda weird he’s being so thoughtful and quips she may have to upgrade him from the kiddie table. He jokes that he can sit at the business associates table or the one for weird single people. Victoria smiles but warns this doesn’t mean their friends. Adam will settle for family. “You’ve got to start somewhere.”
Adam, Victoria thaw Y&R

At Newman Media, Sally impresses Chloe with her wedding dress design for Victoria. She suggests Sally consider doing a new fashion line — the next step in their pat to world domination. Adam arrives and overhears. Chloe explains that Sally is on her way to Society to meet a renowned fashion editor, who is bound to love everything they have planned. Adam tells her to knock ‘em dead. Sally asks if he’s going to Victoria’s wedding. He lets her know that he is, but isn’t looking for a date. Sally sniffs that he’s full of himself. She wasn’t looking for a date but if he wants a friend or colleague to join him, he has her number. Once alone, Adam RSVPs to Victoria’s wedding.
Adam, Chloe, Sally Y&R

In Society, Sally makes a call to find out how long it would take to get a wedding dress made. She’s encouraged by the response and says she’s sending the designs right over. After doing so, she looks pleased with herself.
Sally phone Y&R

At the Abbott house, Jack calls someone to alert them that there may be a change with the flight plan for Milan. It may just be himself and Phyllis Summers on board.

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At the hotel, Phyllis gets Nick’s voicemail and asks him to let her know what’s going on — the suspense is killing her. Nick texts back that he doesn’t like what he’s found out and will explain it when he sees her.
Phyllis, Nick text YR

At Newman, Victoria gets a text from Ashland canceling their dinner plans. He insists it’s nothing to worry about and he’ll explain later. Victoria looks concerned and stares at her portrait.

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