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At Society, Jack thanks Lauren for letting him reschedule the business meeting and explains he’s off to Milan tonight to take Harrison to Kyle and Summer. Lauren is happy for them, but knows it must be breaking Jack’s heart. Jack was overjoyed by Ashland’s decision, but admits it’s not easy; the boy brought so much life into the house. After tonight, his son and his grandson will be an ocean away. Lauren understands. Jack believes she does; Scott and Finn are out there in the world. Lauren is fortunate that she has Michael; if she didn’t have him to lean on, she didn’t know what she’d do.

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Lauren apologizes for encouraging Jack to take up with Sally — she ignored the warnings. Jack assures Lauren that no one blames her for wanting to give Sally the benefit of the doubt. Lauren clucks that the redhead didn’t have the patience to wait for her shot and crossed the line. Jack agrees it’s a damn shame; she won’t get another job of that caliber anytime soon.
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At the hotel, Phyllis disconnects from Summer as Nick walks up. He urges her to give their daughter space to breathe. They talk about Harrison going over and Phyllis recaps how she busted Sally and Tara. Nick relays that’s why he’s there — he wants to acknowledge her ‘meddling’ and determination. For the next few hours it will be a tribute to the things she does that make him crazy. Phyllis adds, “The things you love.” Nick is calling it “Phyllis Appreciation Day.” She has a ton of work, but Nick’s set it up so she’s covered. The tribute begins with winning, which he knows she loves.
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At Crimson Lights, Sally runs into Nikki, who reminds her she’s the grandmother of the woman she ran out of town. Sally blames Tara and says things got exaggerated — Phyllis is out to poison everyone’s minds against her. Nikki believes that Phyllis was right about her, and her version was corroborated by Nicholas. Sally wonders if Nikki would be happy if Summer had missed out on such an amazing opportunity. Nikki warns the smooth-talker she’s even more convinced what she’s heard about her is right. She puts her on notice not to come after any member of her family and threatens hat her husband isn’t the only one who knows how to take matters into his own hands. Sally replies, “Okay,” and leaves.
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Victoria stops by Newman Media and asks Adam for the man in charge. Adam says, “You’re looking at him.” She meant their father. They launch into trading insults and banter until Victoria says she had a question about dates as she has a big one coming up. Adam figures it’s her wedding and talk turns to her being the last one in the family who sees him as a monster. Victoria sees him as he really is, and warns his little fledgling company doesn’t stand a chance of survival. She needles that he fears disappointing Dad more than anything. Victor appears and warns, “Victoria that’s enough.” Adam assures him he takes her venom in stride. They resume verbally sparring until Victor stops the arguing again. Adam congratulates Victoria and leaves for a run.
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Victor asks Victoria, “What would it take for the two of you to stop arguing?” Victoria didn’t come to provoke Adam and announces she and Ashland have set a wedding date — October 15. Victor frowns, “So soon?” Vic reminds him they don’t know how much time they have, though they hope the treatments are successful. They’d like to get married at the family villa in Tuscany. Victor responds, “What could be better?” Victoria beams. Talk turns to Victor accusing Ashland of faking his illness. Victor doesn’t want to undermine her; he’s still trying to figure out aspects of their dynamic. Victoria will always love and respect him, even if he infuriates her. Victor wants her to plan the wedding of her dreams. He wants a long aisle, because he’s going to walk her down it and wants to cherish every step.
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Sally is jogging through the park when runs into her new boss, Adam. Talk turns to her reputation and he admits he asked Jack about hiring her, but he wasn’t eager to answer. Phyllis, however, couldn’t say enough. Sally confirms they have a hate-hate relationship. She complains she blew up her life and took pleasure in it. Adam points out it’s the pot calling the kettle black. He’s curious about her questionable past. Sally shrugs; he’s going to find out the truth so he might as well hear if from the source. She urges him to pull up a bench and invites him to fire her if he likes afterward.
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After Adam’s heard all about Sally’s scheme offscreen, she’s surprised he doesn’t look horrified. Adam relays that he and Summer aren’t close. He sees it as her taking advantage of the situation, but in the end they suffered the consequences. Adam relays he also has a past and will judge her by her work. Sally’s pleased and they decide to finish their run together.

Phyllis and Nick re-enter the hotel with the redhead crowing that she dominated at the batting cages. Nick loved her victory dance, but reminds her that her pitches were 30 mph slower than his. They kiss and canoodle. Nick figures she’s sore and suggests they take this to the next stage — the massage stage.
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At Society, Lauren and Jack go over sales figures before she notices his Teardrop of Love cufflinks. She knows he doesn’t believe in their magic, but she will believe for him.

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In her hotel suite, Phyllis, in a towel, texts Jack. She heard about Harrison going to Milan and wants to make sure he’s alright. Nick enters dressed in a blonde wig — he’s Sven the masseuse and he’s at her service. Phyllis fights laughter as he urges her to put herself in his capable hands. They kiss.
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Later, Phyllis tells Sven, “That was amazing. Now, can I have my boyfriend back?” Nick pulls off the wig and pours bubbly. He tells Phyllis he loves her. Nick reflects that Summer’s life is so much different now, luckily she has an incredible role model. Kyle moved just to be with their daughter. Nick tells Phyllis there’s nothing he won’t give up to be with her. There’s nothing he wants but for her to be happy. Talk turns to her being overprotective of Jack. Phyllis thinks they both worry about their exes, which is okay, as long as they both worry about each other. Nick agrees. Phyllis proclaims the end of “Phyllis Appreciation Day” and the start of the “Nick Festival,” as she pulls him down on top of her.

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At the ranch, Nikki asks Victoria how things went with her father. Victoria says they had a very nice talk. Nikki asks about Ashland’s chemo. Victoria thinks it’s too soon to tell and wants to focus on wedding planning. They go over flowers and music and Nikki suggests a theme. Victoria wants it to be a lavish affair she will remember for the rest of her life along with anyone else lucky enough to be invited. Nikki’s surprised they don’t want something private. Victoria wants a big group. It will be the wedding of the century. She’s do done with doing things low-key. “I want the world to know in the most extravagant way that Victoria Newman has met her match.”

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At Crimson Lights, Chloe’s stunned to see Sally and Adam jog in together. She watches as Adam tells the redhead that he trusts Chloe’s instincts, “But don’t tell her I said that.” She tilts her head with interest as they discuss ideas for the outlet and realize they’re on the same page. Adam admires Sally for not cutting her losses and leaving Genoa City. Adam exits and Chloe looks pointedly at Sally, who finally notices her. Sally joins Chloe to assure her they just ran into each other and she wasn’t trying to score points. Chloe isn’t concerned; scoring points makes her look like a genius for hiring her, but Adam is a sucking vortex of chaos. Sally thought he was nice. Chloe warns her not to fall for it and advises she look into his past. Sally will, and promise to be careful.
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Jack arrives at home and reads Phyllis’ text asking if he’s okay. He responds, “I’m great,” but doesn’t look it. He hears Harrison giggling and hollers, “Grandpa’s home!”

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