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At the Chancellor Estate, Mariah places the baby back in his bassinet and tells Abby she’s sorry to end the baptism like this. Abby tries to talk her out of it, but Mariah shouts, “Don’t. Please!” She wants Abby to stop taking care of her. “You need to take care of Dominic now.”
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At Crimson Lights, on the patio, Amanda meets with Nate to discuss her mother’s diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. Nate says it’s treatable with the right care. Amanda wants to keep getting to know her mother. Nate reassure her as she becomes emotional. Amanda has been trying to fight the fear in the pit of her stomach. She’s worried how Sutton’s trial will affect Naya, and is concerned about Devon as well. Nate counsels that she has to offload some of her stress. First, they’ll get Naya the treatments she needs.
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Inside the coffee house, Adam, with Connor, asks Sharon if she has a minute, but she has to take a call. It’s Mariah, who tells her not to come to the baptism reception. She relays that she’s not okay and needs to get out of the Chancellor mansion right now to process her feelings. Sharon is there for her and wants to support her through this.
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After disconnecting, Sharon rejoins Adam and Connor. She now has time to talk. Adam explains they’d like to try again, and Connor apologizes to Sharon for what he said the other day, and for running off. Sharon thanks him and says there’s no need to apologize. Adam wants it made clear that she’s not to blame for the problems with his mom. Sharon assures Connor she wants only the best for him, and both of his parents. Connor nods that he believes that. She tells him he can come to her whenever he needs someone to talk to. Connor replies, “Cool. Thanks.” Sharon offers the boy a cookie and Adam walks to the patio, and Rey enters. Adam explains why Sharon is talking to Connor. Rey cares about the kid and is glad Adam decided to be honest with him… and Sharon will always help where she can. Adam wonders if they can co-exist.
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Inside, Connor tells Sharon that he’s kind of sad about his parents’ splitting up. Sharon thinks its probably scary too. Connor doesn’t know what will happen or who he’ll stay with. Sharon assures it’s not his job to take care of them, and he’ll spend equal time with both his mom and dad, who love him. The love is all that matters.

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At Society, Sally updates Chloe on finding Chelsea in the park. She thinks the boy ran off when Adam told him his parents were splitting up. Sally marvels that she handled it pretty well. “Who knew I had that… what do you call it? Mom gene.” They talk about the struggle of working parents and Sally is amazed at what Adam has to handle on his own. Chloe snaps that Connor still has Chelsea, who will be their co-worker when she returns. Sally gets it—stay away from Adam. She then teases that seeing him as a dad made him hotter. Chloe says Connor may be a good kid, but that’s all Chelsea.
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At the Chancellor mansion, Abby wants this to be a safe place for Mariah and believes it still can be. Mariah reiterates that it’s best, but she’ll still pump milk. It’s too hard being there. Mariah and Tessa leave with Dominic crying in the background. Abby laments to Devon, “I thought we covered all our bases.” She can’t believe Mariah can’t stand being around her and the baby now. Devon reminds her we never know how people will react; she went through something really traumatic. He’s glad she has Tessa to take care of her.

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In a suite at the Grand Phoenix, Tessa assures Mariah they can stay there until they figure out where they’re going to live. Mariah asks her not to treat her as though she’s fragile. “I’m going to get better, I promise.” Tessa tells her there’s no pressure. Mariah has to get to the point where she can see the baby as originally planned—her feelings need to be familial, not maternal. Tessa hears her talking from her head, but it’s her heart she’s worried about.

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Devon arrives at his penthouse to Amanda telling him that Nate helped her find some specialists to treat her mother. She’ll help her navigate it one doctor’s appointment at a time. Devon’s glad she reached out to Nate. Asking for help doesn’t come naturally to her after being alone all her life. Talk turns to what she’ll do next, and Amanda reveals that she’s going to open her own firm. Devon’s thrilled. Amanda adds that Imani is going to take the bar and come on as her partner. She hopes to hear the guilty verdict in her grandfather’s case with her sister and her healthy mother by her side.

