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In the locked room, Mariah figures the pain earlier was just something she pulled — she hasn’t felt anything again. Suddenly, she gets another jolt.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Tessa, Sharon, Devon, Stitch and Abby are discussing the protein bars lead. Abby wishes Rey would call. Sharon explains it takes a bit of time to get video footage. Abby feels they’re lucky Stitch saw what he did. Devon asks where the store was and Stitch tells him. Devon notes he was staying at the GCAC — so what was he doing in that part of town? Ben was feeling nostalgic and went for a walk by the pond he and Abby used to go to. He stopped by the convenience store on his way out of town. Devon finds it curious he was there at the same time as the guy. Stitch shrugs; he came in after him. Abby tells Ben, “Thanks to you we may finally be on the path to finding Mariah.”
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Devon goes into the study, and Stitch tells Abby he hopes he didn’t make her uncomfortable by mentioning the pond. Abby assures him she wasn’t upset; she used to love going there with him. Stitch hopes she takes her son there one day. She flinches and he apologizes. Devon listens from the other room as Abby thanks Stitch for being so supportive; he’s a really good friend. Stitch tells Abby he needs to go check in with Max’s support team. Abby heads to the kitchen. As Stitch heads to the door, Devon reappears. Ben asks him to call if Abby needs him.

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At Society, Gloria thanks Lauren for agreeing to a follow-up meeting; she realized she may have been a tad aggressive previously. Kevin and Chloe enter and Glo warns they’re in a business meeting. Chloe and Kevin find a table and discuss Gloria giving Lauren the hard sell. Chloe admires his mother’s chutzpah. Across the room, Lauren asks her mother-in-law to convince her that she’s the right candidate to run JCV. Gloria makes her pitch about socially-conscious and environmentally responsible clothing. Lauren concedes that she’s impressed.
Lauren, Gloria pitch Y&R

At their table, Chloe and Kevin grin about the meeting. Talk turns to Mariah and Kevin hopes his friend can handle whatever is going on — for her sake and the baby’s. Meanwhile, Gloria explains to Lauren the importance of statement jewelry that young people can afford. “I know my stuff.” Lauren admits it’s a good idea and offers Gloria a chance — on a temporary basis. Glo gasps, “Thank you!” She’s ready to dive right in as interim president of JCV and takes off excitedly. Across the room, Chloe looks at Kevin in amazement.
Chloe amazed with Kevin Y&R

Lauren joins Chloe and Kevin who assure her she’s not crazy for hiring Gloria. Sally’s name comes up and Lauren warns Chloe against making the same mistake she did. Chloe went into this with her eyes wide open and thinks she fits in great with the team — Chelsea’s a grifter and she went off the deep end when she lost her daughter. Lauren agrees, in principal, that Sally deserves another chance, but doesn’t think she’ll change.
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Phyllis arrives at the Abbott house where Jack reports that Summer loved her gift and the kids are doing great overseas. Phyllis sighs, “Great.” She’s happy for them, but wishes they could be at home. Jack reminds her Summer has a wonderful job she loves. Phyllis wants Jack to confess it’s a loss for him too. Jack denies it’s a loss, but concedes it’s a lot harder than he admitted. Phyllis wants mutual wallowing, but Jack refuses and says, “Come with me.”
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At the ranch, Nick thanks Victor for looking into Mariah’s disappearance — Sharon’s worried sick. Nikki assures they’re doing everything they can. Nick wonders why else his father asked him there. Victor’s investigators have come up with something interesting regarding Ashland Locke.

At Victoria’s house, Ashland gets a call about something he figured would happen at some point, thanks the person on the other end and says he’ll handle it. Victoria appears and asks what exactly he has to deal with. Ashland says the call was from a guy who used to work for him at one of his old news stations, who’s been getting calls from reporters. Victoria figures it’s another Chance Comm article. Ashland wonders if it might be Newman Media. Victoria agrees it could be Adam or her father. Ashland is concerned she might hear something from someone other than himself. He sits her down to explain that when he was young an older woman took him under his wing. When she died, he bought her two news stations from her and that’s what began his media empire. Ashland denies there was a romantic connection between him and the woman. Victoria wants to hear all about him. He’s so glad she’ll be by his side for the next chapter of his life.
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At the ranch, Victor relays to Nikki and Nick the story about Ashland buying the two news stations. Nick doesn’t find it suspicious. Victor explains that’s not the whole story. People they approached were most reluctant to discuss the relationship between Ashland and the woman. Nick and Nikki are unimpressed. Victor will keep looking. Nikki’s miffed — does he want to find something and destroy Victoria’s marriage? Victor denies it, but he doesn’t want her to go into the marriage blindly. Nick worries the meddling could backfire — are they just begging for trouble? Nikki thinks they are. Victor doesn’t want to find out after the wedding about something dark in Ashland’s past. Nikki argues it only matters who he is today.
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In the locked room, Mariah hopes she’s having practice — or Braxton-Hicks — contractions because it’s way too soon for the baby to be born.
Mariah pain Y&R

In the park, Phyllis suggests to Jack that Jabot should buy Marchetti and move it to Genoa City. Jack laughs at the idea his company has millions lying around. Phyllis remarks that it’s good to see him laugh. Jack replies that it feels good. They’re beaming at each other when Sally happens along. Phyllis spots her and groans, “We have company.” The women bicker as Phyllis explains she and Jack are friends — you know, people you can trust. Jack advises Sally to move along. Once alone, Phyllis admits Sally brings out the worst in her. Jack wants her to refrain from knee-jerk reactions. Phyllis will try not to let Sally get to her.
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Rey arrives at the Chancellor Estate and updates Sharon, Tessa, Devon and Abby that he’s waiting on a warrant for the video footage and has ongoing surveillance on the store in case the guy returns. If he shows up, they can at least track him. Rey won’t give up until Mariah’s found.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick leaves Phyllis a message in hopes of having lunch together. Sally hears and tells him his girlfriend isn’t free. “She is where she always is lately — with Jack.”
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At Society, Kevin asks Chloe if Lauren’s warning about Sally go to her. Chloe questions her ability to stop Sally from going to the dark side. Kevin gives her a pep talk. Chloe feels better — Sally even told her she was going to stop seeking revenge on Phyllis and channel her energy into work. Kevin jumps up — Rey needs his help with a lead on Mariah.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Tessa takes Sharon to their room so she can be close to Mariah’s things. Abby notes that Devon’s been quiet. He wonders what she makes of Stitch’s story about the protein bars. Dismayed, Abby asks, “Wait. You don’t believe that Ben’s telling the truth?” Devon doesn’t want to cause her more stress, but he finds Stitch’s story pretty coincidental to say the least… him showing up out of the blue at this point in her life is also odd… then he kept delaying his departure and showing up to see her… and came back to town without a job. “Why do you think he did that?” Abby says, “He said he wanted to check on me because of what’s going on with Mariah.” Devon feels he’s gone out of his way to be a shoulder for her to lean on while her husband’s gone and he just can’t help but wonder if he might be trying to rekindle what they had by taking advantage of her fear and pain right now.
Devon, Abby suspicions Y&R

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Victoria arrives at the ranch to confront Victor about investigating Ashland’s past. She insists he has nothing to hide. “Please dad, leave this alone.”

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In the locked room, Mariah agonizes until her contraction ends. She then gets up and pulls the towel off the camera over the door to plead that she needs a doctor. “Why would you do this to a pregnant woman and her unborn child? What are you going to do to us?!”

At Crimson Lights, Rey watches as Kevin searches the video footage for Stitch — right after they find him, they should see the man in question.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Kevin and Rey connect the dots.

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