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At the hotel, Nick chats with Phyllis on the way into the gym and they flirt. He walks off and Jack appears. He’s there to apologize for making her feel uncomfortable. She assures him she wasn’t uncomfortable — he was just being candid and telling her what was in her heart. “We’ve known each other for a very long time, you don’t have to apologize for telling me your truth.” Jack was apologizing for making her feel uncomfortable, not for what he said, which is still true. Nick interrupts and announces that Summer texted him — it’s time to make travel plans for her civil ceremony with Kyle. Jack and Phyllis are thrilled. She gushes, “All these weddings in Italy.” Nick nods. “There’s a lot of love in the air.”
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At the ranch, Ashland studies the text he received with concern. He places the phone back in his pocket when Victor appears. He called him over to get to know him better. They touch on Ashland’s treatments, which he believes are helping, before Victor asks about his early days in business. Ashland knows Victor’s story from Ruthless and The Mustache asks if any of it resonated for him. Ashland also had to jumpstart his life as a teen. He was as close to his parents as any kid could be at that age. His biography wouldn’t be as interesting as Victor’s; his story is about the accomplishments that made him the man he is today. Ashland doesn’t want to look back. Victor asks, “Hmm… you don’t think that our early experiences made us who we are today?”
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At Society, Billy runs into Victoria and teases her about inviting Nate to her wedding and not him. Victoria reminds him that all he does is dig for dirt on her fiancé. Billy informs her they can end this quickly if she’ll just tell him about Ashland’s history. Victoria’s unamused. Billy presses her to explain Nate becoming BFFs. Victoria’s exasperated and informs him that she’s really tired of this little fishing expedition of his. Billy’s not casting his line blindly and complains that Ashland doesn’t seem to even have existed before he met his mentor, Camila Rhodes. Victoria sniffs, “That is patently ridiculous.” Billy goes over the lack of birth certificates for him and his parents — it’s weird. Victoria mocks him — he should alert the major media. “Maybe he’s an alien from Mars.” She informs him he’s wasted enough of her time… and his own time. Victoria warns him not to say anything negative to their children about Ashland. Billy questions if she really believes he’s capable of that. She doesn’t know but levels, “If you keep this up I will let you know what I’m capable of.”
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At the Chancellor mansion, Abby rather curtly refuses Mariah’s help with the baby, who is in a stroller set to go to the park. Abby leaves and Mariah looks upset. Tessa rushes in and asks, “Oh honey, what happened? Mariah explains that Abby and Bowie… Dominic… were going out… and she just wanted to help. She knows it’s going to be his first time seeing the park and she just got so sad after they walked out the door. “It’s a feeling that’s so hard to describe.” She admits she’s worried. Tessa thinks it’s only natural after what Stitch put her through. Mariah can’t shake this feeling — and she feels bad about it — that Abby’s history is the reason why she and Bowie were put in jeopardy… her relationship with Stitch was the reason she needed a surrogate in the first place and now he’s willing to do crazy things to get her back. Tessa says Stitch was trouble, but he made his choices. She asks, “You’re not blaming Abby too, are you?”
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At Newman Media, Chelsea, on the tablet, is taken aback by Adam’s suggestion that they need to tell Connor where things stand with them. She feels things are still up in the air but Adam reminds her they’ve talked about this. Chelsea just thought with time that things would get better… Adam explains they’ve had a long and complicated relationship and they should go their separate ways. She questions if they should try again for Connor. Adam reminds her it wasn’t so long ago she wanted him out of her life so bad she tries to send him to prison.
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Chelsea muses that it sounds like he’s made up his mind, so they should talk to Connor. She wants him to wait until she comes home, but Anita’s taken a turn for the worst. Adam presses her to give a timeline and irks Chelsea by saying it’s just Anita being Anita. “I don’t want to dictate but it seems like the only solution is to do this myself.” Chelsea panics and asks Adam to bring Connor there. Adam thinks that would get his hopes up for a reconciliation. Chelsea, fuming, accuses him of thinking only about what’s easiest for him. He denies it but she disconnects.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon arrives to Rey, who was surprised to pop by and learn she was out running errands. Sharon confesses she went to see Adam and reminds Rey it was his suggestion that help was needed with the Connor situation. Rey suggested it thinking someone else could help him and wants to know, yet again, if Adam will ever be out of their lives. Sharon urges Rey to stay and he snaps, “Why? I’ve said my piece.” He doubts it will change anything and tells her he’ll see her tonight. As he storms off, Sally watches from the patio.
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Sally approaches the counter and invites Sharon to pick something for her to eat. She loves the vibe there but was surprised to hear Sharon ran it since she first heard her name associated with Restless Style. “Do you miss working in fashion?” Sharon sizes her up and replies, “Not at all. I have a degree in psychology now. A Master’s degree.” Sally muses that she has it all — a great career and handsome husband. Sharon tells her to enjoy her latte. Just then, Adam walks in. He tells Sally that Chloe was looking for her at the office. She offers to wait for him but he tells her he’s not leaving anytime soon. Sally sniffs, “My loss,” and walks out. Adam smirks. Sharon says, “So! How’s she working out at Newman Media.” Adam says she’s enthusiastic. Sharon muses that she comes across like a handful.
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At the hotel, Phyllis asks Nick’s opinion on a dress for Summer’s civil ceremony. Nick says whatever she picks will be amazing. She offers him a fashion show later. Nick replies, “Sounds fun.” Phyllis replies, “Fun? That’s all you’ve got for me?”

