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In the locked room, Mariah pleads with her captor for help while looking up at the camera over the door.

Victor arrives at the Chancellor Estate to check in with Abby, who relays that she’s shaken up due to something Devon said to her. They go over his suspicions about Stitch. Abby wonders if her friend is right to be wary. Victor recalls that when Stitch first came back to town, he said something that puzzled him; he was very concerned about her being alone with Chance gone. He felt compelled to remind him that she was happily married. Abby gets panicky, “Could it be true? Could Stitch have something to do with Mariah’s disappearance?” Victor can’t understand what his motive would be. Abby can’t either, which makes her feel better. Victor wonders if it’s revenge for her leaving him. Abby feels she would have picked up on that, but becomes increasingly upset about Mariah being locked up, alone and terrified.

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At his penthouse, Devon updates Denise Tolliver on the lead regarding the man buying protein bars. He feels the information may lead to something, but not some old man. “I’m more concerned about Abby’s ex.” Devon explains about Stitch just showing up and hanging around Abby. Denise feels it’s creepy, but the lie about the Chief of Surgery job is a big red flag. Devon hopes he’s wrong about Ben. Denise decides they need some answers — one thing she learned as a P.I. is never to ignore gut feelings.

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At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Rey see Stitch on the convenience store’s video footage, but there’s no one else in the store. Kevin looks for footage from the front entrance, but it disappears, right before the suspect would have walked through the door. Rey asks if it’s possible someone altered the video to hide something. Kevin eventually spots an older man but his cart is empty. “Look at Stitch.” Rey notices, “He’s at the register checking out already.” They realize he couldn’t have seen what the man bought. Rey wonders if he made the whole thing up. Kevin argues that it doesn’t make any sense — why would he send them evidence that could so easily be disproven. Rey theorizes that he sent them on a wild goose chase. Suddenly, Kevin gets a notification — the IT team finally got through the encryption on Mariah’s phone. “We have a location!”
Kevin stunned Y&R

In the park, Sharon cries to Tessa that she’s trying to be optimistic. Tessa decides they need to visualize Mariah coming back to them safe and strong. “Mariah has to get through this.” She tells Sharon that she felt Mariah’s presence recently and she was scared. Tessa feels she’s sitting on the sidelines, so all she can do is use her love to send her comfort. She thinks Sharon can do it too, and suggests they remember special times with Mariah. Sharon’s skeptical but will try. She recalls the Christmas they first bonded. Tessa remembers that Mariah never gave up on her, even when she pushed her away. “She believed in the power of our love, and now I’m returning the favor.” Sharon reflects on the gift of having Mariah in her life after all the years apart — she had to work hard to convince her she was loved. “I hope she can feel it right now.” They go over Sharon having issues with Tessa in the past, and Sharon assures her they’re past that. Tessa will never forgive whoever is holding her, and she hopes they get what’s coming to them. Sharon decides they should say a prayer before they go. They pray for God to protect Mariah and the baby and to let them know they are loved. Tessa pleads, “Bring them home.”
Sharon, Tessa park Y&R

In the room, Mariah breathes through a contraction and tells the camera that they need help. She perches on the bed and gasps that birthing class didn’t cover this scenario. Mariah cries and asks the baby to relax, but the pains keep coming. Talking to Bowie, she goes over her reasons for becoming Abby and Chance’s surrogate and teases about the misery of the morning sickness. But he’s kept her sane in here. “You are loved. You are. So much.” She doesn’t throw that term around lightly; she didn’t grow up with a lot of love. “You’re going to be fine, because I protect the people I love with my life.” After suffering some more contractions, Mariah realizes the baby wants to be born and says they need to prepare. She gathers water and clean towels and breathes, “We can do this.” Mariah cries and sings Tessa’s song. “God I miss her so much,” she sobs. Another contraction hits just as she’s imagining the party they’ll have when they get out of there.
Mariah upset labor Y&R

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Devon arrives at the Chancellor Estate, where he learns Abby has updated Victor on his suspicions. He hopes he’s wrong about Stitch, but his P.I. agrees there’s reason for concern and is shifting her focus on to him. Victor believes they need to get to the bottom of it. Abby says, “Okay. Let’s do this.” They ponder questioning Stitch directly. Victor and Devon will head to the Grand Phoenix, but don’t want Abby to come. Victor asks her to please be careful, as they head out. Abby picks up her phone and sends a text.
Devon, Abby concerned Y&R

At Society, Stitch smiles when he reads Abby’s text asking him to please come by the house.

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby takes a deep breath as the doorbell goes. She lets Stitch in and he asks if she’s okay. Abby updates him that there’s no news; she’s just so grateful for the lead he gave the police. She tears up and says all she knows is that she feels better when he’s around. Abby launches herself into Ben’s arms. Next, she paces and talks about feeling helpless and scared. “Tessa says she can sense something is really wrong with Mariah.” She too, can sense her baby crying for her. “I don’t even know if they have enough food.” Abby sobs that she would pay any ransom if she could get the baby back… and she’s doing this all alone because Chance isn’t here. Stitch pulls her into his arms. “I’m here, Abby.”
Abby, Stitch embrace leery Y&R

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At the Grand Phoenix, Devon tells Victor his P.I. has discovered Stitch was fired from his job in Iowa City, which isn’t what he told Abby. Rey shows up and announces they’ve tracked Mariah’s phone to the hotel, but can’t narrow it down to the floor or even the wing. Devon and Victor want to check Stitch’s room.

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Rey, Victor and Devon enter Stitch’s room. Rey announces that Stitch isn’t there. Devon calls Mariah’s phone and it rings in the room in Ben’s gym bag. Victor intones, “So it was Stitch all the time.”
Victor discover phone hotel Y&R

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby tells Stitch it’s not fair of her to lean on him like this. Stitch has always felt so connected to her. She asks if he came back to town to be with her and says that his return has been such a blessing. Abby offers to be his sounding board — he can tell her anything and she won’t get angry. “I know you, and I can see it in your eyes.” He asks, “What?” Abby replies, “Guilt. You feel bad for what happened when we were married.” She assures him what happened with Max was not his fault. Stitch tears up; he’s a doctor — he should have seen what was going on, he should have known what his son was capable of. Abby cries that she’s about to lose another baby. Stitch won’t let that happen. “I came back here for you,” he blurts. “My life has been so hard since I left. I just needed to make things right. I was hoping for some kind of redemption. It’s crazy, but I truly believe you’re the only one who can put me back on course. You can make things right, Abby.” Abby tells him, “We can make things right for each other. All if forgiven. Please tell me where they are.”

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In the locked room, Mariah, dressed in a bathrobe, pants that this is going to happen right now. She just hopes she’s done everything she can to prepare. Mariah falls to her knees as a contraction rips through her and screams.
Mariah labor Y&R

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