At Crimson Lights, Lily studies with ear plugs in. Daniel is frustrated with her, trying to talk with her and when he touches her, she apologizes, letting him know she is running an experiment on how Devon must feel with his loss of hearing. She removes the plugs, and he begs her to leave them out so they can talk, but she refuses.

Devon is in the elevators at Newman and is confused when a man asks him to hold the elevator. A co-worker explains to an upset man that Devon is deaf.

Later, Devon finds Lily and Daniel at Crimson Lights, and tells Lily to take out the ear plugs. He thinks it's stupid, and then is quick to apologize, telling them he's a little cranky because he's had a rough day. He is finding it difficult, working and going to school and is thinking of quitting school.

Michael leaves a message for Phyllis on her answering machine, worried because he hasn't heard from her yet. He asks for her to bring him back some hot sauce, and tells her he can't wait to hear her voice. When he hangs up, he looks at the picture of Sheila (looking identical to Phyllis) on the slab.

Phyllis is still very giddy about their upcoming nuptials and Nick wants to make love but she tells him it's time to go get hitched. "Let's do it!" he agrees!

They arrive at a honky-tonk bar that they're to elope in, and find that it's empty. A bartender tells them that the whole town, including the justice of the peace (who just happens to be the volunteer Fire Chief) is down at a barn fire, trying to get it out. A disconcerted Phyllis is keeping tabs on everything that is keeping she and Nick from marrying. Nick takes the bartender's truck to go help put out the fire, while Phyllis stays behind. The bartender tells Phyllis she has had trouble with her ex and wondered how Phyllis knows that Nick is the one. She explains how Nick 'gets her', and how it's important that they understand each other's fears and dreams. Nick and the other volunteer fire fighters, along with Rocky come into the bar, blackened from the fire. The other men propose a toast to Nick - their new honorary volunteer fire fighter and just when Phyllis thinks they may have to postpone the wedding again, they're surprised with flowers, a license and decorations, by their friends at the bar!

The two join hands and recite their vows. (These are just some of the vows shared.) Nick tells Phyllis, "From the fist moment that I fell in love with you my whole life changed. Every moment we spent together has been a blessing. He goes on to tell her he'll love and respect her, love her faithfully and is honored to take her as his wife." Phyllis says her vows, "Nicholas, you're my best friend and my confidant and the love of my life. You've given me so much, starting with our daughter,. I promise to share everything with you to always love you, to cherish you and honor you all the days of my life."

They exchange rings, and are pronounced man and wife. Nick kisses his bride! They cut the cake and Phyllis throws the bouquet and they're off on their honeymoon - next door, but are told that the honeymoon suite is flooded (pipe burst) so they can't use the suite right now!

They go back on the plane, where it's set up for romance! She calls Michael, asking what's wrong, but he tells her all is well. She doesn't exactly buy it.

Later, Phyllis comes out in a sexy nightgown, prepared for their 'honeymoon'!

Michael arrives at Will Bardwell's office, asking if he has read his plea bargain. Will tells him he has one of his own - two years in prison is what Will is offering, but Michael wants community service with anger management classes. The two don't agree on anything, so Michael tells the prosecutor, "I guess we'll meet in court."

Later, Will and Carmen meet. He relays that Michael turned down his plea bargain, and based on the evidence, they have enough evidence to have a short trial. They go over a list of witnesses. Neil, Brad and Victoria are included in their list!

Dru and Neil discuss her calling Aaron Neville to get him to play at the opening of Indigo. She's excited. Lily, Devon and Daniel come to visit their parents, and then Michael arrives, telling them about his visit with Michael. He asks the 'kids' to leave to discuss things privately, and when he asks Neil to leave, Dru refuses, telling him anything he has to say can be said to her husband. Michael tells them not to talk to anyone about their trial and Neil could be asked to take the stand against Dru. Neil is angry, not wanting to go on the witness stand, but Michael tells them they need to be prepared for anything - including 8 years in prison.

Daniel and Lily arrive at Newman, to get his paycheck. She waits for him and asks a secretary to speak with Carmen. Daniel gets his check, grabs her hand, and tells her they're out of there. She shouldn't be talking to Carmen. Later, he has to pull her away from Carmen as she gets in her face, pointing a finger at Carmen, asking her why she insists on going after her mother. Carmen tells her she can't talk to her, but Lily goes on to accuse her that she was rejected by her dad and that's why she's doing all of this to their family. She's then lead away by Daniel.

Next on Y&R:

Carmen tells Jack, "If you're worried I'm going to blow your cover as the man behind Jabot"

Nick tells his parents, "While we were in New Mexico, Phyllis and I were married!"