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In the park, Jack meets Dominic and Abby and gushes that it’s a miracle. He’s disturbed to hear that she can’t reach Chance at all. Abby assures him she has a great support system at the house. Jack has some connections if she’d like him to try. Abby doesn’t want to put his safety at risk, but the waiting is killing her. Jack’s chuffed she has the bundle of joy to hold in the meantime. Abby thinks he’ll be back soon and Dominic won’t miss out on love — everyone in the house will make sure of that.
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At the hotel, Phyllis senses something is going on with Nick. He muses about how comfortable and content he’s feeling these days, but worries that fun is all they have. Phyllis thinks they have a good balance of love, fun… and they’ve been through a lot and paid their dues, so they don’t have to work so hard at it. Nick thinks they’re lucky to be on the same page. Jack re-enters as Phyllis takes Nick’s hand and says, “I do feel lucky. And I feel grateful.”

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At the Chancellor Estate, Mariah assures Tessa that she doesn’t blame Abby. Tessa reminds her she can say whatever she feels to her. “You’re scared.” Mariah confirms she’s terrified. Tessa asks, “Of Stitch?” Mariah fears he’ll come back despite the beefed up security. Tessa assures her the police are looking for him and Chance will be back soon. Mariah argues that could take months. She cries that she has so many thoughts in her head fighting for attention and drowning out the good things in her life. Tessa marvels that she full of emotions and nerves taking her bad place. “I think you need some time and space to work through everything. Why don’t we go somewhere and do something.” Mariah isn’t feeling up to it and needs time alone. She walks out the door.

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At Newman Media, Sally fishes to find out about Adam and Sharon’s history from Chloe, who sighs upon realizing Sally really has a thing for him. She warns that Adam and Sharon have a complicated and profound relationship. “The thing that blew up Chelsea’s relationship with Adam was, you guessed it, Sharon.” It pushed her friend right past her limits and over the edge. “Adam can’t seem to get Sharon out of his system and he probably never will.”

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Adam that Sally has a crush on him. Adam’s not so sure, but regardless, he’s focused on business — after the conversation he just had with Chelsea the last thing he needs is to get involved with another complicated woman. Sharon places her hand on her hip. “Maybe it’s the complications that make it interesting.” Adam denies it and sighs. “The truth is, it’s me actually. I am the problem. I failed with you, I failed with Chelsea. How am I supposed to put someone else through that inevitable train wreck? I’m fine being alone for now.” Sharon agrees that sometimes that’s the best approach.

Abby returns home, where Tessa tells her Mariah is scared, worried and missing Dominic too. “She’s struggling, Abby, I know you’ve seen it too. And it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse.” Abby loves Mariah and wants to know that they can do to help her through this. At the door, Mariah listens.

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At home, Victoria holds her head and paces. Ashland arrives and she tells him about her frustration with Billy. He senses it’s about him. Victoria says he’s convinced Ashland is hiding something from his past. She explains he’s making a big deal out of the fact that he can’t find any evidence of Ashland’s birth or anything about his parents’ death either. Just then, Ashland gets another text from the person who messaged that he was difficult to keep track of. It warns, “You’ll regret ignoring me.” Ashland tells Victoria, “Billy isn’t wrong. There’s something you need to know.”

Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor and Nick work together to protect Victoria.

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