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At the Chancellor mansion, Stitch tells Abby and Tessa he wishes he’d gotten back sooner; he had to stay in Iowa until Max was stabilized. He asks about Mariah. Tessa explains that she hasn’t come back, and though they’ve had communication, they’re not sure it’s with Mariah. Stitch learns she hasn’t used her credit card and her phone is blocked with a second layer of security. He surmises that someone’s taken her phone. Abby adds, “And taken her too.” She’s frustrated that whoever took Mariah wants them to think that she’s sending the texts. Stitch doesn’t feel that makes sense — what would be the point? Tessa observes that it stretched out the time until they began to look for her.
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Abby theorizes that maybe it’s about time and not money. Stitch agrees they’re probably not after money, but wonders if they’ve considered offering a reward. Tessa explains they’re holding off at Rey’s request so the person doesn’t realize they’re onto them. Tessa decides to go check on Sharon and leaves. Stitch wants to know what he can do for Abby. She’s just glad he’s there, and he cares. Stitch asks how much confidence she has in Rey. Abby says there’s not much he can do without a lead. “We need more help.”
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At his penthouse, Devon and Denise Tolliver go over her role in Sutton Ames’ case and agree they hope he pays the consequences. Devon explains that he asked her there because a close friend of his has gone missing and he’d like her to look into it. He fills her in on the details about Mariah’s disappearance. Tolliver learns about the baby she’s carrying and Devon touts her solving a thirty year-old case. There are similarities in the cases and he’s hoping she can help. Tolliver seeks his assurance that the families won’t mind him hiring a P.I. and muses that the baby’s connection to influential families opens up many motives. Devon relays that Abby’s husband is an undercover federal agent with enemies. The P.I. learns it’s unlikely Mariah just changed her mind, and decides she’s in and will do whatever she can to help.
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In the room, Mariah paces back and forth and talks to Bowie. She promised to give Abby and Chance a happy, healthy baby and that’s what she’s going to do. She rubs her baby bump and laughs, “Hi there, precious little bump. I’m so glad you’re here with me. Not only are you great company, but you’ve given me something really positive to focus on. You’re the only thing keeping me sane in this endless nightmare.” She continues talking to the baby about being trapped and dependent on someone unknown for food with no way to communicate. Mariah knows their families must be so worried and the lunatic who is holding them has her phone. She wonders why they didn’t come in here when she covered the camera. Clearly, they don’t want her to see them and be able to identify them later, so maybe they’re planning to release her.
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Adam steps into Society and spots Sally. He note she doesn’t have her suitcases and guesses she found a place to live. She has a temporary place but would like something more permanent. She offers to buy him a drink and they banter about HR policies until he decides that he’ll buy her a drink instead. Sally’s impressed by his choice of scotch and he’s impressed by her palate. Kevin and Chloe come in and she’s taken aback to see her boss and her new employee at the bar together. Kevin’s surprised she didn’t warn Sally about Adam. Chloe did — twice — apparently she didn’t get her point across!
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Kevin tries to stop Chloe, but she walks over and questions if she’s being left out of any discussions about the fashion platform she’s in charge of. Adam says they were just getting to know each other better and walks out. Chloe confronts Sally, “What are you doing? Did you not hear what I said to you before?” Sally reminds her that buttering up the boss is good politics. Chloe accuses her of flirting and worries she’s letting her guard down. Kevin joins them, and Chloe introduces them before reiterating that Adam is a sociopath. Her con artist friend, Chelsea, thought she could handle Adam and he handled her right into a psych ward. Kevin backs her up. Sally wonders why she’d work for him then. Kevin quips, “That is an excellent question.” Chloe say he owes her and Chelsea and they’ll take what they can get from him and then walk away.
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After Chloe and Kevin retreat to their corner, talk turns to Mariah’s disappearance. They agree there’s no motive for Adam to be involved.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa tells Sharon that Stitch is back in town and stopped by the Chancellor house. Sharon asks, “Why?” Tessa shrugs; he was trying to be helpful but everything he suggested they’d already thought of. The women tear up as Tessa worries Mariah might not come back to them. Sharon urges her to hold on to faith and love.

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At the ranch, Victor greets Stitch before Abby interrupts to give him the bad news about Mariah. Victor asks why she didn’t come to him in the first place?! Abby regrets it and Stitch says the kidnappers were clever. Victor vows they’ll bring Mariah and the baby home.

Adam arrives at Crimson Lights as Sharon’s closing up. She offers a cup of coffee to go. He didn’t come for the coffee — he was hoping there might be some news about Mariah. “If there’s anything I can do…” Sharon wishes there was something he could do and is hopeful Rey will find her. Adam feels if anyone can find her, it’s Rey. He’ll pray she comes home safe and sound. Adam thanks her for the coffee and leaves. Sharon cries.
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Tessa returns to the dark living room of the Chancellor Mansion and cries on the sofa. “Mariah, I miss you.”

In her room, Mariah thinks aloud, “Tessa, I want to come home to you. I’m so scared.”

Abby enters the Chancellor parlor where Tessa leaps up and exclaims, “Mariah needs us! She’s terrified, I can feel it!” Abby understands their connection, and relays she and Stitch have just been to the ranch to enlist her father’s help. Tessa decides she’ll go write some music so new ideas and thoughts will come to her. Abby vows to Stitch that she will stay strong so she can do everything possible to bring Mariah and the baby home.
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Devon arrives at the Chancellor Estate and updates Abby that he hired Denise Tolliver to look into Mariah’s disappearance. Stitch comes in from the kitchen. Devon asks him about the Chief of Surgery job, which his cousin Nate got. Stitch admits that they needed someone who could start immediately and he had to stay with his son, so he lost out on the opportunity. They wonder why he came back to Genoa City, if not for the job. Stitch tells Abby he was worried about her, and knowing what he knows now, he’s glad he did. Abby tells Devon that Stitch went with her to seek her father’s help, and tells Stitch that Devon has hired a private investigator. Devon pipes up that there’s a message on the way to Chance as they speak, so he could turn up at any moment. Abby will never forget how Devon… and Stitch have been there during this crisis. Devon looks speculatively at Stitch.

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At the ranch, Adam and Victor discuss Mariah’s disappearance. Victor doesn’t thing it involves a ransom. Adam’s worried that Sharon’s hanging by a thread and wonders if his father thinks she has reason to be scared. Victor admits it doesn’t look good at all.

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In the room, Mariah breaks down crying as she talks to the baby about Tessa. She tells Bowie they had such beautiful plans for the birth; Tessa’s music was going to be playing in the delivery room so it was the first sound he heard. Tessa and Abby would have been by her side. Suddenly, she worries, “What if they don’t find us?” “Does this psycho really plan to have me give birth in here?” She sobs, “Oh Bowie, I don’t know if I can do it. What if something goes wrong?” Mariah falls back onto the bed in tears.
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At the coffee house, Sharon turns out the lights and cries in the dark.

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