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At the penthouse, Lily gushes over Devon’s photos of Dominic and they go over Mariah’s birth. Devon marvels that it was incredible bringing a new life into the world. He’ll never forget the feeling of holding the baby for the first time. Devon knew he would feel a connection but this is something else. Talk turns to Amanda bonding with Naya and Imani, which means a lot to her. Lily reports that Billy’s at home with the kids. They marvel at having so much family stuff going on.
Lily, Devon chat Y&R

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Lily senses a shift in Devon since the baby’s been born. Devon is still happy he was able to help Chance and Abby start a family. Lily knows what it’s like being in Abby’s shoes, and lets Devon know that she’s there if he needs to talk about it. Devon recalls holding Dominic and realizing, “This is what it’s like to be a father.” Lily thinks it’s natural that he would think about Hilary and the baby they lost. He must miss her. Lily tells him if he wants to talk about her she won’t make it about her own feelings of guilt — she’ll just be there for him.
Devon talks about Hilary Y&R

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby tells Mariah that she’s short-handed at Society. If Tessa didn’t have a gig she’d ask her to take a shift for old time’s sake. Mariah offers to watch the baby so Abby can go, but Abby balks. Mariah convinces her.
Abby uncertain Mariah watch baby Y&R

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At Society, Elena and Nate meet up with Victoria and Ashland. Elena and Ashland are introduced and Locke suggests they get some drinks. By the door, Sally arrives.

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At Newman Media, Victor warns Adam that one viral video of the ice bucket incident at the launch would have undermined all they’ve worked for. Adam has to go and Victor asks, “You’re not meeting that woman are you?” Adam replies, “What woman?” Victor muses, “That Spectra woman, whatever her name is.” Adam sighs, “As a matter of fact I am.” They bicker as Victor complains that Sally threw a drink in Phyllis’ face and remarks on what she did to Summer. Adam is focusing on business. Victor deems it monkey business and notes it’s the second night he’s been out with her. Adam will see him tomorrow.
Victor warns Adam Y&R

At the Abbott mansion, Jack is pleasantly surprised to see Lauren, who says Michael’s working on the Sutton Ames trial, and asks if he wants to get dinner. Jack offers to order in. Once the Chinese food arrives, they dish about Harrison’s exploits in Italy. Lauren figures he must miss his mom. Jack concedes Tara was committed to her son. Lauren doesn’t think she knew what she was getting into with Phyllis. Jack muses that their friend’s instincts were right on where she was concerned. He opens his fortune cookie with boasts positivity about his love life. Lauren feels he deserves it.
Lauren, jack dinner Y&R

Talk shifts back to Kyle and Summer, who are planning a small civil ceremony to wed and have everything they need to be happy. Lauren asks, “And what about you my friend?” Jack teases her about pestering him about his romantic life, but concedes the house feels empty. Lauren feels he needs a passion to fill his heart. He thinks he’s had his share of grand passions and confides that being a grandparent was fulfilling him. When the day comes for Lauren, she’s going to love it.

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At Society, Sally checks her phone and then looks across the room at Victoria, Ashland, Elena and Nate, who is talking about the cutting edge technology for surgery they’ll be able to purchase with Locke’s donation. They switch gears from shop talk and Elena asks Victoria about her wedding plans. Vikki talks about wanting Angelina Marchetti to design her dress as Sally eavesdrops. She makes notes as they talk about the ‘Joie de Vivre’ theme. Adam arrives and Victoria remarks on him being with Sally — she thinks maybe he’s found his perfect match. Adam urges them to enjoy their evening before joining the redhead. Sally notes he doesn’t let the digs get to him and feels there’s a lot she could learn from him.
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Across the room, Nate tells his group a funny wedding story about a bride who hurt her ankle. Ashland thinks he’s the right man to have on hand. Nate laughs; it never hurts to have a doctor in the house. At their table, Adam tells Sally he’s sorry he was late. She guesses there was pressure on him to bail — he’s the son of a billionaire. Adam changes the subject. In their corner, Elena and Victoria bond over their love of cooking podcasts before going off together to freshen up. Ashland and Nate look at photos of Harrison and Nate admits he’d like to have kids one day. Ashland realizes Nate’s gone through his own personal grief and that’s why he doesn’t react to his situation like others do. Victoria and Elena reappear and watch them talking. Victoria tells Elena that Nate’s a good man. She agrees.
Victoria, elena bond Y&R

At their table, Sally brings Adam up to speed on the couture collection she did for Forrester Creations while faking a terminal illness. She tends to get in her own way, and has a feeling he can relate. Adam nods, “You’re not wrong.”

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At the Chancellor Estate, Mariah desperately tries to soothe the screaming Dominic as she bounces him and walks the living room.

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Later, Abby enters the quiet Chancellor mansion and calls out to Mariah that she was able to find someone to work, so she’s off the hook. There’s no sign of her or the baby, so Abby goes looking.

At the penthouse, Devon and Lily discuss his resentment about Chance not being there for Abby. Devon just feels sorry for him — he’s missed a lot of moments he’ll never get back and doesn’t even know he has a son. Lily’s sure he’ll be grateful to Devon when he gets home. He gets a call from Abby, who can’t find Mariah and Dominic, so he’ll says he’ll be right over. Lily urges him to go; she’ll lock up.

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At Victoria’s house, Nate tells Ashland about traveling to Italy when he was young. Ashland suggests he and Elena join them at the wedding. It might be a little presumptuous, and he can say no, but Ashland would like him to be his best man. Nate, taken aback, asks if he’s sure — they’re still getting to know each other. Ashland sees that he’s a brilliant and kind man; most of his other acquaintances are professional, not personal. There’s no pressure, but Nate and Elena should consider joining them, it’s going to be a blast. Once alone, Ashland rubs his forehead. He tells Victoria he may have to take it easy tomorrow but he enjoyed the evening. She hopes they have many more like it. They kiss and rub noses.
Ashland asks Nate best man Y&R

At the Chancellor mansion, Mariah returns with the baby and relays that the pediatrician suggested she soothe him by taking a walk. Abby says she forgot to leave a note — the last time she left she was gone for weeks. “I almost called the police!” Taken aback, Mariah assures they were just out for a walk on the grounds — there was no need for alarm. Devon arrives and Abby tells him Mariah was just out walking. He texts Lily to let her know everything’s okay as Abby takes the baby to bed. Mariah apologizes to Devon, who assures her she did exactly what she was supposed to do and everything turned out fine. Abby passes the doorway as Mariah tells Devon, “This being a mom thing is not for wimps. It’s a lot harder than it looks.”
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At Society, Adam briefly asks about Sally’s plan to design Victoria’s gown, and she figures he wanted to talk just enough shop to be able to say this was about business and not a date. She questions if he wants to make someone jealous and he turns the tables by mentioning Jack. Sally hasn’t thought about him at all and has really enjoyed herself. Adam has too.

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