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At the Abbott house, Jack updates Billy on Summer and Kyle’s civil ceremony plans in Italy. Billy won’t be attending due to the complicated history. Talk turns to Victoria’s wedding and Billy reveals that he believes she’s making a terrible mistake. They discuss Billy’s suspicions and Jack warns him to back off—even if he finds something Victoria will hold it against him. He reminds Billy that Ashland will only be around for a few more months and he has to co-parent with her for the rest of his life. “Is finding dirt on Ashland Locke really worth it?”

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At Newman Media, Victor and Nick agree it’s strange that Ashland has no history. Victor explains that he invited him over and he didn’t want to discuss his past—his instinct tells him that he’s hiding something. Nick’s not convinced they’re going to find anything out if Ashland has scrubbed his history clean. He questions if digging around in Victoria’s fiancé’s past is morally the right thing to be doing. Victor believes it’s his moral obligation.
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At Victoria’s house, Ashland tells her there’s a reason his past is covered up—he didn’t want anyone to know the truth about where he came from. Victoria assures him that he can tell her anything. Ashland never talks about this and doesn’t even know where to start. He always tells reporters a story of a happy family in the suburbs. The truth was that his family wasn’t happy—his father was an abusive alcoholic, and his mother turned a blind eye to it. They lived below the poverty line and money went to alcohol instead of food. Ashland explains that when he turned 16 he put that abusive life and that family behind him and left home. “I never looked back.” Victoria feels heartbroken for him. Ashland preferred being alone and took precautions to stay under the radar—his worst nightmare was his father finding him and dragging him home. Eventually, he changed his name and that was when Ashland Locke was born.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby gathers Mariah, Tessa and Devon together for a family meeting, and then reveals she is planning Dominic’s baptism and would love it if Devon and Mariah would be his godparents. They both say they’re all in.
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Abby moves on to the next item on her agenda — choosing a nanny! Mariah’s taken aback that she’s going to hire someone to look after the baby and asks, “Not one of us?” Abby assures her she’ll get excellent referrals and they’ll choose someone they all love. Mariah is more than happy to pitch in, but Abby argues that she and Tessa will want to move out at some point, and she has a job at Jabot. Mariah persists that she can make herself available. Abby remains firm—this is the best decision for everyone. Mariah defers, “Okay. I understand. Thank you for including me.”
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Later, Abby thanks Devon for agreeing to be Dominic’s godfather. She thought Mariah would be more excited and wonders if he thinks she’s okay. Devon feels she can hide her feelings. Abby thought it would cheer her up. She wants things to be perfect, but they aren’t: Chance isn’t home, Mariah’s struggling. “How do I fix this?”

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Jack finds Nick in deep thought at Crimson Lights and asks if everything is okay. Nick’s wrestling with something and asks, “Do Phyllis and I seem like a good fit to you?” Jack doesn’t think he’s the right person to ask given that he has his own history with Phyllis. He stammers that he thought they were in a good place. Nick worries it could be going too smoothly. “If the past predicts the future, are we fated for another massive train wreck?” Jack asks Nick if he loves her. Nick’s crazy about her. Jack says that’s not the same thing. Nick loves her, and Jack assures him they deserve happiness no matter where it comes from.
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Billy runs into Nikki at Society and asks about the wedding plans. Nikki sniffs, “Please don’t pretend to care. I know you’re only hoping to find a reason to blow Victoria’s wedding out of the water.” Billy denies he wants that, but reminds her how the press works. Nikki narrows her eyes, “This is all you, Billy.” She warns if he hurts her daughter he will regret it. Billy is surprised she’s not more concerned about Ashland. Nikki trusts her daughter’s judgement. Billy questions her not being worried that there’s no history of Locke’s past. Nikki’s expression changes and he realizes Victoria didn’t tell her.
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In the park, Mariah surprises Tessa by saying that Abby’s offer to be the godmother felt like a consolation prize. She’s also irked that Abby wants a professional to care for the baby. Every moment the nanny spends with him is time that she doesn’t get to be with him. Mariah believes Abby threw her a bone because of what Tessa told her. She asks, “How could you tell Abby that I’m a mess and only getting worse?” Tessa denies calling her a mess, but Mariah retorts, “Close enough.” She fears Abby thinks she can’t be trusted around the baby now. Tessa thought she was doing the right thing—there’s nothing wrong with needing help. Mariah confided in her and it felt like a betrayal.
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At Victoria’s house, Ashland describes landing a job at the radio station under Camila Rhodes and finding his calling. He tries to stand up and has a weak spell. Concerned, Victoria asks, “Ashland, what is it? Tell me.” Ashland is okay and is sorry for scaring her. He gets anxious when he talks about his past and worries what he told her changes how she sees him. It wasn’t what she expected to hear, but she admires him all the more for everything he had to overcome. Ashland marvels at trusting her enough to tell her everything. He goes for water when the doorbell rings. Nikki comes in and updates Victoria on her run-in with Billy. Victoria fumes. “Do you not get it? Nothing they can dig up will change my mind about marrying Ashland!” Locke reappears and declares it’s time they put all these suspicions to rest once and for all.
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At the coffee house, Nick gets a text from Nikki and thanks Jack for the advice.

At Newman Media, Victor takes a call from Nikki, who tells him they’re about to get the answers they were seeking about Ashland.

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At Society, Billy gets a text from Nikki to come to Victoria’s house.

Jack arrives at home, throws his keys on the coffee table, and flashes back to proposing to Phyllis years ago.

Nick, Victor and Billy all arrive at Victoria’s house. Ashland explains that Billy was invited as a courtesy and takes the floor. He’s aware of the speculation about his past and knows they’re concerned something will rear its ugly head to hurt Victoria. Ashland understands; he would want to know the same thing in their place. He announces that he’s going to lay his cards on the table by revealing who he is. Victoria expects them to keep it private. Ashland intones, “I’m going to tell you who the man who has fallen deeply in love with Victoria, really is.”
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At the Chancellor Estate, Devon warns Abby that these problems aren’t easily fixable; it’s not her fault Mariah was kidnapped or that Chance left. She needs to focus on the positive. Abby feels bad about her friend. Devon suggests they give her time to work through it and let her know they’re there for her. Abby agrees and calls Devon her ‘rock’. Dominic cries so she tries to give him a bottle but he fusses. Mariah and Tessa enter, and Mariah asks to try. Abby hands the baby over, but Dominic continues to fuss and refuse the bottle. Abby takes him back, and then offers him to Devon, who is finally able to get him to eat.

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