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At the Newman Media launch party, Sally and Adam sip their drinks and notice the effect their arrival had on the room. Sally suggests they go greet their hostess. They venture over to Phyllis, who thanks Adam for the big load of cash he gave her to hold the event. Jack, standing beside her, is polite, but Phyllis interjects that she was just telling Jack that they’d probably destroy each other; “But have a good time while it lasts!” Sally and Adam smirk. “We will! Thanks!”
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Across the room, Nikki wonders to Victor whose buttons Adam’s trying to push by bringing Sally. She fills Victor in on Victoria and Ashland’s decision not to come as Sally and Adam approach. Sally greets Nikki, who doesn’t respond. She says she’s pleased to be part of the Newman Media team and Nikki sniffs, “I’ll bet you are.”

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Devon arrives at Amanda’s suite and asks, “Ready to go?” Amanda completely forgot about the party. She just got off the phone with Michael Baldwin who is reinstating the murder charges against Sutton. Amanda can’t believe her grandfather is finally going to face a trial for killing her father!
Amanda news about Sutton Y&R

Devon hopes Amanda’s father gets the justice he deserves. Amanda reveals that she, Naya and Imani have a bonding trip planned, and they reflect on the changes in their lives. Devon’s still wrapping his mind around that and shows her pictures of the adorable Dominic. She watches him closely as he moons over the photos and asks about the emotions swirling through him. “It must be really overwhelming.” Devon’s just happy for Abby and Chance. Amanda assures him it’s okay to admit it’s a little more complicated than that. Devon feels they should get to the party. Sensing a dodge, Amanda says she can tell something’s going on with him and urges him to talk to her.

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Devon doesn’t understand why he’s having the feelings he’s having about the baby. Amanda points out that he and Dominic have a biological connection — that’s a powerful bond. Devon felt that bond from the first second he helped bring him into the world. Knowing other people are going to be raising him is more difficult than he expected. It’s also brought up memories of the baby he and Hilary conceived and the lost possibility that represented. Devon describes it as an emptiness. He’s trying to wrap his mind around the fact that he has a son… yet he doesn’t really have a son.
Devon opens up Amanda Y&R

At the hotel bar, Jack talks to Billy about everyone being on their best behavior. Billy and Phyllis both say, “You mean me?” at the same time. Jack replies, “Yes and yes.” Billy and Phyllis silently cheers and drink. Across the room, Sally tells Adam she’s disappointed that Victoria’s not there — she was hoping to convince her to let her design her wedding dress. Adam warns her it likely won’t happen. Sally replies, “You underestimate me.” Adam’s pleased that she’s not coming given her distaste for him, but keeps a close eye on Billy over Sally’s shoulder.
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Elsewhere at the party, Nate chats with Lily and Nick and it’s revealed that Elena has replaced Nate as host of Ask MD Now. Nearby, Adam assures Sally he can handle anything Billy throws his way. She’s curious about the feud between them, although she knows a bit about Delia’s death. Adam sighs. It was a devastating horrible act and he handled it terribly. Billy can’t let go of his hatred — he’s filled with pain and anger and always will be. Sally’s sorry for everyone involved.

In the sitting area, Victor tells Nikki that Victoria probably hadn’t planned to show up anyway given her contentious feelings toward Adam. He feels it would have been a perfect occasion for them to put the past behind them. Nikki’s unconvinced that either of them want that. Victor eyeballs Billy Boy Abbott and tells Nikki he’s sure he’d like nothing more than to blow this launch out of the water.
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As the party goes on, Victor and Jack discuss Abby’s situation. Victor hopes Stitch is found and brought to justice. He walks off, and Nikki angles to find out if Billy has something up his sleeve. Jack hopes it’s a perfectly uneventful event. At the bar, Sally and Adam talk about Chloe not being able to make it. Sally will schmooze enough for both of them. Sally wanders off and Billy joins Adam. He thanks him for the invite and is interested to find out what he’s got up his sleeve. Adam grins that he’ll have to wait to find out and hints that Newman Media will blow Chance Comm out of the water. Billy figures Victor will come after them with some sort of underhanded attack — it’s the only way a start-up could come for them. Adam smirks at him calling Cyaxares a start-up. Billy needles some more and Adam assures him if they came for Chance Comm, he’d never see it coming.
Billy, Adam spar Y&R

Adam walks off, and Lily joins Billy to ask what the score is now. He thinks it’s a tie game and admits Adam’s keeping him guessing. Billy knows Victor won’t give up. He decides to snoop around a bit to find out the scoop on their launch. Lily asks what he plans to do. Billy kisses her. “You leave that to me.”

