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At the Abbott mansion, Jack tells Harrison they’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and talks about the overnight flight to Italy. Harrison thinks they’re going to see his mommy when they get there, but Jack corrects him; Daddy Kyle will be there. Harrison wants to bring Zippy the Fox and Jack reveals he got Zippy a passport.
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At Newman Media, Adam complains to Chloe about her copying Chelsea on her memo — she’s not officially part of the team. Chloe reminds him this was supposed to be a safe place for her to land. Adam notes Chloe’s innate distrust of him and asks where Sally is. Chloe says she’ll be there soon and muses that they certainly appeared to be hitting it off. Adam thinks she’s smart but warns that Phyllis isn’t a fan. Chloe snarks, “Sounds like a badge of honor to me.” Adam warns Chloe again that she can’t share anything proprietary or confidential in her emails to Chelsea until she’s on board. Chloe needles about him keeping up a guise of being nice. Adam quips, “Well, this was fun. Let’s never do it again.”
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At the hotel, Sally approaches Phyllis to report a robbery — someone broke into her room and stole everything she owns. Phyllis points to her suitcases piled up in the lobby and informs her she’s being evicted. “I’m throwing you out on your California butt. You need to leave as soon as possible.” Sally fumes, “You can’t do this, Phyllis.” Phyllis can, and warns her to give her room a last look; she’s got about five minutes left on the key card. Sally storms into the elevator as Jack arrives. “Is there a problem?” he asks. “Not anymore!” Phyllis chirps.

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Sally returns and seethes to Jack that Phyllis is throwing her out and has had it in for her since the minute she hit town. Jack recaps that Sally got greedy. Sally sniffs that Summer got her dream job because of her. Jack warns her never to mess with another member of his family. Sally accuses Jack of being cruel — they could have had something special but Phyllis, who was jealous of what they had, torpedoed their relationship. Sally struggles with her luggage, only pausing to tell Jack that she’s really sorry that things didn’t work out for them. Phyllis asks if she should call a bellhop, to which Sally snaps, “No, I’ve got it thank you!”
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After going to sit down, Phyllis tells Jack that getting rid of Sally and Tara was a waste since Summer’s still in Italy. Jack points out that at least she knows it’s by choice now. Phyllis sighs — he always knows what to say to her and she loves him for it. Jack teases that maybe Summer and Kyle will like parenting so much they’ll start talking about having a child together. Phyllis realizes he really likes being a grandfather. She still misses Summer and asks him to bring something to her. She’ll stop by with it later. Jack is happy to do it. She stopped him from making a major mistake with Sally and he owes her big time.

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At Society, Lauren tells Gloria that Michael will join them soon. Gloria thanks her for taking her out and wants to order champagne for a toast. She announces that it’s her last day as Lauren’s assistant.

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Michael and Rey discuss Mariah’s disappearance. Michael relays that Ian Ward is being monitored and suggests Mariah just needed time to herself before the baby comes. Rey informs him there are too many irregularities. “Mariah is in trouble and she needs our help.” Michael wonders if there’s anyone who would want to hurt Sharon or has an axe to grind with her. Rey simmers, “One person comes to mind.”
Rey, Michael talk Y&R

Michael arrives at Society in time to hear Gloria tell Lauren that she needed a job until something better came along. Michael doesn’t understand what this new opportunity is, so Gloria explains that Sally was let go and JCV is without a leader. Michael gawps, “You?” He chuckles. Glo calls him narrow-minded, so Michael hollers, “Why would Lauren hand over a job like that to you?” Lauren runs down Sally’s experience. Gloria argues she has experience too — she worked on Chloe and Chelsea’s line and was an Extreme Catwalk judge. Michael scoffs, then snarks that there’s also the matter of running a business. Gloria ran a restaurant. Her son reminds her it went up in flames. Gloria implores Lauren to give her the job — she could so worse, and already has.
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Lauren delicately explains to Gloria that JCV has a very specific target demographic and she may not be… suited for it. Glo figures she’s saying she’s not young enough and goes on about inclusivity and diversity. She wants to implement an athletic line at JCV, which Lauren admits was what she was thinking. Glo wants a chance to show what she can do, thanks them for the productive meeting, and exits. Lauren gapes, “What just happened? Did she just accept a job that wasn’t offered… again?!”
Lauren, Michael amazed Y&R

