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At the hospital, Nate informs Devon, Abby and Mariah that the baby is being taken for a bath but all looks good. He urges Mariah to rest and let them take care of her. They thank him and he offers them congratulations. After Nate walks off, Mariah talks about being afraid she would never get out of that room after that nameless faceless person snatched her. She worried after she gave birth to Bowie she would be of no further use to them. In the next breath, she asks, “So you’re telling me it was Stitch all along? Why would he do that?”
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In the hospital corridor, Rey tells Victor that Stitch took off forom the house where he was holding Mariah and now there’s no sign of him.

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At Society, Chloe tells Sally it’s officially time for her to meet Chelsea, who she brings up on the tablet. Sally enthuses to Chelsea about her past fashion lines and gushes, “I consider it to be an honor working for you.” Chelsea hasn’t decided if she’s taking the position yet. Chloe pulls the tablet back and reminds her she’s the reason she accepted Adam’s offer. Chelsea can’t commit.
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In the hotel lobby, Phyllis tells Nick she’s sorry she missed his lunch. Nick muses that Sally said she was with Jack. Phyllis sniffs about Sally continuing to antagonize her. Nick knows what she’s up to, but aside from that, he’d like her to be honest. “If I wasn’t in the picture, would you be tempted to get back together with Jack?” Phyllis thinks that’s weird and wonders why he’s asking her that hypothetical question. “You are in the picture and I love you.” Nick asks her to humor him. Phyllis shares a bond of friendship with Jack and that’s it. “I’m a one man woman and you are the man for me.” Nick apologizes for making her uncomfortable. Talk turns to Victoria and Ashland. Nick can’t shake the feeling he can’t be trusted. Phyllis suggests he let Victoria be happy, but can’t judge him for running interference after what she did. Nick takes a call from Victor with an update on Abby’s baby and Mariah.
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At Newman Media, Adam takes a video call from Chelsea. They discuss Anita and Connor before talk turns to Sally Spectra. Chelsea’s not so sure about her and knows she burned a bunch of bridges. Adam thinks Newman Media is a good fit for her. Chelsea talked to Sally and could tell she’s a master manipulator with blind ambition and a total lack of scruples. Adam’s amused she got that from one conversation and assures her she has nothing to worry about — he has his eye on everything.
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In the hospital, Mariah cannot believe that Stitch — the doctor — ignored her cries for help. “I want him locked up forever for what happened to me.” Devon assures her the police are on top of it. Elena appears — there are two other people anxious to see Mariah. Abby and Devon leave and Sharon and Tessa rush in. Tessa embraces Mariah, who tells them, “I was so scared.” Sharon says Mariah was so brave, then leaves them to have private time. Tessa tells Mariah she loves her and they reflect on feeling connected. Tessa will never let her go again.
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In the waiting area, Devon tells Nate how happy he was that he answered the phone — he wouldn’t have known what to do. Devon marvels at seeing a new life come into the world. When he held him, he felt a connection. Devon reflects that it made him think of Hilary and what they went through. Nate thinks that makes perfect sense.

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Elsewhere in the hospital, Abby happens upon Victor, who relays he went out shopping for his grandson. Abby takes the bag, which contains a teddy bear. It reminds Victor of the one she played with when she was a toddler. Abby thanks him for bringing in his investigators. Victor’s looking forward to his first visit and urges his daughter to get some rest. Abby says, “I love you, Dad.” Victor replies, “I adore you.” He goes and Devon appears. Abby laughs, “Did we really just do that?” Devon only knows that Abby said she wanted a family and they all came together to make that baby boy. He’s thankful things didn’t turn out worse. Abby muses that because of Stitch, their baby boy may not have come into this world. She credits Devon for saving the boy by paying attention to his instincts. Devon assures her Stitch has always been a good guy. The baby is safe because of what they all did together.

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At Crimson Lights, Nate admits to Elena that coaching his cousin through childbirth is not the way he expected this day to go. He thinks it hit Devon in a way he never expected. Elena muses, “Because of the baby he lost with Hilary.” Nate believes they’ve bonded already and the kid is lucky to have him. Elena agrees. She couldn’t be prouder of Nate for coaching them through.