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Adam joins Jack, who is genuinely impressed with his professional, as well as his personal, turnaround. He questions his choice of date for the evening, however. Adam nods, “You’re not the only one that’s wondering about that.” Nearby, Phyllis and Nick watch Billy leave Lily’s side to board the elevator. She warns that he’s up to no good and is going to ruin the party. Nick’s unconvinced and promises he won’t let Billy and Adam get into it. Phyllis hugs him. Nick decides to go check on Billy.

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At the bar, Sally approaches Phyllis and muses that she and Nick seem cozy. Phyllis assures her she won’t be able to undermine them and knows nothing about them. She runs down the list of people Sally has alienated and tells her it’s over for her. “You’re going to be alone and lonely, cold and sad. Because that’s who you are.” As Phyllis flounces off, Nikki, who’s been listening, smiles.
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Phyllis joins Nate to chat and she suggests he set up something really romantic and special for Elena. He’ll keep it in mind. She leans over and asks, “What are you and Elena into?” Nate gapes, “Excuse me?” When he brings up their mutual interest in the clinic, Phyllis shrugs that playing doctor is kind of fun. Nate laughs, “I suppose.” Phyllis will set something up and they’ll love it.
Phyllis, Nate questions Y&R

At the bar, Adam assures Jack that there was no hidden agenda in bringing Sally — they’re not dating, they’ve just struck up a friendship while working together. Jack wishes him luck but Adam isn’t into being anyone’s redemption story — he’s focused on Newman Media.

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In a corridor, Billy tries to talk Crystal into letting him into Mr. Newman’s green room. She asks him not to tell Phyllis and opens the door. Billy goes inside and starts rifling through the promotional material. He gets on a laptop but Nick appears and asks, “What are you doing, Billy?” Billy admits he’s spying on the competition. Nick muses that he’s been a busy boy. He’s only going to ask once nicely, “Stop whatever you’re planning and walk away.”
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In Amanda’s room, Devon doesn’t want it to sound like he regrets stepping up for Abby and Chance — they had an agreement, and even saying the words ‘my son’ doesn’t feel right because it’s their son. Amanda assures him it’s okay to admit, even just to her, that he is his son. She realizes he’s fighting an instinct to stay by Dominic’s side. Devon thanks her for understanding what he’s feeling. Amanda suggests he focus on the things he is giving Dominic. Devon knows he’ll be able to see him whenever he wants, he’s just having a hard time defining the role he’s going to have in his life. I’m not going to be his dad… I’m just Devon. Amanda thinks he’ll figure it out along the way. Devon knows that no matter what, he’ll be there for him. Amanda replies, “And I’ll be here for you.”
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In the lobby, Lily tries to distract Jack, who is looking for Billy. Elsewhere, Sally approaches Nikki to chat, but the Newman matriarch makes it clear that despite her long-standing differences with Phyllis, she does wish she’d been able to drive her out of town after what she did to Summer. She informs her that no one in the room wants her there except Adam, who is using her as a prop; it’s doubtful he takes her seriously in any way.
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Nikki flounces off and Phyllis steers in to remark on Nikki not mincing words. Sally warns she’ll hear plenty of them if she sticks around. Phyllis reiterates Nikki’s take on Adam and that she’s not welcome there. “The Newmans and the Abbotts don’t want you here. Go home! Leave! Take your circus act somewhere else!” Sally fumes, “Go to hell, bitch,” and throws her drink in Phyllis’ face. Adam comes running and Lily and Jack’s jaws drop from the seating area. Nikki and Victor move in to get a better view as Phyllis grabs the ice bucket and upends it over Sally’s head. Sally screams.
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Jack and Adam break it up and Phyllis hollers, “Get out of here!” Adam escorts a dripping Sally onto the elevator as Billy and Nick emerge from the other elevator. Stunned, they take in Jack wiping off Phyllis. Billy joins Lily and asks why Sally looked like she jumped into the pool. Lily grins, “Oh it wasn’t a pool, it was an ice bucket.” Billy is amused that Phyllis was the perpetrator when she was the one telling him not to ruin the night. He reports that Nick ran in with his superhero tights to stop him from spying. Nearby, Nick asks Phyllis, “What’d I miss?” She glowers through her running mascara.
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In a suite, Sally vents about having her night ruined by the classless bully. Adam thinks her response was proportional and muses that’s going to be a tough act to follow — maybe he should do his speech naked. Sally’s really sorry for ruining his event. Adam reassures her — the party needed livening up. He likes her fire. Sally pulls him into a passionate kiss.

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