Michael and Lauren take to the bar to drink and hope that Gloria isn’t signing up for high school classes to pick young people’s brains. Lauren still can’t believe she had to fire Sally. Michael thinks it showed great loyalty to Jack. Lauren says his eyes are open and wishes her friend could find someone as perfect for him as Michael is for her. She’s holding out hope there’s a great romance out there for Jack.

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Rey stops into Newman Media and Adam assumes the visit is about Chelsea. Rey explains it’s about Mariah and asks when he last saw her; she’s been gone for some time. Adam realizes that he suspects him in her disappearance and relays that the last time he saw Mariah was after he donated a kidney to Faith. Rey sniffs that he could at least pretend to care about Sharon’s daughter. Adam does care. Rey thinks maybe he’s irked that Sharon didn’t return his affections. Adam thinks he’s grasping at straws and is dying to pin something, anything on him. Rey snarks, “The odds are one day I will.” Adam sincerely hope nothing bad has happened to Mariah and has work to do. Rey asks about Chelsea. Adam says she seems fine. Sally and Chloe come in and Adam sends them back out.
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At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Sally discuss Detective Rosales being at the office. Chloe learns Sally was evicted from Phyllis’ hotel and hopes she’s not planning to leave after all her setbacks. Sally wants to stay and make people regret ever doubting her. Gloria appears and joins Chloe and Sally who have their mouths hanging open. Gloria brings up Sally’s firing, wishes her well, and pretends to be impressed by her bringing in the young demographic at JCV — how did she do it? Sally hedges, “It helps being one of the young people.” Chloe and Sally excuse themselves to the patio, where Chloe warns that Gloria has an agenda.
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Jack arrives at home to find Ashland sharing a visit with Harrison. He asks how Locke is feeling. He’s fine and talks about the exciting airplane trip his son is taking to go off and explore the world. Ashland gets a little intense as he reminds the boy to be on his best behavior, listen to Daddy Kyle, and assures him that Summer loves him. Jack sends Harrison out of the room and asks if Ashland is okay. Ashland sighs. He doesn’t really care to admit it, but no, he’s not okay. This is the way it has to be but that doesn’t make it any easier. Jack admires how he’s handled this, given his reputation. Ash loves that boy and will always choose what’s best for him. “He’s your grandson, but he’s my boy. Blood matters, but it’s not everything.” Sometimes when you love someone, you have to let them go. Jack offers for him to fly with them to Italy. Ashland acknowledges his gracious and generous offer, but he’d be wiped out, and thinks a clean break is best. Jack firmly believes that Ashland will see Harrison again. He admires him and hopes if he was facing what he is, that he would handle it with the same grace, courage and dignity. Ashland thanks him and goes to say goodbye to his son.
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Phyllis stops by Jack’s house with her gift for Summer and asks him to open it. She wants him to see it. Jack reveals a framed photo of Phyllis holding Summer as a baby. Her marvels that Summer is so tiny and beautiful, then adds, “And so are you.” Phyllis thinks Summer’s lucky to have a future father-in-law who loves her like Jack does. Jack notes she has a bright future ahead of her with the love of her life. “That’s something you should never take for granted.”
Jack, Phyllis gift for Summer Y&R

Chloe and Sally return to the office, where Adam questions the pile of luggage and guesses Phyllis gave her the heave-ho. Sally sniffs that Phyllis charges too much for that dump. When she’s out of earshot, Chloe asks Adam about Rey’s visit. He tells her about Mariah going missing. Chloe hopes she’s alright. Once alone, Adam pulls out his phone and texts Sharon. “Rey told me about Mariah. If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.”

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