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At the Abbott house, Ashland thanks Jack for meeting with him. Jack seeks to reassure him how much he and Kyle care. Ashland interrupts. He’s made a decision and though he hasn’t been able to connect with Kyle, urges Jack to call him now so he can tell them what he’s decided is the best way forward for his son. After speaking to Kyle off-screen, Jack tells Ashland they’ll have a video call. Ashland stresses that this isn’t cut and dry and frets about Harrison’s well-being. Once they get on the video call, Kyle asks what Ashland’s decided. Ashland recaps how awful Tara was to Kyle before moving on to his new treatments. If they don’t work he could be gone in a matter of months, so he would like to spend as much time with Harrison as he can. That said, he can’t stand putting him through it if things get really bad. Ashland expains that with Harrison’s mom gone, he’ll need a full-time father, which he is unable to be at this time, so he’s decided the boy should go to live with Kyle in Italy. On the video screen, Kyle smiles.
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Ashland will come and visit between treatments or they can meet in between, in New York. Kyle agrees; it’s an excellent plan. Ashland wants the freedom to visit anytime his health allows. Kyle replies, “Done.” Ashland notes that Tara will want to see him and there must be strict protocols in place for those visits. Kyle’s concerned what he’ll be told. Ashland thinks they need to tell him the truth — something along the lines of mommy is in a long time out and must take responsibility for her actions. Jack suggests being less harsh, but Ash doesn’t want to lie. Kyle agrees with Ashland, so Jack gets on board. Kyle vows to be the best father he can be to Harrison. Jack beams. Ashland doesn’t want Harrison to think he’s abandoning him and goes upstairs to see the boy.
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Jack turns back to Kyle, who is blown away. Jack knows that wasn’t easy for Locke. He asks how Kyle’s feeling about everything else. Kyle made the right decision even though he knows it will be an adjustment. Jack feels it’s bittersweet, but this is what’s best, so he’ll cope. Kyle asks Jack to be the one to bring Harrison to Milan. There’s nothing Jack would like better.

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At Crimson Lights, Victoria runs into Billy, who relays that Katie is hoping to be a flower girl at her wedding and Johnny’s hoping the cake will be chocolate. Victoria’s relieved they’re not upset. Billy assures her if they ask questions they’ll handle it together like they always do. Talk turns to Ashland’s chemo. Victoria’s hopeful this will give them more time together. Billy muses that she has a lot going on what with the merger and all. Victoria invites him to say what’s really on his mind. Billy thinks that deep down she’s worried she’s making a mistake and is using him to voice her doubts. Amused at trying to psychoanalyze each other, Billy feels maybe they’ve found the healthy sweet spot as exes, and Victoria thinks the technical term is ‘friends’. They share a smile.
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At Chance Comm, Devon drops in to see Lily. She senses something’s wrong and he admits he became distressed on his way to Abby’s. He fills her in on Mariah’s absence and relays that the police are getting involved. Lily’s stunned to hear the latest developments and asks about Abby. Devon says she’s doing amazing considering Chance is still gone, but you can tell it’s killing her. Lily feels she has plenty of support, but Devon is frustrated with Chance, who committed to a life with Abby and chose to take the case after they decided to have a surrogate child. It feels like he’s choosing his work over his responsibility to his family! Lily urges him not to share these feelings with Abby, who knew what she was getting into when she married him. Devon is more upset with the situation than with Chance and wishes there was more he could do.
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At the Abbott house, Ashland rejoins Jack and says Harrison took it in stride. It puts him at ease to know he’s in Jack’s family’s care. Jack knows it’s been a difficult year. Ashland tells him Victoria pulls him out of the darkness. Jack has known her his whole life, “She’s a keeper. Hold on tight.” Ashland intends to.

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Devon runs into Victoria on the patio at the coffee house. She admits she hasn’t checked in with Abby about the baby in a while. Devon thinks she would appreciate it. He mentions talking to his own sister Lily, and Victoria relays how grateful she’s been for her help with the kids. It speaks to the kind of woman she is and the great place she and Billy are in.
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In the park, Jack’s arranging for the jet to take him and Harrison to Italy when Devon appears. Jack fills him in on Summer and Kyle moving to Europe and Ashland letting Harrison go to live with them. Devon’s impressed at Locke’s selflessness; that’s what makes you a good parent. He wishes others understood that. Jack asks, “Who are we talking about now?” Devon was just thinking about Chance and the never-ending case he is on. Talk turns to Mariah’s disappearance before Devon wishes Jack well on his adventure with his grandson. Once alone, Devon pulls out his phone and calls someone for a favor… it’s something that’s pretty important.
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At Chance Comm, Billy tells Lily about his chat with Victoria at Crimson Lights. She teases, “I love hearing you ruminate about your ex.” Billy explains they’re working toward a healthy equilibrium. Lily thinks Victoria and Billy like having things unresolved between them — they feed off the competitive vibe. This triggers an idea for Billy — interviews about exes having to co-existing. They can call it the Ghost of Love. He thinks Lily would be fantastic for this. Lily marvels, “This is one of the best dodges I’ve ever seen you do.”
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Lily really believes Billy and Victoria like having things unresolved. Billy counters that maybe Lily likes it because it gives her a reason not to fully commit. She argues that she’s done nothing but prove her commitment — one of them is deluded here! Billy loves Lily; she’s his future and no one else. But he gets to have an opinion on Victoria’s life because it affects his children. Lily’s skeptical that it’s only about the children. Billy acknowledges it’s not — the truth is, as hard as he tries to make himself believe that Victoria’s doing the right thing marrying Ashland, it goes against every instinct he has. “It’s a mistake. It’s maybe the biggest mistake Victoria will ever make in her life.”

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At home, Ashland tells Victoria, “It’s done.” She wonders how Harrison reacted to going to Italy. Ashland says he wanted to know if he’d see him, and he promised to visit whenever he could. Victoria has never respected him more. Ashland is looking at his life from a new perspective these days — thanks to her. Victoria notes he’s the one doing the work. He teases that she needs to learn how to take a compliment. Victoria loves him for the choices he’s making. Ashland insists it’s her influence and asks her to help him pick out a date for their wedding.

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