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At Victoria’s house, she’s skeptical about the reason for Nick’s house call. Nick insists it’s a big deal that Ashland had been keeping secrets. Victoria vehemently denies being bothered by the revelations…. She doesn’t love him any less and feels it must have been unbearable to carry around the memories of an abusive childhood, yet he overcame it to thrive. Nick warns that where there’s a secret, there are usually other secrets. Victoria has enough to deal with persuading Billy to back off and suggests they pretend this conversation ever happened.
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At Chance Comm, Lily reminds Billy and Ashland they both want what’s best for Victoria, before leaving them to speak alone. Ashland recaps that Billy was invited to the ranch as a courtesy, but now he should stop digging where he has no business digging. Billy realizes he doesn’t hear this often but, “No.” He’s certain there’s a whole lot more about Locke to uncover. He’s convinced Ashland’s presence there confirms there is something he’s hiding that could hurt Victoria and, more importantly, his children. Ashland scoffs at him appointing himself arbiter of which parts of another person’s past should come out, and mocks Billy for painting himself as some kind of savior with him as the villain. Locke warns, “You definitely don’t want me as an enemy.” Talk turns to Victoria and Ashland advises Billy that he’s well on his way to alienating her. He doesn’t think Lily can be very thrilled about all the time he’s spending trying to undermine his ex’s engagement. Locke again tells him to stay out of his past. Billy questions what he could possibly do to stop him. Ashland warns, “You don’t want to find out.”
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon takes a call from Adam, who is about to break the news to Connor and is nervous. She assures him it will be fine; he should just be direct, open and honest. She’s there if he needs her.

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At the ranch, Adam disconnects from Sharon as Connor appears with apples to take down to the stables. Adam asks him to sit down with him and Connor moans, “It’s about mom, isn’t it?” Adam says it is. He tells the boy he’s old enough to understand some things. “Your mom and I, we’re not going to be living together when she comes back to Genoa City.” Connor’s keen for them to give it another try, but Adam says it’s not going to work out. He assures the kid they love him and it’s not his fault. Connor reminds him he promised they’d always be together. Adam explains that some promises aren’t easy to keep. Connor thinks he’s a liar and wonders why he should even listen to him. Adam suggests they go see a friend who will help them talk about this.
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At Society, Victor runs into Nate and has something to ask him. They sit down together. Victor understands he got Ashland Locke to donate money to the new wing at the hospital and asks his impression of him. Nate says the more he learns about Ashland, the more he likes him. He respects the grace he’s shown in dealing with his illness. Victor asks if it’s terminal. Nate doesn’t know the details of his case, but he’d may see his one-year anniversary.
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Later, Ashland shows up and sits at the bar. He gets another text from the person who has been contacting him that says “time to meet.” Nate joins him and Ashland confesses he’s just been through the wringer with the in-laws. Nate lets him know he’s decided to accept and be his best man. “I’m honored.” Ashland replies that the honor is all his and they shake hands.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Connor she heard he got difficult news today. Connor wants to know why his father always calls Sharon when there’s a problem. Adam explains she’s trained to deal with hard situations. Connor muses that he chooses Sharon over and over again. He heard his mom and grandma talking and wants to know if Sharon is the reason Adam and Chelsea are breaking up. He wants to know the truth about them. Adam admits they had a romantic relationship in the past, but now they’re just friends. His mother has struggled with that, but Sharon’s not the reason they broke up. Connor insists they broke her heart and takes off to the patio to be alone. Adam will give him a minute, but warns they’re not done talking. Suddenly, Connor runs off. Adam jumps up to pursue him.
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Connor runs into the park and sits on the bench. Sally happens along during her run and notices him. She recognizes Connor from the photos in Adam’s office and introduces herself. She realizes something is going on, but he’s not forthcoming, so she just asks to sit with him.
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At Victoria’s house, Nick continues to insist that something about this situation with Ashland isn’t right. He, Billy, mom and dad all just want her to be treated as she should be by the man she’s going to marry. He can’t understand why Ashland hasn’t revealed all the details on his past and points out she would normally be asking the same questions. “It’s me. Talk to me.” Victoria admits she’s caught herself wondering if there’s another shoe that’s going to drop… but she hates feeling this way. “Why should it matter what happened decades ago.” She fell in love with who he is now and knows the man behind the name. Nick argues she can’t be sure of that. Victoria blames all of them for inserting themselves in her relationship and causing all this distrust. Nick thinks she has doubts because she too, must think there’s more to Ashland’s story than he’s admitting. Victoria sighs, it’s true… she has so many questions. Nick asks if she felt this way since before the merger. She didn’t, because they did their due diligence. Nick notes that’s something she can’t do with the man himself.
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Ashland arrives at home, sees Nick, and passes on the same warning he did to Billy, “My past is my own business. Stay out of my life.” He shared what he did today to put an end to this crap! Nick stands up and advises him to calm down. Victoria intervenes. Nick notes that he didn’t hurl any accusations and points out the the person in this room that seems most concerned about Ashland’s past… is Ashland. He walks out. Victoria and Ashland rehash his visit to Billy. He feels he got his point across, but doesn’t want to think about Billy or Nick anymore. He asks how she’s doing after this interminable day. He gets another text warning that the person won’t go away. His expression changes and Victoria questions, “Ashland..?” He tells her that Nate agreed to be his best man. She says that’s great.

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Alone at Chance Comm, Billy goes over his suspicions about Ashland and his last conversation with Lily in his mind. Lily appears and asks how it went with Ashland. Billy believes he came there to shut him down and it’s not going to happen. “He’s terrified that this is just the beginning and what he’s hiding is going to be exposed.” Lily’s surprised to hear that he threatened Billy, who thinks that means he’s desperate… and that he’s onto something. Lily worries that if he isn’t afraid of Locke, perhaps it should be. She can’t discount his suspicions and understands why he wants to continue the investigation, so she won’t ask him to stop. Billy replies, “But you want me to.” He assures her she can handle anything. Lily reminds him he nearly brought Jabot to its knees; who knows how he’ll respond when he’s been crossed? Billy has a feeling they’re going to find out.
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At the ranch, Nick asks Victor if he is really cool with Ashland’s relationship with Victoria or if it was all for show. Victor thinks he carries his fair share of pain, but doesn’t think he told the whole story. He’s giving him a pass because he believes he loves Victoria. Nick worries about how the holes in his story affect her. “She’s not as okay with the situation as she’s making it seem.” Victor learns that Ashland wasn’t happy to see him at the house. Nick says he’ll never trust Locke until he knows the truth.

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Sharon and Adam arrive at the park and see Connor on the bench. Sharon doesn’t think it’s wise for her to approach him and urges, “Go talk to your son.” Adam joins Connor and thanks Sally for sitting with him. She thinks something is on the boy’s mind. Adam reflects that it’s not always easy to hear bad news. Sally can relate and Connor perks up when she shares a story about making someone so mad they dumped a bucket of ice on her head. “I survived and you will too.” Taking in the scene, Sharon quietly walks away. Adam warns Connor he can’t scare him like that again and assures him they will work this all out. Connor wants to go home and call his mom. Adam agrees, but first thanks Sally for letting him know where he was and staying with him. Sally offers to help, but he tells her it’s a private family matter.
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