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In Stitch’s hotel room, Rey has Devon call Mariah’s cellphone again and they unearth it from Ben’s bag. Victor and Devon decide to call Abby, who could be in danger.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Stitch realizes Abby thinks he’s the one holding Mariah and acts offended. She ignores Devon’s call and pleads with Ben to stay — even if it’s only to tell her how wrong she is. Stitch says he’s done his best to be there for her — how could she accuse him of doing something so horrible. Abby just wants to find them. He wants to help her do that. She asks, “For the sake of the baby we lost?” Stitch didn’t mean her to take what he said the wrong way and can’t believe she’s still wondering if he had something to do with Mariah’s disappearance. Abby cites the evidence against him. Stitch insists it was the guy in the store who had Mariah’s notebook paper. Abby isn’t sure she believes him when she looks at the whole picture. Ben gets a text from Devon and asks, “Does he think I did this too?”
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon is grateful to have Tessa with her as she understands what she’s going through. Sharon gets a text from Rey that the police tracked Mariah’s phone to the Grand Phoenix. Tessa wonders what it means. Sharon says there’s more — they found her phone in Stitch’s room!

In the locked room, Mariah breathes through a strong contraction and tells the baby they’ll probably be meeting face-to-face pretty soon. She screams at the camera over the door, “Take me to a hospital please!” before reassuring Bowie that everything will be okay. She hope their captor has gone to call for help. “Somebody’s going to be here any minute, right? They wouldn’t leave us to do this all alone.”
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At the hotel, Devon leaves Stitch a voicemail to call him but doesn’t believe he will. Rey tries to figure out his motive. Victor thinks he’s still in love with Abby — they’d have a life together now if it weren’t for his son. He tells Rey about Max causing Abby’s miscarriage by tripping her. Devon explains that Stitch showed up out of nowhere to see Abby. Victor says he must have thought he’d win her undying gratitude. Rey figures that Stitch has taken good care of Mariah — he wants to be the good guy here. Victor muses that he used to spar with Stitch; he’s a good guy but has become totally unhinged.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Stitch tells Abby she’s a light in a very dark world. She replies, “And your world has been dark lately?” Ben can’t explain it to her… Genoa City represents a time in his life when he still had hope. He came back to remember that feeling; he’d felt so alone without it. Stitch wanted to feel hopeful again; like anything was possible. He knows he has no right to expect anything from her — he didn’t protect her. Abby assures him what happened wasn’t his fault. Stitch admits he’s in pain. “I’m out of my head.”
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At the coffee house, Sharon and Tessa are impatient from waiting to hear more from Rey. Sharon’s having a hard time believing it’s Stitch — the man she knew would never be involved in anything like this. Tessa recalls that he was listening to them talk about tricking the kidnapper. “If Stitch is the kidnapper, he was always one step ahead of them, because they told him what they were going to do.”
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In the hotel lobby, Rey warns Victor not to try and be a hero. The Newman leaves and Devon updates Rey that Stitch wasn’t in Iowa City when he said he was. Rey wants to follow his tracks by tracing his cards. Kevin calls and confirms the glitch-free video footage confirms that Stitch lied about the old man in the store. Devon’s frustrated that the evidence points to Stitch, but not to where he’s keeping Mariah. Rey calls Sharon and asks if she’s spoken to Abby and explains he’s put out an APB on Stitch. Sharon agrees to call if they see him. Rey disconnects and Devon updates him that Denise located an old house that was rented to a Ben Russell — on the same street as the convenience store. They take off.
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In the locked room, Mariah turns on her side and talks to the baby about a do-it-yourself childbirth and how scared Abby must be. She won’t think about that now, and instead assures herself they have towels and water. Another contraction is coming and she sobs, “Please help us. Please.”

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby’s sorry Stitch has been so unhappy and she knows he’d never hurt anyone. Stitch looks at her. “You know me, the real me.” Abby recalls how he comforted her about Mariah — he knew she was fine and was going to come home. “That was your plan, right?” Stitch sighs, “Yeah.” He didn’t mean for it to get this far. “I was going to let her go.” Abby thinks it’s better for that to happen sooner instead of later. Stitch laments that he screwed this all up — he just wanted to bring them closer together. Abby can be there for him, but first they have to clean up this whole mess. She pleads with him to take her to Mariah and the baby so she can make sure they’re okay.
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Victor arrives at the Chancellor Estate, rings the doorbell, and then enters calling for Abby. No one is there. His phone rings — it’s Rey. He tells the detective that the door was unlocked and Abby’s phone is there. Rey tells him about the house on Willow Lane.

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At the house on Willow Lane, Abby bursts into the room where Mariah’s panting on the bed and blurts, “Mariah, oh my God.” She watches her for a second and tells her, “You’re in labor!” Abby assures her she’s there and everything will be fine. Mariah asks, “Are you real?” She dreamed that Tessa came. Abby takes her hand and says, “I’m very real.” Awash in relief, Mariah tells her she thought she was going to have to do this alone. Abby will take her to the hospital.

At the coffee shop, Sharon can’t imagine what happened to Stitch to make him change like this. Tessa snarls about what will happen when she gets a hold of him and wonders if he got a sick thrill from watching them worrying.
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Devon arrives at the old house on Willow Lane as Abby’s putting Mariah’s shoes. He asks, “Where is…?” Abby says he brought her and now he’s gone. Rey appears and says he couldn’t have gotten far. He takes off again. Mariah has another contraction and Devon looks wary. He hopes they still have time since the first baby typically takes longer, but Mariah declares she’s not going to make it to the hospital — the baby is coming now!
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At the coffee house, Sharon is ecstatic when she gets a call from Rey and tells Tessa they found Mariah. Tessa wants to go see her but Sharon disconnects and explains that Mariah’s in labor. She calls Victor and updates him. “I hope you’re ready to be a grandfather again.”

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At the house, Abby and Devon have Nate on video call to guide them through the delivery. Devon tells Mariah to breathe and says he’s in awe of her. Abby tells Mariah she’s forever grateful for her. They can’t wait to meet the baby. Mariah feels like a big push. On the tablet, Nate declares, “It’s time.” Mariah groans and screams as Abby peers between her legs and laughs — she can see his head! Devon and Nate guide Mariah through another push and Abby cries, “He’s here, Mariah.”
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As Abby and Devon admire the baby in a towel, Mariah asks why he hasn’t cried yet. Nate chimes in that they need to clear his airway. Suddenly, the baby wails. Abby says it’s the sweetest sound she’s ever heard. Devon holds the baby and croons about him being happy and healthy as an ambulance is heard in the background. Abby exclaims, “Happy birthday, Baby Chancellor!” and Devon adds, “Welcome to the world, little guy.”

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