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Mariah and Tessa enter Crimson Lights where Sharon welcomes them. Mariah eyes up a young woman talking to a baby and fails to answer Sharon’s questions. When she snaps out of it finally, her mother asks, “What’s wrong?”

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At the Chancellor mansion, Devon holds a baby toy and looks downcast. Abby appears so he smiles and tells her the party was a lot of fun. Abby’s concerned that Mariah’s going through a hard time — and not just with the kidnapping. She senses that Devon’s having a hard time too. Devon is just trying to figure out how best to support her. He points out that Chance isn’t there and he doesn’t want to burden her too much by being over there too much, but he also doesn’t want to leave her hanging. Abby wants him around — he’s her best friend and she can talk to him. She doesn’t want that to change. Devon agrees they will stay hope an honest. The conversation swerves back to Mariah and Abby thinks she’s pretending to be okay when she’s really not. They reflect on her experience. Abby muses, “And then she gives birth and has to hand the baby over… it has to be overwhelming.” Devon feels it’s not about Abby, it’s just about what Stitch put her through. He encourages Abby to talk to her.
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At the park, Faith invites Moses to come with her to the coffee house to see Mariah. Moses doesn’t think it’s a good time to get to know her after what she’s been through. Faith decides he’s right. Moses teases about their first date and Faith says she’ll see him soon.

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Rey arrives at Newman Media and Adam smirks, “Okay, what are you going to try and arrest me for this time?” It turns out Rey is returning Connor’s ball cap, which he left behind when the cop ran into him with his nanny in the park. Adam’s sure he’ll want to thank him. Talk turns to Rey helping track down Mariah. Adam thinks he deserves props and had no idea things went so far off course. Rey wonders why Adam would expect updates — he’s not part of the inner circle. Adam says he cares. Rey snaps, “About Mariah or Sharon.” Adam smirks — Rey’s jealously is constant. Rey argues that Mariah wouldn’t even be on his radar if not for Sharon. Adam can’t erase the history he has with Sharon — he only cares about what’s best for her and the people that matter to her — Rey can accept that, or they can go around in this circle until the end of time. Rey barks at him to stop worrying about Sharon’s daughter and worry about his son. When he talked to him at the park he sensed something was going on. “Connor’s wondering when the three of you are going to be a family again.” He needs to handle it, and that should be his focus… not what’s going on in Sharon’s life!
Adam run-in Rey Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asks Mariah what’s going on with her. Mariah tries to blow off her question, but Sharon can tell something’s on her mind. Mariah admits she’s been struggling to get on top of her emotions — she was in that room for so long, just her and Bowie. She spent most of her time talking to the baby and promising they’d be safe. “He was my reason for living.” Mariah adds that giving birth, and being rushed to the hospital was intense, and then Bowie; the baby, went home with his mother. “Now what?” Sharon realizes she bonded with the baby and feels that something’s been taken from her. Mariah knows he’s not her baby. Sharon and Tessa assure her it’s okay to feel a bond. Mariah asks what she’s supposed to do with the feelings. Sharon says it’s a lifelong connection, but he’s Abby’s son. The nickname she gave him will be a special thing between the two of them. She suggests she speak honestly to Abby about how she’s feeling. Mariah’s uncertain, but Sharon thinks it’s important.
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Suddenly, Faith rushes into the coffee house and shouts, “Mariah!” She and the redhead express how much they missed each other. Tessa and Sharon leave Mariah and Faith to talk. The teen asks where Stitch is and Mariah assures he’s gone. Faith wants to know what Mariah’s going through, so her sister promises to plan a girls’ night to tell her everything — right now it’s a little fresh. Faith urges her to focus on the people who care about her. Mariah notes how solid she is now and wonders if it has to do with Moses. Faith sighs, “It has so much to do with him, it’s crazy.”
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At the Chancellor Estate, Devon disconnects from Christine and tells Abby that Chance has been forced to go even deeper undercover and she’s been unable to get any messages to him. Abby’s really trying to be patient, but Chance deserves to know his child was born… and the boy upstairs deserves to meet his father. Devon tries to reassure her and suggests maybe it’s a good thing he doesn’t know the child’s been born. If he were to find out, it might take his head out of the game. Abby thinks he always knows the right thing to say.

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At the park, Faith comes upon Devon and Moses talking. Devon shares that he’s spoken to Moses’ mom, Sofia, and that he’ll benefit a lot from learning the ropes at Hamilton-Winters. She didn’t commit, so Moses will have to sell her. Moses really wants to stay.

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At the coffee shop, Sharon’s glad Mariah and Faith caught up. Tessa waves from a call on the patio. Mariah relays that she’s cancelling her gig to take care of her. She hates it, but Sharon urges her to be patient with all of them. Mariah doesn’t want any of them to feel guilty; she doesn’t blame them. Talk turns to Faith growing up. Mariah says she’s stronger than Sharon thinks; she should treat her that way. Adam appears and tells Mariah he’s glad she’s safe. Mariah snaps that she’s sorry, but she’s tense around people like him right now because she was just held captive by a madman who wanted to get a woman to love him again. Sharon’s eyes widen at the outburst.
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Adam’s apologetic and Sharon says he’s sure he wouldn’t do anything to make her uncomfortable. Mariah asks if she always has to take his side. Sharon just knows he’s trying to make a change and it makes it harder when no one will let him. Mariah replies, “Point taken.” Tessa rejoins them and they head home. Sharon walks over to Adam and reminds him he was going to keep his distance. Adam came to get her advice about how to tell Connor about him and Chelsea, but clearly that was a mistake.
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At the park, Devon leaves Faith and Moses and runs into Mariah and Tessa. He tells Mariah if she needs a shoulder to lean on, he’s there for her. She thanks him for finding her and supporting her through labor and assures him she’s fine. Tessa says, “I should get you home.” Mariah tells him she’ll always be a hero in her book. Devon just got lucky this time — he has stuff he struggles with just like everybody else.
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Nearby, Faith tells Moses they should rehearse the call with his mom. They do a mock call and Moses admits that the internship isn’t the only reason he wants to stay — there’s a special girl. He goes on and on about Faith, who finally says, “She sounds nice.” Moses continues that the people there are part of dad. “Say yes, please.” Faith assures Moses he’s got this.
Faith, Moses mock call Y&R

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby walks the living room holding the baby. She puts him in the bassinet and leaves the room. Mariah enters and hears the child cooing. She smiles and walks over. “Hi little man! Did you miss me? Cause I missed you so much.” She soothes him to sleep as Abby returns and watches with concern.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon thanks Rey for bringing Mariah home safe. She hopes she can get through this without being scarred for life. Rey thinks she’s a warrior and needs to know the people around her have her back. He senses something else happened today. She tells him about Mariah snapping at Adam and then accusing her of taking his side. Sharon found her reaction concerning and hopes she’ll get the help she’ll need. Rey tells her about his own run-in with Adam and scoffs at him coming straight to see her afterward. Sharon explains he wanted her advice about Connor. She believes he wants to be a better person, she just doesn’t know if he has the skill set yet.

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At his place, Devon pauses to look at photos of him and Neil before flashing to welcoming Damien to the world.

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