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Devon runs into Elena at Crimson Lights. She’s tired from work and relays that Nate’s been practically sleeping at the hospital. Devon learns that he was promoted to Chief of Surgery and is confused — Abby’s ex was offered that job. Elena thinks there must be some misunderstanding. Devon wonders how it will work now that Nate is Elena’s boss. Elena makes a face; it never dawned on her. Devon shrugs that they’re both professionals and respect each other — they seem to be in a better place personally too. Elena confirms they’re solid. Devon is confident they’ll manage to balance their work and personal lives, but Elena looks contemplative.
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At the park, Nick knows Jack’s had a rough go of it. Jack shares that he talked to Phyllis at length yesterday about her disappointment — he’s glad Kyle and Summer are together and have a chance now. Nick asks how deep Jack was in with Sally when things blew up. Jack found her very enticing but wasn’t that invested. Nick and Jack mull over Phyllis and Sally being alike. Jack notes that Phyllis was so determined… nothing would stop her from saving him from making a mistake. Nick remarks on their friendship. Jack thinks she knows him better than anyone else in the world.
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At the hotel, Phyllis credits Amanda with helping her uncover Tara and Sally’s scheme. Amanda knows it’s bittersweet for her pal since Summer and Kyle decided to stay in Milan. She suggests they celebrate saving Summer from heartache and adds, “Look how well everything is going for everyone you care about.” Phyllis talks about looking out for Jack where Sally was concerned before talk turns to Amanda’s family. She recaps Naya’s misplaced devotion to Sutton. Talk turns back to Phyllis exposing Tara and Sally and she tells Amanda that Nick helped her. Amanda warns her not to take it as blanket approval of her schemes. Phyllis is confident that Nick will love her no matter what. Amanda reveals that Devon told her he loves her. Phyllis is thrilled and reminds her that she talked her out of leaving him. Amanda is connecting with her mother and feels so loved; she worries she doesn’t deserve it. Phyllis informs her she most certainly deserves it.
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At home, Victoria fusses over Ashland and vows to be with him at the treatment. Ash assures her she doesn’t need to be there. She insists on dropping him off and picking him up. Ashland agrees as long as she has time to focus on the merger. Victoria brings up their personal ‘merger’ — she needs to share the new of their engagement with a few people.

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In their penthouse, Billy and Lily’s phones are blowing up after Tara’s arrest. Billy mentions Victoria will be stopping by later before swerving back to Tara. This is definitely one of those times when Phyllis’ meddling paid off. Lily can’t believe Tara using her own child to get rid of Summer. Billy muses that it’s driving loads of traffic to their website — the Lockes are the gift that keep on giving.

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Victoria arrives at Billy and Lily’s with news for the kids, but first she’d like to tell both of them. “Ashland and I are engaged.” Lily’s jaw drops and Billy gapes. He stammers that he didn’t see this coming. Neither did Victoria. Billy knew their relationship would be moving quickly, and doesn’t disapprove, but asks if she’s sure. Victoria loves Ashland and he loves her. Lily pipes up that Billy said Victoria had met her match in the mogul. Victoria shares that Ashland is undergoing treatments and she has faith this is going to prolong his life. Lily feels Victoria has given him more reason to live. She knows how scary it is to face cancer and hopes it gives them time. Victoria looks at Billy. She knows what he’s thinking and thanks him for caring enough to worry.
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After Victoria has told the kids about her engagement upstairs offscreen, she rejoins Billy, who relays that Lily went to work. Victoria says the kids took the news well, though Johnny is sad about Ashland’s illness. Billy doesn’t want to add to her troubles, but Chance Comm will have to cover the news about Ashland’s ex. Victoria relays that Ash isn’t interested in protecting her, only Harrison. Billy asks what’s happening with the boy. Victoria says Ashland has to work it out with Kyle, who has moved to Milan. She warns Billy not to make Ashland look complicit. Billy figures he must have known what his ex-wife was up to, but Vic denies it — he had nothing to gain. Billy points out that if the story doesn’t involve business or Ashland, it’s about his nephew and the child he had with Tara, which puts Harrison smack dab in the middle of it.

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At Devon’s place, Nate warns Moses that with his promotion he won’t be as available for him, though he’ll still try to make it work at both places. He realizes Moses is having doubts about his career path and will help him figure it out. At first, Moses thought it was just because he froze when Nate had the allergic reaction, but he realizes now that medicine is not what he wants to do anymore. Nate assures him that, at 16, he’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing. He reassures the kid he hasn’t wasted his time. “Let’s move forward. Time to make a new plan.” Moses confirms he has an interest in the music industry and thinks it might be cool to be part of Hamilton-Winters. Nate says he has his support whatever he decides.
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Devon joins Nate and Moses and gets in on the career talk. Moses wants to learn more about the music industry and Devon offers to set up an internship for him. He warns it’s hard work and Nate quips, “It’s not brain surgery.” They tease Nate about being recognized from his website before turning serious again. Nate and Devon urge Moses to work hard and follow his heart.

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At Chance Comm, Jack arrives and asks Lily not to cover the story on Tara’s arrest. Taken aback, she points out that everyone else will be… why wouldn’t they? Billy arrives and they reiterate that they won’t exploit Ashland’s illness. Lily reminds Jack that Tara was led out of his home in handcuffs; they can’t ignore that. Jack is just concerned about Kyle and Harrison. Billy sighs, “Jack you can’t honestly ask us not to cover this.” Jack replies, “That’s exactly what I’m doing!” They argue as Jack stresses the boy needs protecting. “What do you think Dad would say?” Billy retorts, “You’re going to bring up Dad right now?” Jack hollers that Billy needs to do what’s best for his family!
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At home, Victoria is dismayed when Ashland arrives home from his treatment and falls ill. He grimaces, touches his side and has to sit down. Ashland reassures her it’s part of the process and Victoria relays she’s arranged to work from home. She’s perfectly capable of managing the company while taking care of the people she loves who need her. Ashland reveals he missed three calls from Kyle when he turned his phone off during chemo. His move to Milan makes any visitation arrangements impossible. Victoria asks why he didn’t call him back. Ashland has to take time to consider what’s best for Harrison and what he’ll do.

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Nate meets Elena in the park and tells her about Moses’ change of heart. He’s a little disappointed but will fully support whatever he decides to do. Elena thinks he has a long time to figure out what’s right for him. Elena gets paged to the hospital for surgery and remarks that she’s exhausted — she’s tempted to find someone to cover her shift. Nate offers to look at the schedule and switch some things around. She snaps that they need to talk about this. Nate reacts, “Whoa!” Elena apologizes but he can’t use his position to do her favors. Nate wouldn’t do that and promises this position won’t be a problem between them.
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Nick joins Phyllis at the hotel and learns she was telling Amanda all about how amazing he is. He shares that he had a guy talk with Jack, who was saying how grateful he is to Phyllis for helping him see the truth about Sally. He also said she might know him better than anyone else on earth. Phyllis jokes that she knows Nick pretty well. Nick teases to get her mind out of the gutter and marvels that the vulnerability that Summer brings out underneath all Phyllis’ toughness. Phyllis concedes her daughter has her heart and also the ability to break it. Nick’s there to heal her.
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At the penthouse, Amanda has joined Devon and updates him on her visit with Phyllis — they talked about the men in their lives and how lucky they are. Devon doesn’t know about Nick but he’s the lucky one here. Talk turns to Devon mentoring Moses and Amanda thinks that’s so cool. Devon feels that he belongs at Hamilton-Winters Group and Neil would definitely approve.
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