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At Society, Lily and Billy talk about the fun the kids will have in Italy. She warns him to be careful how he investigates Ashland so he doesn’t get cordially uninvited from the wedding. They discuss Victor’s affinity for Locke and Lily asks him again not to take any unnecessary risk. Gaines walks in and Billy whispers, “That’s the guy I was talking about earlier. The guy that met with Locke.”
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In the hotel suite, Nick emerges from the shower to find Phyllis gone and note saying she’ll see him downstairs on the door. He flashes to the conversation they had the night before about Jack proclaiming his love to her that ended with sex.

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At Newman Enterprises, Ashland is on a call trying to secure half a million in cash and claims it’s for something he wants to buy for his bride. “Douglas, as I get older I care less and less about the IRS and jumping through those godawful hoops.” He turns around to find Victoria listening. She says, “I guess I wasn’t supposed to hear that.” Ashland laments that he should have been more clandestine and asks her to pretend she didn’t hear anything. She wonders if this is another wedding present and if she’ll have to wait until Italy to find out what it is. Ashland will give her space for her meeting with her mother—he knows her support is important to her. Victoria can’t control what her parents think or feel. Ashland muses that she’s way ahead of the game. They make plans to have lunch later and he goes. Outside the office door, Ashland looks grim.
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Nick catches up with Phyllis in the hotel lobby and tells her he’s glad they’re okay. She says they’re better than okay… they proved that last night. Phyllis just wants to say one last thing about Jack—her heart aches for him that he’s alone, but she hopes he’ll find a match like they have done. Nick nods. Phyllis understands why Jack wanted Nick to know he bared his soul, but she doesn’t understand why he didn’t just tell her to let him know. Nick says their relationship has come up when he’s spoken to Jack before; he just felt more comfortable with it out in the open. Nick asks her to meet him at the park and to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
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At Society, Billy tells Lily that Ashland’s adversary may be very useful for them. They need to find out who he is. Lily is on it. She walks over to asks for a takeout menu and glances at the man’s credit card. Reporting back to Billy, she says the man’s name is Jessie Gaines. Billy looks him up on his phone and finds he’s from New Jersey, where Locke’s radio stations were located.

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tops short when she sees the painting. Victoria says, “It’s stunning, isn’t it?” Nikki breathes that it’s beautiful and wonders what her father will think. “It makes quite a statement.” Victoria replies, “As it should. Newman is mine now.”
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After touching on work, Nikki shows Victoria the new landscaping at the palazzo in Italy. Victoria sighs, “It’s really happening, isn’t it?” Nikki wonders if she has reason to doubt that it would… or should? Victoria has zero doubts about her wedding and accuses Nikki of projecting. She respects him for overcoming his childhood. Nikki points out he lied to her. “Do you think he ever would have told you on his own?” Victoria snaps that they’ll never know since Billy backed him into a corner. She explains she’s marrying Ashland because he makes her happy. Gesturing to the portrait, Victoria says he wanted to give her something to remind her how he saw her once he’s gone. She also knows he’s planning something else—something big. Victoria just hopes he’s focused on the wedding than whatever Billy’s trying to dig up. Nikki will be there for her no matter what she chooses to do. Victoria wonder if that’s her subtle way of saying she doesn’t think she should go through with this wedding. She trusts Ashland’s love for her and may not know his name, but she knows what’s in his heart.

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At the park, Phyllis is taken aback to hear that Nick wants her to practice football as the assistant coach to Christian’s team. Phyllis is chuffed to hear that the kid adores her as much as Nick does, but she knows nothing about football. Nick will teach her if she’s willing to try. She’s up for it. He tosses the football, which hits her in the torso and bounces off. “We’ll work on that part.” After playing for a while, Nick enthuses about the other parents who are involved and suggests they plan a big pizza party. Phyllis thinks Nick wants a distraction from his sister’s upcoming marriage. She guesses he doesn’t want to look into Ashland’s past. Nick says there was a lot of sadness in Locke’s voice when he told them about his childhood — he doesn’t want to make him relive the story while he’s going through chemo. On the other hand, he spoke to Rey and got his take. Phyllis is surprised. Nick can’t stop thinking about how Ashland may have gone through illegitimate channels to change his identity and what that might mean.
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Later, Nick has Phyllis catching the football and tells her she’ll be an amazing coach. She protests that she has to oversee events at the Grand Phoenix; she doesn’t want to let the kids down. She should also stay in her lane. She vows to come to every game and bring incredible snacks. Nick gets it; she’s busy, it’s cool. He thought it would be a cool family thing though. Phyllis suggests he do it as a father/son thing and they’ll figure out another family thing. However, if he needs a super sleuth to find out the identity of certain billionaire, she’s his girl. Nick, disappointed, agrees, “Alright, we’ll head back.” Phyllis limps behind him.

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At the hotel, Billy and Lily walk up behind Jessie Gaines and Billy pretends he knew his late father. He brings up the news stations, but Gaines is suspicious as Billy must have been very young. Billy asks what brings him to town. Gaines says it’s a personal matter. At the door, Lily greets Ashland. Billy says to Gaines, “Oh that’s why you’re here. To meet with Ashland Locke.” Ashland manages to get by Lily and booms to Billy, “I see you’ve met my lawyer.” Billy finds that interesting and wonders if the Ashland and Jessie’s father worked with Camila. Ashland takes Jessie off to talk privately. Billy tells Lily, “Definitely something going on there.”
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In the park, Ashland tells Gaines he’ll get part of the money now and the rest later. He doesn’t want to draw undue attention by moving so much at once. Gaines muses that if Billy Abbott found out how he managed to acquire Camila’s stations, and that he’s been paying him hush money all these years to keep it quiet, that would make quite a story. Gaines will take a down payment today but wants the other 2.5 million in two days or he’ll sell his story to Chance Comm.
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In their hotel suite, Nick asks Phyllis why she’d help him find out who Ashland Locke was. She says it matters to him and he’s not going to let it go until he finds out. Nick is risking upsetting his sister, but can’t shake the feeling there’s more going on. Phyllis shrugs; it will put his mind at ease if nothing else. Nick feels if they find something big, Victoria will need to know. Phyllis says he’s just protecting his sister and she’s happy to help. Nick tells her, “Okay, let’s do it. Let’s find out how Ashland Locke became… Ashland Locke.”

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