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At the hotel, Phyllis, with mascara running down her face, leaves Jack and Nick standing there as she goes off to prepare for the launch presentation. Nick asks Jack, “Okay spill it. What happened?” Jack says Phyllis and Sally should be kept apart for the remainder of the evening and perhaps their lives.

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In the suite, Adam and Sally pull apart after their passionate kiss. Adam asks, “Where did that come from?” Sally doesn’t want to question it, but rather see where it leads. Adam thinks the bad outweighs the good in this scenario. She asks, “Because you’re my boss?” Adam says, “That’s another reason to slam on the brakes.” Sally muses about him having a list of reasons not to kiss her. Adam has one that overshadows everything else. “I am toxic.” Sally thinks he might be exaggerating but he insists it’s not an excuse. He feels an attraction between them, but when he acts on those impulses he leaves a wake of destruction behind him. “It would be a huge mistake.” Sally disagrees, but accepts it. She thinks it’s a damn shame — it could have been spectacular. Adam says this way it can remain spectacular in their imaginations.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Tessa strums her guitar. Abby appears and worries about what the whole ordeal may have done to Mariah. They discuss her nightmare and Abby expresses concern she’ll have lasting emotional scars. Tessa believes she’s strong and will get through it. Abby wonders if she’s opened up to her about any of this. Tessa feels Mariah may need some help, but she’s hoping all she will need is time.
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In the hospital, Mariah awakens mid-panic attack hollering about the baby. A nurse appears and tells her little Dominic is waiting. Mariah says she pumped into a bottle, but asks if it would be okay if she fed him.

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At the launch, Elena has returned and rejoined Nate. Nearby, Billy suggests to Lily that they leave. Across the room, a still disheveled Phyllis talks into her headset as Victor approaches and remarks on her display with the Spectra woman. “Kindly refrain from any further antics.” Phyllis can’t be responsible for who Adam decides to escort on his arm. “That girl is trouble.” Victor leans in with a smirk and says, “Phyllis. Behave.” She complains about him hiring Sally Spectra, who is there representing his company and threw a drink in her face. Victor will deal with her. Phyllis decides, “Okay, you deal with her. And while you’re at it, you should deal with Adam, who should get better dates. If you ask me, he and Sally are a match made in hell.”
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In the seating area, Nick and Jack watch Adam and Sally emerge from the elevator. Nick doesn’t know what to make of it, and Jack doesn’t either. “To each their own.”
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Nearby, Elena crows to Nikki about Nate — she’s so proud of his accomplishments. Nate returns the favor by telling Nikki, and Victor as he joins them, that Elena’s been made the new face of Ask MD Now. Victor’s very sorry to hear that since Adam was just about to offer her the position of Chief Medical Journalist at Newman Media. He says if her contract with Chance Comm isn’t ironclad she can jump ship to a far more successful media company. Elena gave them her word and won’t go back on it. Nate’s impressed. Elena muses that it does feel good to be wanted. Nate teases that media companies aren’t the only ones who want her.
Victor job offer Elena Y&R

Across the room, Billy still wants to leave and Lily thinks the positive buzz in the room is getting to him. Billy argues he may die of boredom. Lily counters that he wouldn’t be able to partake in what she has planned if he dies. Intrigued, Billy tells her to consider him very much alive. Elsewhere, Victor chastises Adam for Sally’s display and Adam vows they’ll come out of this looking like champions. He addresses the crowd and thanks them for coming before inviting them to join him in the ballroom for the main event — the rise of the next generation of media companies. Victor smirks in Billy’s direction.

