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At Crimson Lights, Billy tells Victoria she missed a doozy of a party last night. She notes he doesn’t have a black eye. Billy behaved, but reports there’s a new troublemaker in town and she’s not afraid to take on the big dogs — Sally Spectra. Vikki asks what she’s pulled now. Billy fills her in on Sally showing up with Adam. She thinks they deserve one another. Billy adds that she got into a drink throwing competition with Phyllis. Victoria has to side with Phyllis given what Sally did to Summer. Talk turns to Ashland and Billy hopes he’s doing okay. She questions if he really cares considering he went ahead with his story on Tara. Now the focus of his investigation is on Ashland, who isn’t the enemy. She realizes he can’t help himself — he’ll play up anything negative his reporters find to make Ashland look bad. Billy thinks she’s being defensive because she senses it too — Ashland is hiding something big.
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On the coffee house patio, Nick updates Devon that Adam mentioned New Hope in his speech
last night. Talk turns to what Devon’s been through. Nick says he wound up looking like a real hero. Devon sighs.

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Inside, Billy questions how much Victoria really knows about his past, especially in the business world. Victoria fumes that if you dig around in anyone’s past long enough you’ll find something negative. Billy comes back at her by wondering how Ashland paid for those two news stations. Victoria walks out as he hollers, “Where’d the money come from? What’s he hiding, Vic?!” Nick appears wanting to know what that was all about. Billy says, “I think I hit a nerve.”

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In the park, Sally smiles as she runs into Adam while jogging; she didn’t expect to see him up and out so early. Adam tells her to relax. Sally can’t help but wonder what he might think of her in the cold light of day after he told her to back off following their kiss. Talk turns to her run-in with Phyllis. Adam feels the night was a success despite the side of drama. Sally asks if they’re good, and Adam assures her they are. Chloe arrives in time to hear Sally ask Adam out for dinner. Chloe shows herself and muses that it seems she missed a lot last night. Sally fills her in about her clash with Phyllis. Chloe asks why Adam didn’t keep an eye on it. Adam sighs over her blaming him for everything and notes they got a lot of positive buzz.
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Adam takes off and Chloe wants to know how she ended up making an entrance on Adam’s arm. “How far did it go?” Sally admits they shared an impulsive kiss but it didn’t go further than that. Chloe says, “At least you had the sense to throw on the brakes.” Sally admits it was Adam who stopped things, claiming he’s toxic — that must mean he’s growing. Chloe marvels at Sally being taken in by him and they argue. Chloe realizes she can’t stop her from pursuing him, so warns her that Adam and Chelsea’s son Connor hasn’t had an easy life, and the poor boy still thinks that his parents have a relationship. “Whatever connection you think you have with Adam, it’s going to get a lot messier before it gets easier.”
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At Chance Comm, Elena tells Lily that Newman Media tried to steal her away. Lily guesses the gloves are off and the competition has officially begun! Elena assures her she’s signing the contract and didn’t entertain Victor’s offer for a moment. Lily appreciates her loyalty. Elena tells Lily she admires her and wants to ask her something, but decides against it — she doesn’t want to be intrusive since she’s now her boss. Lily announces they’re off the clock and going out for much-needed girl time.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Victor and Sharon admire the welcome home decorations. He asks about Mariah and Sharon admits she’s having a hard time. Victor assures her what she’s done for Abby will not be forgotten. The doorbell rings — Nina and Ashley have arrived! They cluck over the ordeal Stitch put Mariah through. They’re grateful the baby was born happy and healthy. Nina wishes she could talk to Chance, but won’t let anything get her down today.
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At the hospital, Abby and Tessa try to assure Mariah that Stitch won’t come back — they have extra security at the house and she’ll be safe. Mariah says, “And Dominic will be too.” Once alone with Tessa, Mariah worries about leaving the hospital; she felt safe there. Everything will shift back at Abby’s house and she’ll have to remember to call the baby Dominic. Tessa reassures her. Mariah decides it will be okay — it has to be. Abby reappears after completing the paperwork and exclaims, “Let’s take our baby boy home!”