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Amanda asks about Devon’s feelings on the baptism. He’s embarrassed because she warned him before that things could get messy. He knows now that a contract doesn’t really account for how people feel and explains that the baptism was rough, mostly because of how much Mariah was struggling. She basically told Abby she doesn’t know how not to be Dominic’s mother and had to move out. Amanda feels that Mariah will never be able to love that baby the way that she wants to; the way that she did when she was trapped. Devon laments that it’s left Abby feel guilty for loving her own child. Amanda wants to know how it’s affecting him. Devon concedes that it’s confusing. It felt good to stand up there and commit to being there for the little boy, but it was also strange because he’s Dominic’s biological father… but not his father. “I’m not going to be the one he calls dad. What does it say about me that I care about that.” Amanda feels the baby is so lucky to be so fiercely loved by him.
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At Society, Chloe calls Chelsea, who says, “You’ll never believe what Adam’s done now. He told Connor we weren’t reuniting and had the conversation without me.” She crabs that he also got Sharon, of all people, to talk to him. “I should have been there for Connor. We needed to tell him together.” Chloe muses that this is what Adam always does, and the way she sees it, the world has opened up for her. Chelsea brushes that off and asks about Sally—Connor told her she found him in the park and was nice to him. She’d like to thank her. Chloe thinks Sally’s talents are better suited to designing, but she will pass along her thanks.

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At Crimson Lights, Sally walks up to Sharon and Connor, who doesn’t remember her name, but prompts her to tell Sharon about getting a bucket of ice water thrown on her head. Sally thinks everyone’s heard by now. Sharon watches their playful exchange closely.
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Connor asks Sally if she has any more embarrassing stories. As Adam and Rey walk in, Sally delights Connor by saying he has no idea how many times she’s made a fool of herself. Adam’s ready to go back to the office and Connor asks if Sally can come with them. The trio heads out. Rey tells Sharon that he and Adam were quite civil. Sharon says she thinks Connor will be okay, but she’s not sure Sally’s enthusiasm for her job is about the platform… or Adam. Rey watches her fume as she relays that Nick told her she targets wealthy men and she’s the last kind of complication Adam needs right now. Rey nods knowingly.
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At the hotel, Tessa embraces Mariah, who thanks her for supporting her. Tessa assures she’ll help her make the transition as smooth and painful as possible. She corrects that it can’t be painless, because what she’s going through is gut-wrenching, but she’s there for the good, the bad and the ugly. They’re starting the next phase of their lives and will do this together. They kiss.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby tells the baby how much she misses his dad. “You haven’t even got to meet him, so you don’t know how to miss him. Maybe that’s a good thing.” She figures the boy misses Mariah—they spent so much time together. She’s forever grateful to her for protecting him and bringing him into this world. “We have to do something to help her through this.” Abby spots Mariah’s bracelet and decides to call her. She stops herself and remembers she needs time and space.
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In their suite, Mariah confides in Tessa that besides protecting Bowie, coming home to her was the one thing that kept her sane. Singing some of her songs calmed her down; she even dreamed that she came and rescue her. Tessa’s glad—it’s usually the other way around. “Maybe we’ve found balance.” Mariah agrees.

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At the penthouse, Devon has set up a celebration for him and Amanda. As he pours champagne, she asks what they’re celebrating. Devon says she’s opening a new firm and he’s hoping there’s another reason. They’re both going through uncertain times right now and he believes she can see his heart. She thinks he sees her heart too. Devon was hoping that since she’s putting down roots there, that she might want to move in with him.
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In her suite, Mariah flashes back through her captivity, the birth, and telling Bowie she wishes she could breastfeed him in the hospital. Tessa comes out of the shower and Mariah blurts her name. “I think I have finally figured out a way to heal and move on!”

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