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At the ranch, Adam and Victor go over the plan for the launch. Victor wants Adam to take a more public role. Nikki enters with Nick, who wants to follow up on his earlier conversation with his father. Adam tells him to go ahead, but he says it’s private. Adam thanks Nick for getting Phyllis to agree to have the launch at the Grand Phoenix. Just then, Victor realizes somebody invited Billy Abbott. Adam asked Billy and Lily as a professional courtesy. He figures Billy will pout in the corner, but Victor argues that he’d love to throw a wrench in the festivities. They should have squashed them like a bug. Nick argues the point which irritates his father. Adam takes his leave, and Nikki heads for the salon.

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Once alone, Victor asks Nick, “Does this have to do with your sister?” They discuss investigating Ashland. Victor doesn’t want anything they uncover to get into Billy’s hands. Nick argues that Billy may find something so he’d like to take the lines of communication open. “We should use every resource that we can.” Victor shrugs that they don’t even know if there’s anything to find.
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At the hotel, Phyllis is preparing for the Newman Media launch later. Billy wanders in for a drink and they spar about the event. Billy claims he’s coming for the oysters. She knows he doesn’t like them and asks, “What are you up to?” Billy hedges, “We protect our own.” Phyllis realizes he’s talking about Ashland and Victoria. She muses that Locke is definitely dark, but points out Billy’s not marrying him, Victoria is. Billy feels she needs to know the face before she does. Phyllis suggests if he dredges up something from his past it will have to be terrible or Victoria won’t care. “If you do a background check on Ashland, the only one it will hurt is you.” She predicts if Victoria finds out she’ll come after him. Billy replies that she’s not the first one to warn him of that.
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Sally enters Crimson Lights, spots Jack, and thanks him for stopping her from fighting with Phyllis in the park yesterday. He didn’t want things to get out of hand. Sally tells him she’s working for Newman Media. Jack states, “I’m aware.” She knows he’ll be at the launch and wanted to give him a heads up. Jack wonders how fragile she thinks he is. Sally senses his animosity and ends the conversation. A few minutes later, Sally tries again and calls him out for trying to make her feel small, which is beneath him. She is making a fresh start with people who are rooting for her and accept her. “You can think whatever you want of me; I really don’t give a damn anymore.”
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At Victoria’s house, she suggests to Ashland that they stay home from the Newman Media launch since he’s not feeling well, but he argues Cyaxares was his baby and he’s on the board. Victoria feels they can skip some of their events so he’s ready for the most important one — their wedding. That said, she would love to see Adam and Newman Media fall flat on their smug faces. Ashland asks about her rivalry with Adam. Victoria doesn’t think of his as she does Nick and Abby. He was conniving and vicious. Ashland figures she’s speaking about Delia. Victoria states that Billy will never be the same.

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Ashland can understand Billy’s protectiveness, but worries the stories he’s publishing about him will be around after he’s gone for Harrison to see. Victoria will be happy to pass on anything he wants to Harrison. She wonders if there are any secrets besides the wealthy mentor she should know about. Ashland questions her use of the word secrets, but is glad to answer any concerns she has. He takes a weak spell so she heads to Society to get some soup. Once alone, Ashland furrows his brow.
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At Chance Comm, Lily’s encouraged to see Elena back so soon. Elena explains she wants to do it, but… Lily stops her — whatever’s holding her back she’ll take care of it. Elena relays that if she does this, she’d like to take a different approach. Rather than people seeking information on the site, she would like to emulate the model of the clinic and reach out to the community proactively. Lily likes it. “Elena, we are going to do some great things together.”
Elena, Lily job Y&R

At Society, Victoria finds Nick drinking a beer and teases him. He invites her to join him and confides that Victor is having Ashland investigated — it’s a slap in the face. Nick argues it’s coming from a place of love. She thinks it’s a sign he lacks faith in her judgement. Nick assures her he hasn’t unearthed anything sinister, just something puzzling. He tells her about the wealthy benefactor who died and adds that no one knows where he got the money to purchase the news outlets. Victoria doesn’t think it’s anyone’s business. She gets her soup order and relays that the chemo is hitting Ashland harder than expected. The last thing he needs is Victor digging up dirt. Nick counters that Victor genuinely respects him. She announces she won’t be attending this evening and he asks if she has a message for Adam, who saved her niece. Victoria smirks, “Tell Adam, good job.”
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At Crimson Lights, Sally watches Jack leave and then calls Adam. “Thank you so much for the invitation to accompany you to the launch party. I’ve thought about it and I would love to be your date.”

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At the ranch, Victor tells Abby by phone that he understands why she can’t make it tonight and says he’s so happy they’re all healthy. After disconnecting, he calls out for Nikki, who appears in a silver gown. He tells his wife she’s gorgeous and they leave for the party.

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At Victoria’s house, Ashland is full of soup and thankful to her for taking such good care of him. He urges her to go to the party. She can score points with her father and get under Adam’s skin as well. Victoria just wants to be with him. Ashland teases that the soup has restorative powers. Vikki offers him a back rub.

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Nikki and Victor arrive at the Newman Media launch where they’re greeted by Phyllis, who congratulates them on their new grandbaby. They go to join the party after Phyllis relays that Adam hasn’t arrived yet. Nikki takes a call from Victoria and says she understands why she’s not coming. Nearby, Nick grins at Phyllis sending someone for ice. He’ll pamper her when this is over and tells her she looks fine. Nikki interrupts their flirting as Phyllis runs off to do damage control.
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Nikki and Nick discuss Victor investigating Victoria’s fiancé, but stop short when Billy appears with Lily. Nick approaches and informs Billy that Victoria isn’t coming, so if she’s the reason he showed up, he doesn’t need to stay. Billy smirks that when Phyllis throws a party there’s always bound to be fireworks. Lily asks why Victoria’s not coming and Nick explains Ashland had his second round of chemo. Billy wonders if Nick asked about Ashland and the widow, and Lily drags him away.
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By the hotel door, Jack arrives and greets Phyllis. They talk about new photos they received of Summer, Kyle and Harrison. Phyllis mentions Billy is there and Jack hopes he steers clear of Adam. Across the room, Billy and Lily hang out with Nate and Elena, who gets called away to the hospital. Meanwhile, Victor asks Nick to keep an eye on Billy Boy Abbott — that guy is trouble everywhere he goes. Suddenly, the room quiets and all heads turn to the entrance as Adam walks in with Sally on his arm. Phyllis wants to kick her out, but Jack says she can’t — she’s the date of the co-host. At the bar, Sally muses to Adam, “Everyone is staring. I think I’m going to enjoy myself. It’s going to be fun.” Adam looks at Billy and clinks her glass. “It is indeed.”
Adam, Sally arrive launch Y&R

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