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At the Abbott house, Jack tells Phyllis she was right about Tara and Sally from the start. Phyllis sarcastically retorts, “Yay me.” She becomes emotional and Jack learns she’s upset about Summer staying gone. He knows how proud she is of her daughter. Phyllis recaps that Summer has everything she wanted; she just wishes she had it here. Daniel’s in Georgia and she never sees him and now Summer’s on another continent. Jack urges her to pretend that Summer got the job without Sally pulling strings. Phyllis did all of this so she would come home, but she’s not.

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Jack decides he can’t make Phyllis feel better about Summer’s decision and asks how Nick feels. Phyllis’ expression tells him they’re not seeing eye-to-eye. She won’t tell him what Nick thinks because he’ll agree and then they’ll both be right and she’ll be wrong. Jack hides a smirk. Phyllis crows that Nick thinks it’s just wonderful that Summer’s living her best life and loving her dream job. Jack pretends to be horrified at Nick, which causes Phyllis to erupt in frustrated tears. Jack apologizes for teasing her. He loves that Summer and Kyle are together, but concedes it comes at a price — he will miss out on watching his grandson grow up and his son become a father. Jack reminds Phyllis they’re not out of their lives, only out of the country. Phyllis knows he wants her to stop feeling sorry for herself, but she won’t. They laugh. She’ll try to stop, but, she sobs, it’s just really hard. They decide to go for drinks.
Jack, Phyllis upset Y&R

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At Newman Media, Adam video chats with Chelsea, and tells her she did the right thing letting Connor come back there. She wants to visit the kid at camp and suggests Adam join them as a family — they could make a weekend of it and sleep over at a hotel. Adam stops her. He feels they should take things one step at a time. Chelsea feels ready for family time and it’s a really good feeling. Adam’s glad she’s being positive but he doesn’t want to confuse Connor about where things stand between them. Chelsea gathers they’re never going back. Adam confirms that too much has changed — they need to make their own paths forward now, separately.
Chelsea shoots her shot with Adam Y&R

On Crimson Lights’ patio, Sally and Chloe talk fashion. Chloe wants her to write an article for her fashion division — she could even be the face of the platform. Sally’s enthusiastic, so Chloe grabs her phone to ask Lauren to sign off on it. Sally stops her and admits she doesn’t work at JCV anymore. Chloe wants to hear her side of the story. Sally recaps her scheme with Tara Locke to get Summer out of town. Chloe declares, “That’s extreme.” Sally invites Chloe to go ahead and pretend she never met her. Chloe surprises her by offering Sally the job. She relays that her friend Chelsea is trying to turn her life around and she wants that for her. Things change, people change. She talks about the man she loathes giving her free rein to do what she wants — and what she wants is Sally Spectra’s byline on her site. Sally grins.
Sally, Chloe work together Y&R

Rey enters the coffee house and talks to Sharon about tracking Mariah. He’s been running into the same roadblocks Tessa has even with more sophisticated technology. Sharon asks what his gut is telling him. Rey hates to say it, but sometimes people don’t want to be found.
Sharon, Rey worried Y&R

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In Society, Abby texts Mariah to please come home and apologizes for making her feel uncomfortable. Devon wanders in and Abby wonders if Mariah knows how worried they are about her. She’s happy to give her space; she’ll move out of the Chancellor Estate until the baby is born. Her phone dings — it’s a text from Mariah’s phone asking her to please stop — she needs more time and Abby isn’t making this any easier.

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Abby goes on to Devon about what she wants to say to Mariah. Devon doesn’t know what’s going through Mariah’s mind, but feels Abby is showing more empathy than most people would. He suggests she distract herself by hanging out with Nina, but Abby explains she’s working in L.A. Devon urges her to make another video for Chance — he’ll be the camera man. Abby hasn’t been doing that recently; she’s afraid Chance will see her resentment. Devon believes she shouldn’t hide her feelings from her husband. Abby gets a text to meet with Sharon and Rey so they take off.
Devon reassure Abby Y&R

In the locked room, Mariah dreams that Tessa is outside the door; she’s come to take her back to where she belongs. Tessa breaks the door down and they embrace and kiss. Mariah cries that she’s prayed for this moment. Tessa pulls back and informs her girlfriend that she has no idea where she is, and no idea why she left. Mariah awakens with a gasp as Tessa disappears.
Mariah, Tessa dream kiss Y&R

Chloe brings Sally into Newman Media and introduces her to Adam, who tries to recall where he’s heard her name. She thinks it’s because of her famous aunt, but he remembers she was dating Jack, who is a friend of his. Sally sighs. Chloe stands by hiring her — if they start calling people out for questionable pasts, she and Adam are the first ones out the door. Adam chuckles, “Fair enough,” and welcomes Sally aboard.
Adam welcomes Sally Y&R

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At Society, Chloe and Sally celebrate her new job. Chloe doesn’t care what Jack will say — she has a good feeling that this risk will really pay off. Sally’s chuffed to have someone believe in her. Chloe warns her not to cross any lines at work because she knows Adam, and Chloe will pay the price. They decide they’ll get along just fine and Chloe enthuses about getting Sally to do on-camera interviews. Just then, Phyllis and Jack enter. Sally turns her attention from them back to Chloe, who wants to make her a star.
Chloe, Sally celebrate Y&R

Across the room, Phyllis tells Jack that she warned Chloe about that snake Sally and there they are acting like besties. Jack wonder if it’s work — maybe she wants to be a part of Adam’s fashion start-up. He’s sure Chloe can handle herself. Phyllis fumes that Sally is still there while her daughter is thousands of miles away. “You know what I always say, right?” Jack doesn’t. Phyllis intones, “Don’t get mad… get even.”

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At the bar, Chloe fills Sally in on her vision for the interviews and asks for her input. Sally teases, “You might regret that.” Chloe doesn’t want her to hold back. Sally suggests she visit every fashion capital, which causes Chloe to backtrack. Sally explains Phyllis has been out to get her from the moment they met. She is trouble and Sally will never forget it.

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Adam enters Society and joins Phyllis and Jack. He tells his pal that Chloe just hired Sally Spectra. Phyllis informs him it’s a bad idea because Sally was partners in crime with Tara Locke. Tara went to jail while Sally landed on her feet. Adam muses, “So you and Sally have a lot in common is that what you’re saying? Is that why you don’t like her.” Jack smirks.
Jack smirk Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Rey updates Abby, Devon and Tessa that he can’t trace Mariah. Tessa feels it’s time to take serious action, it’s just not like Mariah to go to these extremes to be alone. “Everyone needs to acknowledge that — now.” Sharon’s not telling her she’s wrong, but there’s just no proof. Rey can’t do anything without a lead. Tessa knows in her heart something’s off. Abby believes if Mariah knew how upset they all were, she’d come back. Sharon recaps that Mariah ditched work and missed an important appointment. She’d never do this intentionally. Sharon feels if an intervention doesn’t bring her home on her own than they need to dig up some leads. Tessa sighs, “Hallelujah,” and Abby agrees — it’s time to bring Mariah home one way or another.
Abby, Devon, Tessa Y&R

In the locked room, Mariah kneels on the bed and pounds on the walls. She realizes there’s a camera on the wall above the door and screams, “You’ve been watching us? How twisted are you?!” She covers the camera and shouts at the coward to come out and face her.

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