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At the ranch, Ashland finishes telling the Newmans and Billy what he told Victoria about his past and why he invented a new identity for himself. He weakens and Victoria rushes to his side. Victor tells Ashland his story is not dissimilar to his own and hopes he can now understand why he’s so protective of his daughter. Victoria hopes that settles it. Billy opines that it’s a touching story, “But it’s not the whole story, is it?” Victoria bristles: this isn’t a press conference. Victor tells his daughter they appreciate Ashland’s candor, but they still have questions.
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Billy proceeds to start grilling Ashland, but Victor interrupts — this is his house and he’ll ask the questions. “Ashland, what happened to your parents?” Ashland becomes emotional talking about the anger he felt toward his mother for not protecting him. He cut all ties and wanted nothing to do with them. Billy is skeptical and asks if they ever reached out. Ashland smirks that they weren’t up on the goings-on on Wall Street. Victor wonders if he ever wanted to tell them what he made of himself. It crossed his mind. Nick asks if he knows what became of them. Ashland wanted to reach out to his mother when he was older, to forgive her, but she had died… and so had his father. Billy asks, “If you did want to pay respect, where would you go do that?” He wonders if they’re buried somewhere and what the names on their headstones are, pointing out that Ashland hasn’t even told them his real name. Ashland eyeballs Billy and snarks, “My God, you’re right, I didn’t… and I’m not going to.”

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Ashland explains he has no desire to reveal his parents’ names so they can be dragged through the mud. Victor argues if they don’t know them, they don’t really know him. Victoria interrupts that they do know him — he’s Ashland Locke. Nick argues that they don’t know anything about his early career. Locke agrees with Victoria that enough is enough. Billy says it’s not enough though, and warns if Locke won’t reveal his identity he’ll find it anyway. Ashland has taken steps to keep that private. Billy retorts, “I think you underestimate me.” Ashland thinks it’s the other way around and hollers that to Billy this is salacious clickbait to put on a website, while to him it’s deeply personal and painful. Billy argues that Victoria deserves to know. Victoria defends Ashland’s decision to keep mum and Billy rails, “This is who you’re going to lower your standards for?” Victoria counters that she’s actually raised her standards considerably. Victor interrupts to remind everyone to keep their voices down; they’re guests in his home. Billy’s irked that Victor appears to be buying Ashland’s story. Victor wants to support Victoria.
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Elena rushes into Society after a difficult shift to meet Lily to discuss her new position. Lily worries it’s too much and suggests they meet at another time, but Elena reveals this meeting was what got her through the tough shift—she is looking forward to it. She admires Lily’s bracelet, which was a gift from Mattie. They talk about the young woman’s lack of a social life and college-related stress—the options are overwhelming. Elena offers to give her insight on the medical field if she wants it.

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At the penthouse, Devon is chuffed as Moses gets off the phone and reveals that his mother is allowing him to stay. Devon soon learns, however, that he didn’t mention that he’d be working more in the recording studio than with spreadsheets. When the time is right, he’ll tell her. Devon agrees. He thinks the odds are in his favor and that Neil would be proud.
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At Crimson Lights, Nate greets his all-time favorite patient, Faith. She offers to whip up something to surprise him, but he wants his usual. Faith reveals she’s earned almost enough to pay for the damage on her grandpa’s truck. Nate admires her making the most of her second chance. He teases her about spending time with Moses. Faith credits him with helping her turn things around—he’s all around the best. She hopes he’s not disappointed Moses decided not to be a doctor. Nate just wanted Moses to find what makes him happy, which sounds like it will be music… and her. Faith fishes to find out where he’s taking her on their special date, but Nate won’t tell—he knows it’s a surprise.
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Later, Moses shows up at the coffee house to thanks Faith for the coaching and reveals his mom is letting him stay. She’s so happy — now when they go out it will be a celebration and not a going away party. He learns Nate was in there but didn’t ruin his surprise. Faith agrees to clear her calendar for next weekend but admits the suspense is killing her.

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Nate joins Lily and Elena at Society and his cousin teases he’s working his girlfriend too hard. Elena warns they don’t joke about him pulling strings for her; if she has to work a double, she has to work a double. Lily urges them to find a work/life balance and takes off. Elena assures Nate she wasn’t complaining about her schedule to Lily. He asks if anyone at work has commented on their relationship. Elena admits there’s a feeling out there—it’s awkward being the boss’ girlfriend. Nate thinks it will calm down when they realize he won’t abuse his power.

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Back at Victoria’s house, she urges Ashland into a chair to rest and says she’s proud of him for revealing what he did. Ash wants her to have her family’s support: he won’t be around forever. He hopes it put to rest their suspicions about his past. Victoria thinks they saw him as she does; strong. Talk turns to Billy’s paranoia. Ashland thinks it stems from his jealousy. “He doesn’t want anyone taking his place in your life.” Victoria believes that Billy just hates being wrong. He’ll keep turning over rocks until he finds something. Ashland notes that’s the behaviour of an addict and decides he made a mistake by inviting him to the gathering. He’ll rectify it by talking to Billy one-on-one.
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Victoria argues that he’s going to give him the impression that he’s in control. Ashland is upset at Billy inserting himself in their lives this way. Victoria doesn’t want to waste any more time, but Ashland maintains that he needs to correct his error and put him in his place. “I promise you that Billy will not walk away from this conversation feeling like he’s in control this time.”

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At the ranch, Nikki can’t understand how Victor is okay with Victoria marrying someone whose name they don’t even know. Victor understands where Ashland is coming from. He presumes he had a painful childhood and was perhaps bullied and now he’s a powerful tycoon. Nikki argues that he’s not being completely transparent. Victor can see that he loves Victoria and values her—that’s important to him. Nikki gathers he’s relieved he’s not Billy. Victor replies, “Damn right.” He feels that as a kid, Ashland was more of a man than Billy will ever be.
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At Chance Comm, Billy updates Lily that he left the meeting at the ranch with more questions than answers. She asks what he said. Billy replies, “In short, Ashland Locke said that Ashland Locke doesn’t exist.” He crabs that it’s the classic rags to riches story, but his gut is telling him that there’s more to come. There’s no way to even know if it’s true. He smirks that it’s very close to Victor’s story — he was looking at him like a long, lost son. Lily counters, “What if it’s actually true?” She’s concerned they’re hounding him in the final months of his life for no good reason.

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At Society, Elena tells Nate she has to go to bed. He worries she’s turning down a date because of the vibe at work, but she’s genuinely tired. He muses, “Okay, Sleeping Beauty,” kisses her, and watches her walk away.
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At Victoria’s house, Nick wanted to check that his sister was alright. She’s furious with Billy, who doesn’t have the right to keep snooping in people’s personal lives just because he owns a media company. She reveals that Ashland’s gone to set him straight. Nick doesn’t think that will end well and repeats that he just wants to know how she is—it has to be a huge shock to find out the man she loves isn’t who he said he was.

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At Chance Comm, Billy and Lily continue to debate which aspects of Ashland’s life should be private. She doesn’t think his interest in this is professional. “If anything else but Victoria were marrying Ashland would you care this much?!” Ashland enters and says, “I can answer that. No. He wouldn’t care a bit.”

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