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In their hotel suite, Nick marvels at Phyllis’ next level search and exposition. They need to confirm Ashland’s origin story before he marries his sister. Phyllis reminds him that this is her wheelhouse and she’s also madly in love with him and wants to see him happy. She checks out databases on legal name changes and comes up empty. Phyllis is dumbfounded that he’s buried his true identity and there’s no documentation anywhere. Nick concludes something very strange is going on.
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In the lobby, Billy convinces Jessie Gaines to have a private talk with him about Ashland Locke. “Ten minutes… you won’t regret it.”

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At Society, Ashland’s on the phone trying to raise another $500,000. He disconnects as Abby comes in and enthuses that he’s about to become her brother-in-law. She invites herself to join him and they talk about the baby. Abby tells him she’s an Abbott and a Newman and is proud of both sides of her family, before pulling out photos of Dominic. She then asks to hear all about Victoria and Ashland’s love story. Ashland explains there was a spark right from the beginning; for the first time in his life he found a person who made him happy to be alive. Abby gets downcast thinking of how much she misses her husband.
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Switching gears, Abby tells Ashland she can see why Victoria fell in love with him and is willing to take the next step with him after all she’s been through. She confides that when her sister was with Billy she put in an inordinate amount of time putting out fires. Ashland views her as a powerhouse and credits her for talking him into doing the treatments. He wanted more time with her and will cherish every minute. Abby can see that he loves her, but she also knows his reputation, which isn’t unlike her father’s, and asks, “Please never lie to Victoria.” Billy did it too often and claimed he was protecting her, but he was only protecting himself. She’s sure he has a lot to do before the wedding. Ashland has business to take care of.

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Victor arrives at Newman Enterprises and takes in the new portrait. “That is so damn good… I love it.” Victoria confides that Nikki was worried he wouldn’t be enthusiastic about it, but he thinks it’s symbolic of her new position of power. She says it was a gift from Ashland. Victor has a gift for her as well.
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In a suite, Billy tells Gaines he’s discovered his license to practice was pulled for malfeasance, yet Locke is claiming he’s his lawyer. He’s aware Gaines knows he runs Chance Comm. Gaines thinks his beef with Locke is personal. Billy needs to know he can be trusted and believes he’s hiding something monumental. “My intuition tells me you know something about that.” Gaines claims he’s a consultant, but Billy guesses he’s being paid to keep quiet. The man insists there’s nothing to discover. Billy threatens to have his team take over, or they could make a very lucrative financial agreement. “Right here, right now.”
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In their suite, Phyllis has changed tactics and is looking up death records. Once again, there’s nothing. She knows it’s easy to pay someone off if you have enough money. Nick points out this identity change happened before he had resources. Phyllis questions his background story. They wonder how he came up with the name Ashland Locke. Nick muses, “Maybe he’s dead.” He asks, “Where do we even begin?” Phyllis has an idea.

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At Newman, Victoria is overcome when Victor gives her the deed to his villa in Tuscany. She doesn’t know how to thank him; this shows that she supports her and Ashland and their marriage. Victor urges her to enjoy that house and estate for many years. He wants her to continue to be happy. Victor assures her that he was moved by Ashland’s story; a lot of it resonated with him. He could see in his face when he was talking about his childhood how painful it was for him, yet he extricated himself from it. Victor muses that Billy is a problem, he always has been and always will be because he’s insanely jealous. He rants that it was a mistake to invite him to the wedding and warns her to be careful—the only reason he want to come is to spoil things and make her unhappy.
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In Gaines’ hotel suite, Billy offers him $100,000 for information on how Ashland acquired the two news stations. Ashland knocks on the door and calls out Gaines’ name. Gaines keeps Billy quiet and Ashland walks off.

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In Nick and Phyllis’ suite, she’s discovered the location of the news stations and finds out when Locke started working there. She then pulls up a list of deceased persons that corresponds. Nick nods, “That’s how we’ll find out whose identity he took.” Soon, Phyllis has narrowed it down to three men. Nick thinks one seems particularly promising. Phyllis stops and asks, “Are you sure you want to do this? This could change everything.” She means his relationship with his sister, his father, Ashland, the merger… everything. “Things are about to get real.” Phyllis is concerned that Victoria knows something shady’s going on and doesn’t want to admit it. Nick has to see this through. “Who is this man my sister is planning to marry?”
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In the hotel lobby, Victor encounters an agitated looking Ashland and muses that he seems to have a lot on his mind. Ashland assures he was just meeting with one of his attorneys and wrapping up loose ends. Victor says he just came from the office and saw Victoria’s exquisite portrait. Ashland’s glad he approves since he didn’t want to get the boxing gloves out. Victor lets Locke know that the revelation of what he overcame from the past impresses him. “I welcome you into our family.” Ashland says that means the world to him. Victor warns he’ll always look out for his daughter. Locke vows to protect her just as fiercely. “She’s everything to me.”
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Billy emerges from the elevator and stops to needle about Victor and Ashland hanging out ahead to the wedding. He muses that one little detail could cause the whole thing to come crashing down. Victor warns if he causes Victoria one iota of heartache he will crush him. Billy nods. “Good to know.”

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At Newman, Victoria contemplates sending Ashland a text saying she’s thinking about them, but Phyllis arrives. She gawps at the portrait. “Well, that’s a statement.” She’s surprised to hear that Victor loved it and jokes about using the old one as a dartboard. Victoria wonders why she’s there and she claims to be returning a bracelet. Victoria’s skeptical. Phyllis shrugs; “You’re about to get married, you’re Nick’s sister and I just want us all to be happy.” Victoria gets a call from Abby, so Phyllis takes off. Abby tells Victoria about her meeting with Ashland, who lit up when he talked about her. “I am so happy for you, Victoria. You have finally met your equal. You deserve this.” Victoria beams into the phone.
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At Chance Comm, Billy tells Lily, on the phone, that Gaines definitely knows what Ashland is hiding. He’ll cough it up if the price is right and it will be worth every penny. He disconnects and muses, “So much for the big Italian wedding.”

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In the hotel suite, Phyllis returns to find Nick is ready to fly to New Jersey to determine which of the deceased men turned into Ashland Locke. He believes Victoria will be better off knowing the truth. Phyllis assures him he’s doing the right thing and is a very good brother.

At Newman, Ashland arrives as Victoria signs off from Abby. She tells him he made quite the impression on her. She fishes about the surprise she overheard him raising cash for earlier.

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In his suite, Gaines is stunned to answer the door to Victor Newman. “What are you up to?”

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