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At the Abbott house, Jack looks at his wedding invitation, which is for himself and a guest. Traci appears and asks him to come with her to see Abby and the baby, but Jack begs off; he’s going to stay up and wait until a good time to call Kyle. Traci asks if he’s okay. Jack’s a little tired and complains that Kyle and Summer’s will be the umpteenth wedding he’s attending alone. Traci sees a pattern with him and observes he’s been at a low point since Mother died. She assures him he won’t be alone for long.

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Once alone, Jack muses, “My son is getting married and I am still single.” He hears his mother’s voice saying, “They grow up so fast, don’t they?” Jack picks up a framed photo of Dina and says, “Hello Mother.” Jack dozes off in a chair before dreaming that he’s talking to his mother, who urges him to cherish every second of his life and follow his heart.

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Jack dreams he’s at Abby’s house as she tells Dominic she wishes nothing more than for him to grow up and have a heart as big as his Uncle Jack’s. He tells Abby she’s a natural and Traci waxes on about the child and parent relationship being the first love we ever experience. Jack muses that they spend their lives trying to live up to the promises they made to their children. Traci counsels that you can’t protect your children from everything and talks about moving on personally. “You love to be in love.” Jack asks, “Isn’t that what everyone wants?” Traci chastises that he’s elevated it to an art form. Jack argues he’s never found the right person. Traci asks if he’s sure about that.
Traci, Jack dream Y&R

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Traci and Abby vanish and Phyllis appears. She blows a kiss at Jack and then disappears. Traci reappears and questions their parents’ relationship. Jack doesn’t think they’ll ever have the answers. Traci is writing Dina’s story and is looking for answers. Jack urges her not to give up. Traci observes that when it comes to love he’s an eternal optimist. She wonders if John knew that Dina would leave — did their love change, or did they? Traci likes to think if circumstances were different, it would have worked out. She feels Jack wants to see a happy ending and believes in love. Jack concedes that he hasn’t given up on the concept.
Jack dream Chancellor Estate Y&R

Suddenly, Jack is grabbed roughly from behind — by Nick.

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Back at the Abbott residence Nick rails at Jack, “What is going on?”! He bellows, “How could you do this?” and then hollers that Jack is trying to ruin his happiness with Phyllis. Jack reminds Nick he did worse years ago, and denies that he’s done anything wrong. Nick yells that he’s between them. That wasn’t Jack’s intention — he was trying to be honest about his feelings. Nick screams, “Why would you tell Phyllis you’re madly in love with her when you know we’re together? What is wrong with you?!” Phyllis appears and tells Nick to stop; Jack isn’t to blame for what’s going on with them. Jack apologizes for dumping his feelings in her lap, but Phyllis insists it’s fine — he was telling her his truth. Jack tells Nick that it’s true; he never let go and couldn’t move on.
Nick holler Jack dream Y&R

Sally appears and agrees — if Jack could have moved on from Phyllis she would have loved him more than his ex ever did. She intones that he blew it with her. Jack gawps, “It’s my fault?” Sally genuinely cared about him and says he needs to shut the door on the past or he’s going to miss more opportunities. Jack argues they split up because of her lies. Nick interjects, “Remember Summer?” Sally scoffs that she’s so sorry she got her that fabulous job in that beautiful city. Jack knows Sally has a moral compass; she just forgets to look at it. Sally didn’t do anything worse than Phyllis has done over the years — she didn’t run anybody over with her car! “Why does she get a free pass?” Nick and Jack both say, “Because she’s Phyllis.” Sally tells Jack they could have had fun and taunts that now he doesn’t have a date for the wedding… maybe he should ask Phyllis. Nick warns him not to even think about it.
Jack, Sally dream Y&R

Nikki appears alongside Jack in the Abbott living room and he’s appalled that she’s drinking. Nikki rails that Jack has always been jealous of Victor and that’s why he’s hurting Nicholas. Jack protests — all he did was tell Phyllis what was in his heart. He would never do anything to jeopardize their relationship! Nikki asks, “Are you sure about that?” She levels that he went to Phyllis to confess and destroy her relationship with Nicholas. Jack insists the alcohol lowered his inhibitions and he never meant to harm anyone. He can’t understand why it hasn’t been forgotten. Nikki sneers, “Be honest with yourself, Jack.” Victor enters and urges Jack to quit pretending he’s a nice guy — he knows the truth. Victor points out he’s ruthless but wouldn’t whisper sweet nothings into his old flame’s ear knowing she’s involved with someone else. Traci, Sally, and Nick reappear. Traci says he can find love again, but not with Phyllis. Sally and Nick feel he’s a hypocrite. Jack hollers that he didn’t hurt anyone; he didn’t break any laws telling Phyllis how he feels. He shouts, “I have love in my life. It’s more than enough for me.”
Nikki, Victor, Jack dream Y&R

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Darkness falls around Jack, and Phyllis appears in a spotlight to tell him to be honest — he doesn’t want to be alone anymore. “What you really want more than anything is to be with…” Suddenly, Jack awakens in his living room and looks around. He walks straight to the scotch and pours a measure. Shaken, Jack next pulls out his phone and sends a text.
Phyllis spotlight Jack dream Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Jack thinks back to telling Phyllis he never stopped loving her. He shakes his head after replaying the conversation in his mind and sits down. Nick arrives and Jack thanks him for coming. He has something to get off his chest and proceeds to confess that he told Phyllis she was still very much in his heart and that he never stopped loving her. Nick’s unsurprised. He’s known how Jack felt for a while now — he’s an open book. Nick isn’t threatened and understands why Jack would revisit his feelings for her given their closeness over Kyle and Summer. Jack admits the best years of his life were spent with her. Nick gets it — he could reminisce the same way about Sharon.

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Jack wonders why Nick asked him those questions about his relationship with Phyllis the other day if he knew how he felt? Nick muses that maybe he was testing him… he failed miserably. Jack makes it clear he’d never act on his feelings; he just needed to tell her. Nick adds, “And you had to tell me.” Nick acknowledges that when it comes to Phyllis, he did Jack wrong; it’s a guilt he carries around. Jack says it’s bygones. Nick is sorry Jack hasn’t found anyone new. “I know she’s out there somewhere for you, and I really hope you find her.”
Jack come clean Nick Y&R

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Nick joins Phyllis in their suite and explains he got caught up at Crimson Lights with Jack, who had something weighing on his mind. Phyllis asks if everything’s okay. Nick advises her that Abbott told him about the conversation he had with her… the one in which he told he he’d never stopped loving her. Phyllis is glad he said something, it was a burden keeping it to herself. She didn’t want to share Jack’s personal feelings. “I mean, he was drinking, so there’s that.” Nick nods; he mentioned that. Phyllis admits it caught her off guard. Nick asks if she’s sure she didn’t know how Jack felt and teases that she’s not someone you get over very easily. Phyllis grins, then turns serious — she’s glad it’s out in the open. She seeks reassurance that this hasn’t changed anything with them. Nick stammers, “I mean, I’m not sure…” Phyllis gawps, “What? We’re solid!” Nick knows that, he was just thinking. She tells him to stop thinking, slips off her robe and they start making out.
Phyllis, Nick make out Y&R

At the Abbott house, Jack calls Kyle and asks about Harrison. He chuckles and says, “Excellent.” Jack lets his son know how much everyone is looking forward to the big weekend in Milan — everyone is so excited. He muses, “There will be a lot of love in Milan.” After signing off, Jack seems emotional. Dina’s voice assures ‘Jackie’ that he’ll find love again because he’s yearning for it. “I love you.” Jack says, “I love you too, mother,” replaces her photo on the mantle and looks pensive.

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