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At home, Victoria cares for Ashland, who teases her about being a sexy nurse. He reminds her she needs to focus on the merger and he needs to figure out what’s best for his son. Ashland encourages her to go into work and Victoria allows herself to be persuaded. She assures him whatever he decides about Harrison, she’s behind him 100%. Once alone, Ashland calls Kyle and gets his voicemail. He leaves a message that he doesn’t intend to play phone tag. “Decisions need to be made.”

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At the ranch, Victor urges Moses and Faith to enjoy the pool before leaving to take care of business. Faith and Moses hang out with Nikki and they have a conversation about Faith’s doll, Miss Patsy. Moses loves it, so Nikki keeps talking to Faith’s chagrin. When Moses goes to the pool to get Faith’s phone, the teen worries her grandmother is going to scare him off with her stories. Nikki teases about it becoming more than a friendship. Faith still wants that, and Nikki guesses she’s expecting something bad to happen. She assures her it’s okay to be happy. Moses reappears and Faith smiles up at him.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby records a video for Chance. She tells him she misses him so much and admits this is a lot tougher than she thought it would be. Abby goes on about what she’s missing out on with their unborn baby gone and worries if she couldn’t protect Mariah and keep her there, then what kind of mother is she going to be? She’s really hurting right now and is all alone. Two of the most important people in her life are missing. Abby knows that Chance would hold her and reassure her if he were there. She would then find the strength to get through this. “And that’s what I have to do right now.” Abby vows not to let him or their baby down.
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On Crimson Lights patio, Nick updates Sharon on a charity event and notices she’s distracted. Sharon fills him in on Mariah being unreachable after leaving town. She thinks something is very wrong — nobody knows where Mariah is! Nick speculates that she needed time to herself, but Sharon no longer believes that; the whole thing feels off. She reads him a hostile-sounding text and asks him not to mention this to Faith. Nick advises her to let him know if there’s anything he can do. Rey comes in, so Nick leaves.
Sharon updates Nick on Mariah Y&R

Rey updates Sharon that he got past the signal block on Mariah’s phone but there was a secondary scrambler so he couldn’t track her location. Sharon exclaims, “She couldn’t have done this. So what does that mean?!” Rey feels she could have someone helping her cover her tracks. Sharon thinks of Kevin, but Rey reports he’s genuinely worried about her too. Sharon thinks Tessa may be right that Mariah’s being held against her will. If so, she needs their help! They speculate about who might have taken her and Rey vows to dig into her credit cards and bank account. It’s time they made this investigation official. This scares Sharon. Rey vows he’ll find her and bring her home.

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Inside the coffee house, Nick runs into Victoria. He heard from their mom that she has news. Victoria’s been nervous to tell him and blurts, “Ashland and I are engaged.” Nick cringes. “You guys give new meaning to whirlwind romance.” She wants his opinion, but Nick feels it doesn’t matter as long as she’s happy. Victoria pushes, so Nick worries about Ashland dying. Victoria tells him he’s undergoing treatment and surprises her brother by saying Victor approves. Nick will talk to Ashland before he renders his verdict. Victoria wants the family to make Ashland to feel welcome. Nick’s gonna grill him like he’s picking her up for prom.
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At Victoria’s house, Ashland is leaving a message for Jack that he’s trying to reach Kyle, when Victor comes in. He knows Victoria is at work. Ashland is sure Victor has questions and invites him to dive in. Victor’s curious as to what will happen if Ashland actually lives. Ash is glad he’s thinking optimistically and muses that they’ve come a long way given he was willing to let him die a few months ago. Victor just wanted him to sign the damn contract. He’s concerned if Ashland lives longer. Ashland guesses he’s concerned about the corporation. Victor figures if he fully recovers he’ll want to expand his role at the company. Ashland asks if Victor would blame him if sharing control of the company had crossed his mind. Victor thinks Victoria has worked hard and deserves her moment in the sun. Ash agrees. Victor wouldn’t want him to take advantage of the situation. Ash reminds him that he and Victoria have made decisions together all along.
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Victor finds it suspect that after merging the companies, Ashland decided to seek treatment and marry his daughter. Ashland guesses he’s implying that he faked his terminal illness in an attempt to put together this merger and take over. Victor muses, “You’re getting the drift.” Ashland chuckles, “That’s rich.” He promises Victor that he’s sick… very sick. “You give me too much credit.” Ashland assures him he’ll get his proof if the treatments don’t work. He asks if he were to collapse right now, how much time would he wait before calling 911. Victor smirks. Victoria walks in and Ashland advises her of her father’s suspicions. Victoria fumes, “Dad, how could you?” Victor muses that given Ashland’s reputation all possibilities must be considered. Ashland assures his fiancee he’s not insulted, and admits he may have contemplated the ploy when he was younger, but he genuinely loves Victoria and will hand over his medical records if Victor likes. Satisfied, Victor thanks Ashland for clearing up his doubts.
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Abby visits Sharon at the coffee house and complains that Mariah’s response to their intervention didn’t sound like her. She relays that Tessa has gone to see her sister in case their past is involved. Sharon tells Abby about Rey’s revelations and she begins to panic. Sharon assures her that if Mariah’s in trouble Rey will find her. Abby gasps, “He has to! Nothing can happen to Mariah and our baby!”

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At the park, Faith apologizes to Moses for Nikki telling all her embarrassing stories. Moses thinks she meant well. Faith reveals that her grandma thinks they’re more than friends. Moses asks, “Really? Are we?” Faith replies, “Maybe.” That gives him hope. Faith admit she wants to be more than friends. She moves in close, takes his hand, and they share their first kiss. Nick appears as they break apart and Faith stammers, “I… we…” Nick asks, “What is going on here?”
Moses, Faith first kiss Y&R

Back at the ranch, Nikki is irked to hear about Victor interrogating Victoria’s fiancé. Victor doesn’t want her to be taken advantage of by Ashland Locke. He worries his relationship with Victoria will never get back to what it was. Nikki feels the meddling isn’t helping and urges him to step back and let her fly on her own. Victor grunts.

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At Victoria’s house, she rants about her dad. Ashland wants to take her mind off of Victor and suggests they go do something soothing. Victoria knows just the spot. Ashland gets a text from Jack. Victoria asks what he’s decided about Harrison’s future.

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At Crimson Lights, Abby leaves Tessa a message to call them, and Rey appears to report that there hasn’t been any activity on Mariah’s credit cards or bank account. Abby flips. If she was doing this on her own, she’d need money. They have to face the fact that something bad has happened to her!
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