At Society, Phyllis warns Sally to stay away from her man. Sally muses about her insecurity and wonders what set her off. Then she remembers that Nick was planning a romantic surprise for her and she was busy fawning over Jack. It’s inappropriate. Phyllis can’t believe Sally’s trying to talk about what’s inappropriate and warns coming at her with this form of retaliation is NOT a good idea. “Haven’t you had enough?” Sally retorts, “I’m still here, aren’t I?” Phyllis gawps, “Wow! You are really full of yourself, aren’t you?” Sally has a right to; she landed on her feet.

Phyllis thinks Chloe threw Sally a bone and as soon as she does something underhanded she’ll be cut off. Sally argues Chloe knows how valuable she is, and she and Adam get each other. Phyllis cracks up. “You and Adam ‘get each other’. This is great.” She can’t wait until karma comes knocking at her door. Sally snipes that it will be fun proving her wrong. Phyllis turns serious and warns her to get out of orbit and get out of her life. “I don’t want to hear my name mentioned by you or your stay in this town will come to a very abrupt end — do you get that?” Sally smirks and walks away.
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In the hospital, Sharon relieves Tessa at Mariah’s bedside as she sleeps. Tessa joins Abby and Devon and thanks them for finding Mariah and bringing her home to her. She’s going to grab some things for her, but first asks for directions to the chapel — it’s time to say thanks. After Tessa leaves, Devon urges Abby to go join Sharon while he steps away to call Lily. He wishes Neil was there. Abby is sure Neil is there smiling down on their perfect little boy.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick tells Adam they have a new nephew. Adam thinks the kid has his work cut out for him with his pedigree. Talk turns to Victoria and Locke’s October wedding. Nick says they seem to be in love, and don’t know how much time they have together, so why not make it official. Adam points out they don’t know much about Ashland and Nick agrees. Sally arrives, so Nick takes off.
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Adam gathers Nick doesn’t care for Sally, who explains he’s still miffed about Summer, but she’ll turn things around. She tells Adam he’s inspired her to focus on making a name for herself. “Be afraid — be very afraid.” Adam wonders if she’ll tell him her plan. Just then, Chloe walks in and stops short. Adam reminds them tomorrow is the official launch. Chloe assures him they’ll be ready. After he leaves, Chloe confronts Sally, who explains she promised Adam she wouldn’t go after Phyllis and instead would channel her energy into the company. She worries that Chelsea’s not on board with her. Chloe thinks she’ll come around and vows to get Chelsea to agree to work with them.
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In Mariah’s hospital room, she’s still sleeping. Abby sits in a chair and speaks aloud as she tells Chance he’s a dad and wishes he could be there to meet his son. Elena enters with the baby in a blanket and hands him to Abby for his first feeding.
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At Crimson Lights, Chloe reconnects with Chelsea to urge her to work with them. Chelsea isn’t sure about working with Sally — she’s heard things about her. Chloe replies that she’s heard things about them too. She tells her pal that life is moving on and she can only hold the position for so long.

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Sally enters Newman Media where Adam’s surprised to see her there so late. Sally wanted to get something ready for the launch and wants his opinion. She hands over her tablet. Adam sighs. “It’s good. You really are talented, Sally Spectra.” He decides they’ll use it. Now he wants to know what she plans to do to make a name for herself. Sally won’t explain but tells him to keep the word ‘spectacular’ in mind. Adam is determined to get it out of her and invites her to accompany him to the launch tomorrow night if she has any interest. Sally smiles, “We’ll see.”

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In the hospital, Devon watches Abby telling the baby she’s never loved anything as much as she loves him. “I’ve waited my entire life for you. I have so much to tell you but I know you’ve had a very busy day so I’ll let you rest now. Mommy’s here. Mommy’s got you.” Just then, Mariah awakens and looks confusedly in their direction.

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