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Lily heads into the ballroom, and leaves Billy at the bar. Nick joins Phyllis. He still wants to know what happened with Sally. Phyllis explains she told Sally she wasn’t welcome and should leave town, which may have provoked her to throw a drink in her face. That then caused her to take an ice bucket and throw it over her head. She doesn’t regret her actions. Nick asks where Jack came in. Phyllis explains that she lunged at the younger woman and Jack pulled her back, while Adam reined Sally in. Nick chastises her for kicking the hornet’s nest and Phyllis turns the topic to Billy sitting alone at the bar. Nick sighs — his dad asked him to keep an eye on him. Phyllis apologizes for embarrassing him before heading off. Nick joins Billy and questions him not going in to hear Newman Media’s game plan. Billy sniffs that it’s a bit of a bore and he doesn’t really want to listen to Adam. Applause is heard from the ballroom.
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At the dais, Victor welcomes everyone, talks up the new enterprise and introduces Adam, who takes over. Adam explains the company was born out of family and they will be doing charitable work with his brother Nicholas’ foundation. One day he hopes to bring his son into the company. “Brace yourselves world, because Newman Media is coming out swinging.”
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In the lobby, Lily tells Elena that Devon and Amanda decided to stay in. Elena is encouraged to hear Amanda’s getting to know her mother and sister and remarks on Devon going above and beyond to bring Dominic into the world. She joins Nate and Billy rushes over to Lily, who reports that Adam made it very clear he plans to acquire more outlets and talent. Billy vows they’ll protect their assets and shares his suspicion that Adam and Victor aren’t on the same page.

By the bar, Jack compliments Phyllis on all of her hard work, which really showed. Phyllis hopes that overshadows the little dust-up earlier. She thanks him for controlling her and they share a laugh. Nick notices from across the room.

At the Chancellor Estate, Tessa plays a lullaby she’s been working on for the baby, and Abby tears up.

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At the hospital, the nurse brings the baby to Mariah, who cradles him with a big smile, takes the bottle of breast milk, and feeds him while chatting away enthusiastically. She croons, “Look at you. We had quite an adventure didn’t we?” Mariah tells the baby he kept her sane in there and she won’t forget a single second of it. She marvels that it feels so different holding him there in her arms. “I can’t believe how natural it feels holding you.” Mariah tells the baby a secret. “I wish I could breast feed you.” She can’t; it’s in the contract she signed, but that’s her milk he’s eating and it’s going to make him strong and healthy. “That’s what you’ll always be to me. My sweet, precious little Bowie.”
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Just them, Abby enters and takes in the scene with a concerned frown. Tessa follows. Abby asks to take over the feeding, but Mariah says he’s finished. Tessa tells Mariah about the lullaby. Abby insists on burping the baby and takes him from Mariah as she sing-songs, “Mommy’s here!” Tessa watches Mariah, who pastes on a smile.
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Back at the Newman party, Adam and Victor agree the night was a success. Billy approaches and congratulates them. Victor thinks he looks three sheets to the wind. Billy informs them that they’ll see what happens in the morning when they have to actually accomplish something. He also warns that whatever they have planned for Chance Comm, they’ll be ready. Billy suggests they pre-book with Phyllis for their going out of business party. Victor calls him a perpetual pain in the ass. Billy joins Lily, who reveals she booked his old suite where they first made love. They head upstairs.
Lily key Billy Y&R

In their suite, Phyllis huffs to Nick about letting Sally get to her. Nick thinks she’s a button-pusher and assures her there was no real damage done. Phyllis wonders if he’ll still pamper her. Nick teases she’ll have to lose the headset first. Phyllis pretends to talk to security about the super sexy guy in her room — they’ll need him to remove his jacket, shirt and tie. Nick does so, and they kiss.

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At Crimson Lights, Elena thanks Nate for escorting her home. He teases her about being a hot talent; he’s glad he’s not the only one who realizes she’s special. Elena compliments him in return and suggests they keep the night going. They kiss and head up to her apartment.
Nate, Elena close moment Y&R

At home, Jack pours a scotch and looks at the handkerchief he used to clean up Phyllis. He smiles, and then looks thoughtful.

At the ranch, Nikki and Victor are both troubled by Sally Spectra, who has proven she can’t be trusted. Victor can’t deny he enjoyed Phyllis pouring the bucket of ice water over her head. Nikki liked it too. They chuckle.

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At Society, Adam tells Sally not to worry about his dad. He asks how she thought the speeches went over. She thinks he’s a visionary and feels she wasn’t the only one impressed. Sally has to get home, but tells Adam she’ll be dreaming about spectacular things that might have been tonight.

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