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Nick walks into Crimson Lights and sees Billy, who assures him they don’t have to get into it about Victoria again. Nick concedes that he actually made some good points the other day, which stuns Billy. Nick wants to know why he’s concerned. Billy muses that besides the obvious, which is that Ashland is going to die and Victoria will be heartbroken, what do they really know about the guy? They agree they know nothing. Nick feels something is not right with this picture, and mentions Victoria’s terrible track record with men — present company included. He can’t understand why they have to make it official to spend time together. Billy figures Nick wants him to dig into Ashland’s background and take the heat if it goes wrong. Nick thinks he’ll do it without any encouragement from him.
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At Victoria’s house, Ashland relays that Jack and Harrison arrived safely in Milan and Summer and Kyle are house hunting for a home with a yard. Victoria reminds him they’ll see him during the wedding week. Ash asks how the plans are progressing. Victoria says, “Great,” and is going to meet Nikki to continue planning. She asks how he’s feeling — she heard him up in the night working. Ashland got a lot accomplished reports he’s energized by a plan coming together — the merger will be ready to launch in one month. Victoria stunned, asks, “That soon?” Ashland has something to show her and thinks she’ll like it. He pulls out a rendering of a new Locke Tower beside Newman Tower. Victoria’s aghast that he did all this. She insists she’s impressed, but suggests they talk about it later. Ashland looks concerned as she gets up and walks out.
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Sally walks into Society and Adam greets her. He realizes she’s in a mood and Sally snarls that Phyllis just sent her a massive bill for extras at her hotel. “She couldn’t resist just sticking it to me one last time.” Adam smirks. Sally vows to pay her back for ruining her life. Adam asks, “And how did she do that?” From where he’s standing, she’s much better off now. He remind her she told him she felt she’d finally found her niche at Newman Media. “Maybe you ought to be thanking her.” Adam understands why she’s angry and urges her to learn from his experiences — anything she could do to get back at Phyllis won’t be worth it. He urges her to take the resentment and turn it into something positive — force her haters to watch her meteoric rise. “Trust me.” Sally muses, “Everyone tells me that would be a mistake.” Adam says taking the high road keeps them guessing.
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At the ranch, Victor briefs his associate. He wants an investigation into Ashland Locke’s past and would like to track down Mariah Copeland. The man asks what he’s hoping to find on Ashland. Nikki appears and muses, “My question exactly.” After Victor’s man is gone, Nikki complains about him looking for something nefarious on Victoria’s fiancé. Victor likes the guy but doesn’t want any surprises — the man squashed a lot of people. Nikki argues facing his mortality has changed him and worries Victoria will feel he doesn’t trust her judgement. Victor hope his investigation turns up nothing shady.

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Ashland walks into the hotel where Phyllis tells him he’s looking good. He’d like to purchase a regular spa package as part of his treatment. Ashland thanks her for exposing Tara’s illegal activities. “It made certain decision a whole lot simpler for me.” Phyllis finds it very strange that Tara was able to fool him. Ashland insists he loved her once, and love makes you see things in a different way. He tells Phyllis they got off on the wrong foot and he’d like to rectify that. She figures it’s because she’s involved with Victoria’s brother. Ashland replies, “Well not only that but your daughter Summer is helping to raise my little boy.” Phyllis quips, “We’re one big happy family aren’t we?”
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Ashland is grateful and would like to be on better terms. Phyllis gives a little smile — being a fan of her daughter goes a long way. She learns Ashland spoke to Nick, who compared him to Billy Abbott. Phyllis laughs — he was probably just trying to make a point. Ashland thinks Victoria is strong and doesn’t need protecting. Phyllis notes the circumstances surrounding the marriage are odd. She believes true love is hard to find; if you find it, you should hold on tight. Ashland insists that’s all this is about.

Later, Nick arrives at the hotel where Phyllis updates him on her visit from Ashland, who wants him to support his relationship with Victoria. Nick thinks it’s fair to want to know a little bit about the guy marrying his sister — he doesn’t see this ending well for Victoria at all. Phyllis muses it probably won’t end well for Ashland. Nick argues it feels rushed. She suggests he stay out of Victoria’s business; she’s going to do what she wants anyway. Nick muses about Phyllis’ selective logic and she warns he can do what he wants but there will be blowback. Nick shrugs, maybe he can stay on the sidelines because Billy’s on a mission.

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Victoria meets Nikki at Society and relays she told Nick about her engagement; he’s reserving judgement. She’s frustrated that Nick can’t just be happy for her — the way that dad has. Nikki’s speechless. Talk turns to the destination wedding and Sally eavesdrops as Victoria says she’ll need an incredible gown and was considering asking Summer to get Angelina Marchetti to design it for her. Nikki thinks it’s a fabulous idea. Victoria describes that type of dress she’d like as Sally takes notes. Talk turns to music and then to the honeymoon. Nikki wonders if Ashland will be taking an active role at Newman-Locke afterward — he’ll need a place to work. Victoria’s expression changes and Nikki worries she’s upset her. Victoria sighs. There are so many unknowns. “Maybe the treatments are going to work, maybe not.” She doesn’t want him pushing himself. Nikki’s surprised to hear the merger is on track to finish in a month. Victoria wants the wedding to be about them, not the merger.
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Victor arrives at Newman Media and confronts Adam about arranging meetings with Locke Communications employees and trying to hire them away. Adam says, “Nothing gets by you.” Victor reminds him they’re off limits — he doesn’t want him to do anything to harm his sister, Victoria, or endanger the merger between Newman and Locke. Adam states, “You have made that absolutely clear, just as you’ve made it clear that I’m in charge of this company and I am the person that ultimately makes the decisions.” Victor grins. Adam says, “You are an advisor. That’s the role you chose.” Adam figures Chance Comm will see the same opportunity; he’s not going to miss out on a potential goldmine of talent because his father doesn’t want to hurt Victoria’s feelings. “I’m just asking you to keep your personal feelings out of it.” Victor notes, “You’re my son alright. I’m advising you to keep your personal feelings out of it as well.”

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Chloe finds Sally at the park working on a sketch. Sally wonders if she’s checking up on her. Chloe is just making sure everything’s okay with her latest hire. Sally says everything’s great, partly due to Adam, who peeled her off the ceiling when Phyllis upset her again. He suggested she focus on her own success. Chloe’s had the urges to hurt someone herself. Sally insists she’s in a much better place after talking to Adam.

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Chloe warns Sally to stay off Phyllis’ radar and asks to see what she’s working on. Sally tries to put her off, but Chloe is picking up signals and persists. Sally finally admits she wasn’t going to share with her until she was further along… but she’s going to convince Victoria to let her design her wedding dress. She explains she overheard Victoria and her mom talking and knows precisely what she wants. Designing a showstopper is in her blood and she’s going to blow Victoria away. It will be the wedding of the decade and the buzz will be incredible for them. Chloe reminds her she’s Summer’s aunt. Sally relays that telling her it’s impossible just makes her more determined to get what she wants.
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At Chance Comm, Lily wonders what Billy’s up to. He’s doing a rundown on the exes in Genoa City. Lily’s getting a funny feeling — it’s the one she gets when she knows he’s hiding something from her. Billy admits he’s looking at Ashland and Victoria as another example of a doomed relationship. Lily guesses that he’s turning over rocks with Ashland’s name on them trying to find something heinous thing he’s done that Victoria can’t forgive — so he can stop this wedding from happening.
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Victoria arrives home, calls out for Ashland, then sits on the sofa and looks at his rendering of the twin towers with concern.

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