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At Newman Enterprises, Ashland and Victoria admire her new portrait, which has been installed in her office. She thanks him for the incredible gift. He declares that the portrait represents a new beginning for both of them. Ashland says their wedding day will be the best damn day of his life. He gets a text and tells her he has to run. He’ll check in with her later. As Victoria walks to the door, he texts back, “On my way.”

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At Crimson Lights, Nick meets Billy and asks, “What’s up?” Billy wants to join forces to dig deeper into Ashland’s past. Nick’s unwilling. He wants Victoria to keep speaking to him and was satisfied with Ashland’s explanations. Billy saw his face—he was no more satisfied than he is. Nick’s not interested in uncovering something salacious like Billy is, but Billy argues they have to risk pissing off Victoria to get the truth. Nick doesn’t think Victoria cares how Ashland got the money for his company, but Billy worries about him being involved with the type of people he once was—it almost got Victoria killed. Billy recaps how suspicious Ashland’s actions from past to present are and says he can’t turn a blind eye… and he won’t.
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At the penthouse, Amanda asks Devon if he’s sure about her moving in given that Moses is still there. Devon ran it by him, and wants to make his home, her home. Devon urges her to take the time she needs to decide, but her mind is already made up. “I would love to live with you.” Devon grins. They kiss and start undressing each other.
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After sex, Amanda muses, “That was quite a welcome to the neighborhood.” Devon is all about more, but she has to go pack up her stuff so they can start living together as soon as possible. They kiss and he says, “I love you,” as she rushes off, smiling.
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At the Grand Phoenix, in their suite, Mariah tells Tessa the answer to her problems just appeared to her like a lightening bolt. “I think we should have a baby of our own.” Tessa gawps, “You want us to have a child?” She’s not so sure about this as Mariah really hasn’t started to unpack what happened to her. Mariah vows she’ll get therapy, but this is what she wants and needs.
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They sit, and she explains that Bowie made her realize she had all these maternal instincts. “Starting a family with you would be the most wonderful thing in the world.” Tessa shares the sentiment in a big picture sort of way, but it’s only been a few days since she had Abby and Chance’s baby. Mariah thinks Tessa should carry the baby and experience what it’s like to bring a child into the world. Tessa gently tells Mariah she doesn’t think it’s the best time. Mariah will give her a minute to wrap her mind around it. Tessa reiterates that when they’re both ready they’ll talk about it more. Right now, their top priority should be processing everything that happened with Abby and Dominic. Mariah decides to take a nap. After she closes her eyes, Tessa looks very concerned.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick wants to talk to Rey about Ashland. He asks the cop to keep this between them and relays Ashland’s story about changing his name to escape an abusive father. The speed of the Newman-Locke merger and their engagement has caught them all off guard. Rey understands why he’s being protective, but there’s no grounds for an official investigation, nor will he look into it off the record. Nick just needs some guidance. Rey explains if the name change wasn’t in the public records he must have bent the rules.
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At the hotel, Victoria informs Phyllis she’s there for the spa, not for her. Phyllis designed everything on the list, so will take it as a compliment. She suggests the bridal package and relays that she’ll treat herself to something before Summer and Kyle’s union in Italy. Talk turns to Victoria’s wedding in Tuscany and Vikki insists she’s gloriously happy—Ashland is the best thing that’s ever happened to her! Phyllis muses, “Why don’t you tell me how you really feel?” Talk turns to Phyllis and Nick lasting so long this time, and the women agree they see love, and the world, differently now. Victoria warns they aren’t going to be friends, though if Phyllis keeps being good to her brother, she’ll consider it in maybe 25 years. Jack shows up and Victoria heads for the spa.
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Jack offers for Phyllis and Nick to fly with him on the Jabot jet to Italy. Phyllis sees an alternative to flying with Victor and accepts. They wax nostalgic about their children’s love and happiness. Phyllis knows he wants that for himself too—she’s been thinking a lot about what he said to her.

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Ashland meets the man who’s been texting in Society and asks, “What do you want Gaines?” The man has realized that due to his condition their arrangement will be ending sooner rather than later so they need to adjust it. Ashland points out blackmail isn’t an arrangement and asks what he wants. Gaines muses about Ashland’s fate and says he’ll settle for 10 years of payments in one lump sum. Ashland states, “3 million dollars.” Gaines will go on his way and Ashland can rest easy knowing his secret will stay hidden.
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Locke can’t get that kind of money overnight, but promises to square up with him after his wedding. Gaines wants it settled before he leaves the country—he’ll only wait until tomorrow. Locke sweats, but the man knows he can make things happen—even the seemingly impossible. Ashland will take care of it, but warns that will be the end. “Coming back for more will be the biggest mistake of your life.” Outside, Billy watches Ashland issue the warning through the window.
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Amanda is stunned when an upset Imani shows up at her hotel suite and says, “It’s about mom.” Amanda assures her that Naya’s condition is treatable; she’s already touched base with Nate about it. Imani is relieved and isn’t used to having someone to rely on. Amanda’s also happy she has a sister to turn to. Imani suggests they get in some sister time right now and watch a movie. Amanda has to make a quick call first. She phones Devon, who asks if she’s on her way back. She’s going to hang out with Imani a little longer and will see him ‘at home’ later. “That sounds so weird.” Devon says it sounds right. They disconnect and Imani congratulates her on moving in with Devon. Amanda wonders if she should be worried to be this happy. Imani assures her she deserves it. She’s a little jealous—Devon is a once in a lifetime catch. Amanda beams. She’s a lucky woman.
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Still in their suite, Tessa gets a text from Abby asking how Mariah’s doing. Tessa lets her know she’s napping and that she’ll update her when she sees her. She picks up her guitar and strums softly. Mariah wakes up and Tessa thinks she seems more at peace. Mariah’s pleased they have a plan; it’s a weight off. Tessa’s expression changes and Mariah realizes she’s not on board with having their baby. Tessa admits it’s all very sudden. It’s too important to rush and it would be a mistake to do it for the wrong reasons. Mariah argues that they love each other and adds, “I really need this.”
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In the hotel lobby, Phyllis tells Jack, “I love you too, that’s never going to change.” Jack says it’s not the same thing, but he appreciates the sentiment. Phyllis corrects, “It is the same thing. You’ll always be in my heart, permanently. Keep that knowledge with you, will you?”
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Nick rolls in as Jack tells Phyllis to let him know about the jet. Phyllis fills Nick in, who agrees to fly on the Abbott plane. Jack goes, and Phyllis lets him know she spoke to Victoria. He shares that he’s still unsettled about Ashland and he’s conflicted about digging. “If I go down this road, there’s not going back.” If Victoria finds out he did it, she’ll be furious. Phyllis says there are two ways to go about this—either he saves his sister from potential disaster, or he remains nice and polite and does nothing. “I know what I would do.”

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Ashland joins Victoria at Newman Enterprises. She thinks he seems tense. He blames the treatments along with other things he has on his mind. Ashland wants their wedding to go smoothly. She reminds him it’s just one day, it’s the marriage that really matters and who they are to each other. Ashland says, “Even with all that I’ve told you about my past, you still have your doubts about me.”
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Victoria doesn’t doubt him and wants to marry him as much as the day he proposed. Ashland saw that look in her eyes. He opened up to her family and even Billy to avoid that look. “What can I do to reassure you, Angel?” Victoria needs to know there won’t be any more surprises. Ashland promises; she knows everything important there is to know about him.

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