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Devon arrives at the Chancellor manse with gifts to drop off. Sharon urges him to stay. Abby, Tessa, and Mariah arrive. They enter and everyone grins as Abby welcomes Dominic to his new home and family. Tessa, Mariah and Devon hang back a bit as Abby introduces the baby to Ashley, Nina and Victor, who tells his daughter she’s the perfect mother.
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At Society, Ashland offers Nate a check for helping him out with the supplements. Nate’s stunned at the amount, but Ashland clarifies the money’s not for him — since Victoria’s mother agreed to help him fundraise for the hospital, they can consider the donation ‘half a wing’. Nate gawps. He appreciates the generosity and wants to let him know how the money will be used. Ashland suggests they discuss it over a meal… or drinks. Nate agrees to a double date with Victoria and Elena. Victoria comes in and Nate walks off. Vikki notes that Ashland and Nate seem to have bonded. Ashland brings her up to speed on the dinner plans and asks if she’s okay. Victoria had a run-in with Billy, who is determined to find something damning in Ashland’s past.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Lily talks to Elena about giving jobs to the women she was with in prison. They reflect on how far she’s come and talk turns to Devon and Nate making peace. Elena still feels bad about what happened. Lily know she played a role in their reconciliation and is happy to have her in the family. They discuss Devon becoming a dad… yet not. Lily believes everything will work out just fine.
Lily, Elena talk Y&R

Inside the coffee house, Nick questions if Victoria’s just annoyed at Billy’s interference in her life. He’d be a lot more inclined to go down this path if Billy had something more than suspicions. Billy feels Victoria doesn’t have all the facts. He wants Nick to admit it’s possible she doesn’t. “Tell me I’m wrong.” Victor enters and says Billy’s always wrong. “Besides, this is none of your business.” He knows Billy was sneaking around his suite at the Grand Phoenix last night and warns him not to do it again.
Billy, Nick talk Y&R

Billy goes, and Nick realizes Victor didn’t want him to know he was the one who told him about the break-in. Victor wants information from his sources and doesn’t want to cut that off. Nick assures that Billy may not seem trustworthy, but he’ll do anything he can to keep Ashland from hurting Victoria. “So far he seems very open to keeping me in the loop.” Victor takes a deep breath before declaring, “Okay. Good.” He can’t stand that guy and is dying to blow his company out of the water but they can’t afford to lose access to the information he comes up with on Locke. “I will wait to destroy his company until I find out what I want to know on Ashland Locke.” Victor asks if Nick is into the idea. Nick replies, “Playing the double agent? Finding out everything Billy knows and reporting back to you? I’m in.” There’s something about Ashland that Victor doesn’t trust and he’s going to get all the pertinent information before the wedding… if there’s a wedding.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Devon notices a dazed Mariah watching Ashley hold Dominic and speaks up about how much credit she deserves. Ashley can’t imagine the Stitch she knew doing such a thing and Nina asks Mariah how she got through it. Mariah admits she was confused and lonely. Ashley asks if she has any idea why she held her captive like that. Mariah stammers and Tessa takes her out of the room. Everyone talks about how strong Mariah is, but Sharon warns they can’t discount the severity of what she’s been through.
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At the hotel, Sally spots Adam and says, “Surprise, surprise, we meet again.” He was there to meet with an advertiser and hopes she doesn’t think he’s stalking her. Sally just came to change in the gym because it’s a lot closer than going home, plus she’ll take any opportunity to tick Phyllis off. Sally tells Adam she might like to set the reset button between them and go back to how things were before the kiss. Adam figures Chloe had something to do with her change of heart. “What did she say that changed your mind?” Sally explains she reminded her of the precarious situation he’s in with his son and his ex — she wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt his little boy. Adam nods; that was part of why he put on the brakes. They agree to hit the reset as she suggested. Adam supposes that the dinner invitation is off the table then. Sally proposes a working dinner, but Adam has to go take a call from Chelsea. Sally sighs, “Of course.”
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At Society, Victoria tells Ashland how helpful the money he donated will be to Memorial. Ashland wanted to give back. Victoria wishes everyone could see this side of him. Ashland only cares about what she thinks. Victoria explains that Billy still has his reporters digging into how Ashland bought the two new outlets, and asks if there is anything else she should know that he hasn’t told her about that time. She assures him he can trust her with anything — she’s about to become his wife and business partner. “We can’t have any secrets between us.” Ashland tells her there’s nothing to worry about. He’s been ruthless but he hasn’t broken the law. “I defy Billy, or anyone else, to prove otherwise.”
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In the park, Tessa doesn’t want to pressure Mariah, but she was so quiet in the car. Mariah admits this is so much harder than she thought. She feels conflicted about everything and can’t get rid of the fear in the pit of her stomach. Tessa reminds her she and Dominic are safe now. Mariah was just supposed to be a carrier; it was supposed to be simple to walk away. Tessa says that after everything that’s happened, of course it’s not. Mariah agrees; maybe if she hadn’t been locked in that room with Bowie… Dominic… she wouldn’t have this connection, but she was, and she does. Tessa says it’s only natural. Mariah describes how they needed each other to survive. “I think Dominic feels that too.”
Tessa, Mariah park Y&R

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby’s guests watch as she holds Dominic and tells him he feels so perfect in her arms. “No one is ever going to take you from me again.”

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