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Ashland brings Victoria her morning coffee and they go over their plans for the day at her breakfast table. She reminds him he needs to rest and take supplements. She’s surprised when he mentions he asked Nate to be his best man. It’s not like he could have asked Victor or Billy, but he wanted someone unconnected to his past. He admits he doesn’t miss anyone he used to know and explains that friendship has always just been a function of networking for him. A package he ordered is delivered. It’s a surprise for her and he excitedly gets her to open it. It’s a painting of Victoria. She loves it. He thinks it should hang where her father’s portrait once did in her office at work.
Victoria sees her portrait at home Y&R

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At home, Lily reminds Billy they need to go to work. He’s anxious to hear back from one of their investigators, the one looking into Locke’s mentor. He’s learned there’s almost no evidence that Ashland has a history; it’s like his Internet presence has been scrubbed. There’s no record that the parents he claimed died when he was a teen even existed; there’s not even a birth certificate to be found for Locke himself. Billy finds it all incredibly suspicious.
Billy and Lily argue Ashland at home Y&R

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Nate and Elena have coffee at Crimson Lights. They’re both surprised at how much they enjoyed dinner with Ashland and Victoria. It still doesn’t make sense to the doctor that Locke asked him to be his best man. She thinks it makes sense since he’s treated the mogul like a human being. The doctor isn’t quite ready to commit… but he wants to go to Italy for the pasta. Billy and Lily wander in and gab with them about how great it will be to work with Elena. She and Nate tell them about being invited to the wedding but are evasive with details. Billy is surprised to hear about the burgeoning friendship between Locke and the doctor. When he and Lily go up to get their coffee, they debate how weird it is that Ashland is getting chummy with Nate. Billy notes that men like Locke don’t pursue friendships unless there’s something in it for them.
Nate and Elena discuss best man idea at Crimson Lights Y&R

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Billy and Lily go to Chance Comm. His investigator has sent a report saying they’ve come up empty. Lily thinks he should be asking himself why he cares so much about this. He insists it would be a big story and that Victoria should know the truth.
Lily and Billy debate evidence at Chance Com Y&R

Victoria meets with her mom at Society. Nikki has been making wedding arrangements in Italy. Her daughter tells her about the portrait and how it proves that Ashland really knows her. Nikki worries about her daughter’s heart breaking when he dies and tells her it’s not too late to admit the engagement has been abrupt. Her daughter wonders if she’s suggesting she should back out of the wedding.
Nikki and Victoria discuss wedding at Society Y&R

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Sharon drops by Adam’s office at Newman Media to apologize. He insists it’s not necessary — Mariah has never had any use for him. Sharon offers to help with the Connor issue. Sitting down, they discuss his situation with Chelsea. Sharon tells Adam he needs to have answers about whether it’s truly over with her or not for Connor’s sake. He admits Chelsea has given him the impression she’s let go of a lot of anger and would give them another chance. It’s different for him; he feels too much has happened. Sharon impresses upon him that Connor needs to be given answers sooner rather than later. Part of him worries that Chelsea is running another con.
Sharon, Adam discuss Connor Y&R

Adam decides that since Chelsea is still away and could be for some time, he’ll have to talk to Connor himself. Sharon urges him to speak with Chelsea first. Sally eavesdrops at the door as Sharon continues to encourage him to think things through. Eventually, Sally interrupts, and Adam asks her to come back later. When she doesn’t budge, Sharon says it’s fine and exits. Sally snarks that it got pretty chilly in there. She apologizes for interrupting but Adam calls her out on eavesdropping — he saw her standing by the door listening — and he doesn’t find it amusing. She apologizes again and admits she was jealous. After Sally leaves, Adam calls Chelsea and tells her they need to discuss the future.

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At Victoria’s house, Ashland is admiring Victoria’s portrait when he gets a text. He looks confused and then concerned when he reads, “You’re a hard man to keep track of.”

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Ashland is interrogated by Victor.

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