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In the room, Mariah talks to Bowie, who is kicking. She tells the baby she’s going stir-crazy and wishes whoever is holding them would reveal themselves. She thought covering the camera would do it. Mariah muses that someone has gone to a helluva lot of trouble to hold them there, she needs to find out why.

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Tessa joins Sharon and Rey at Crimson Lights and reveal that she’s learned that Mariah’s disappearance has nothing to do with her sister. They break the news that there’s been no activity on Mariah’s cards and they believe someone took her. Tessa cries that she’s even more terrified than she was before and feels responsible. Sharon feels terrible that her daughter needed her and she didn’t realize it. Tessa knew deep down that something was wrong; she had a feeling in the pit of her stomach but she ignored it. Rey reminds them they did the best they could with the information they had. He vows to find Mariah. Sharon asks what she can do. Rey says, “Actually, there’s something important you can do.”
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At the Chancellor mansion, Abby tells Devon that her mind keeps going to a bad place over Mariah and the baby. Devon relays that he reached out to Christine about Chance. He found out that there’s a reason she hasn’t heard from him — there was a development in his case. Chris will try to get a message to him about what’s going on so he knows what Abby is going through. Abby snaps that Devon shouldn’t have done this and tells him, “You were way out of line!” She doesn’t want him worrying of feeling pressured to come home. Devon argues; does she not want him to have all the facts? Some very serious and unsettling things have happened and she’s on her own. Abby has her support system, but Devon thinks her husband should be there with her.
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Sharon and Tessa arrive at the Chancellor estate and tell Abby and Devon that Rey wants them to continue texting Mariah to lull the abductor into a false sense of security until he can locate her and bring her home. Sharon states that at that point, whoever did this will get exactly what they deserve.

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At the ranch, Nikki talks to Victor about Victoria’s wedding theme and relays she wants a huge affair. Victor questions if his wife is surprised or disapproves. Nikki just thought she would want something small, but apparently she would like to let the world know she’s met her match. Victor advises his wife let her have her grand affair. “The sky’s the limit. Whatever she wants, I want her to have.”
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Nick finds Ashland getting takeout at Society, and they talk about the difficult goodbye he just shared with Harrison. He notes it helps to have Victoria to come home to. Nick knows they’re now engaged. Ashland confirms it, and expects some blowback from her brother. “Lay your cards on the table. I can take it.” Nick muses that the union has some obvious obstacles. Ashland wonders why the Newman men can’t see Victoria’s strength. Nick counters that she’s tough, but she’s made some questionable choices with her love life. Billy walks in and Nick gestures, “There’s one of them right there.” Ashland asks if Nick’s implying that he is another mistake. Nick feels things are moving quickly and he doesn’t want to see his sister disappointed again. Ashland isn’t Billy Abbott and vows he loves Victoria with everything he has — and believes she feels the same way. He suggests Nick stop second-guessing her and passing judgement on her life.
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Billy watches Ashland leave Society and then approaches Nick. He figures the Newman was giving him a hard time about marrying Victoria. Billy’s tried to get on board and be supportive but he feels she’s got caught up instead of making sure it’s the right relationship for you. Nick points out he’s being hypocritical. Billy admits it, but thinks Nick agrees with him. Nick feels they’re coming from different places — Billy is jealous. Billy is concerned and loves Victoria the same way he does Sharon. He sees a lot of pain in Victoria’s future and possibly Katie and Johnny’s too. Nick agrees, if Ashland doesn’t make it, he doesn’t like to think about what she’ll go through, but she’ll handle it. He advises Billy to let Victoria live her life, “And you live yours.”
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At home, Victoria makes Ashland smile by providing the ambiance since he brought the food. They sit down at the table and she shows him their wedding venue on her tablet. He’s impressed. The doorbell rings and Ashland calls out, “You’ve got company.” It’s Billy. Victoria asks what he’s doing there. He takes in the intimate dinner and realizes it’s bad timing, but he’s there to see Ashland about some details on the Tara story. Victoria suggests he make an appointment with Ashland’s assistant. Ashland agrees, though he’s enjoying watching Victoria tell him off. Billy pauses to give Victoria a look before saying, “Good evening,” and walking out. Ashland tells Victoria their engagement brought out some protective instincts. She’s sorry and wants to forget Billy was ever there so they can go back to their romantic dinner. They toast. After dinner, Victoria tells Ashland about the wedding plans in Italy and how he can see Harrison during their time there. She loves him. He replies, “I love you too.” They kiss.
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In the room, Mariah is relieved that at least she and the baby have clean clothes and healthy food and vitamins. “They’re not trying to hurt us.” She figures it must be about money… a ransom, and wonders if Sharon or Abby has been contacted. Mariah realizes it could just be about Bowie, then agonizes that if it was just about the money it would be over by now. “None of this makes any sense.” She keeps trying to figure out who could be holding her.
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At the Chancellor estate, Abby walks Devon out. At the door, he assures her he didn’t mean to break her trust and hopes she can forgive him. Abby tells him there’s nothing to forgive, she appreciates him trying to look out for her. Devon feels there are other agents who could step in and do Chance’s job — he only has one wife. Abby rejoins Sharon and Tessa, and the trio strategize their replies to the last text from Mariah’s phone. Tessa hopes whoever has her buys it and doesn’t suspect they’re onto them. Abby muses, “We’ll find out soon enough.”
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Nick joins his parents at the ranch to get their take on Victoria and Ashland. Victor explains that they’re both in favor of the union. Nick’s just not. He ran into Ashland and got a weird feeling from him. They don’t know anything about his past — he has to admit he’s with Billy on this. Victor smirks at him bonding with Billy Boy Abbott. Nick concedes that as long as the kids are okay, it’s none of Billy’s business. Victor agrees, “You’re damn right!” Nick points out all they know about Ashland is that he has a reputation as a ruthless business man. Nikki interjects that they can be very nice at home. Nick just feels Ashland is the kind of guy who let’s you think you have the whole story but you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nick can’t explain it; it’s like a sixth sense — he feels there’s more to Ashland than they know. He urges Victor that they need to use all their resources to dig into his past and find out the stuff nobody knows. Victor agrees — they will dig deep — and they need to do this before the wedding date.
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At Crimson Lights, Devon offers his help to Rey, who is reluctant to do anything that will put Mariah in more danger. Concerned, Devon asks Rey just how bad he thinks this is. Rey won’t let himself think the worst and doesn’t want Devon to either. Devon seeks reassurance and Rey tells him the fact that the text string is still going is reason for optimism. If it’s someone who wants the child, they’ll have every reason to keep Mariah safe. He’ll keep Devon in the loop. Once alone, Devon calls someone and asks to meet as soon as possible.
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At the Chancellor estate, Abby and Tessa wait for a text back from Mariah’s phone. Abby is so frustrated and upset that she thought Mariah’s disappearance was a result of her mental state. Tessa reassures her. Suddenly, their phones ding. They’ve got a text response.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon reads the text response, “Thanks for checking in. Love you all.” She muses, “Who are you and what do you want?”

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In the room, it’s the not knowing that’s driving Mariah out of her mind. She feels a responsibility to stay sane and keep it together for Bowie. “I’m not going to let anything happen to us, okay. To you.”

At the Chancellor estate, Tessa would do anything to hear from Mariah herself. Just then, there’s a knock on the door — it’s Stitch. He senses Abby is upset. She says Mariah’s still missing and they’re really concerned for her. Stitch says, “Come here,” and pulls Abby into a hug as Tessa looks on.
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At Society, Billy finds Victor looming over him. The Mustache warns him to stay out of his daughter’s life — she’s not his concern anymore.

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