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At Victoria’s place, she talks to Ashland about building a future for however long they may have. She’s stunned that Tara was arrested and will support Ashland and Harrison however she can. Nikki enters, looking to make sure that they’ve heard about Tara. Ashland has no doubt that his ex will land on her feet, but he’s concerned about Harrison. Nikki assures him he’s in good hands with the Abbotts. Ash worries that he Harrison saw his mother get arrested and leaves to check on him.

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Victoria tells her mother that they’ll surround that little boy with love. They go over Tara being arrested and Vic sighs that she’s a real piece of work. Nikki learns that Ashland and Tara’s divorce was finalized and that Victoria is thrilled. Victoria talks about their connection and hasn’t felt this loved and respected in some time. Nikki notes she’s glowing and asks, “Did something else happen on your trip to New York?” Victoria arranges for her and Ashland to sit down with Nikki and Victor at the ranch in an hour.
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At the hotel, Phyllis and Nick go over her triumph. He admits he was worried it might backfire and bite her in her very attractive backside, but she pulled it off. Phyllis figures once Kyle tells Summer what happened, she’ll want to come home where she belongs. Nick sighs.

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At Crimson Lights, Sally is leaving Tara a message to call her when Lauren comes in. She informs the redhead that she doesn’t think Locke will be available — she spent last night behind bars. Sally learns that Tara was skimming funds from her own company and figures Lauren’s lucky it came out before she got in too deep with her. Lauren volleys, “Unfortunately, I got in too deep with you.” She calls her out for betraying Summer AND Lauren’s trust in her. Sally sighs, “Please tell me you’re not buying into Phyllis’ crazy notion that Tara and I are in cahoots.” Lauren informs her it’s not a crazy notion, it’s the truth, and she knows that now.
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Victor welcomes Amanda into the ranch for an update on the case against Sutton. Amanda informs him that Naya’s been released and the D.A. will pursue charges against her grandfather. She thanks him for helping to get his confession. Victor questions what’s next for her. She feels like she just found her family and is losing them all over again. Victor points out she still has her mother and sister. Naya texts her, but Amanda muses that she’s not up for another round of her pleading on Sutton’s behalf. Victor urges her to give her mother another chance.
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At the Abbott house, Jack tells Ashland that Harrison’s at the museum with Traci and assures him he has no idea what went on. Ashland gets up to speed on Tara running Summer out of town and setting her sights on Kyle. He reminds Jack he warned him about her from the beginning. Jack questions why he’s not more surprised. Ashland promises there’s no conspiracy, but Sally Spectra did ask him to find her a connection to Angela Marchetti. Jack winces.

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Talk turns to arrangements for Harrison. Ashland plans to file a petition with the court to keep Tara from seeing Harrison. Jack asks, “And what about Kyle?” Ashland will look at the all the angles and then set up a fair visitation schedule. Jack doesn’t want to be insensitive, but Ashland doesn’t have much time. He may have more time than expected as he’s started treatment. Jack’s still concerned about where Harrison will live and who will look after him. Ashland will wait until Kyle comes back from Milan. He’s impressed with how Jack has stepped up as a father and a man through all of this. Jack says, “Family is everything to me.” Once alone, Jack gets a message on his phone.
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At the hotel, Nick and Phyllis get a message that Summer wants to video chat with them and Jack. Phyllis smirks, “Let them tell us what we already know.” Jack arrives and Kyle and Summer call in. They’re visibly happy and relay that after talking all night they’ve decided they want to stay in Milan. Jack and Phyllis look stunned but Nick doesn’t.

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Summer explains that she loves her new job and doesn’t want to give it up. Kyle thinks he can do his part running Jabot from there. Jack asks, “What about Harrison?” Kyle will reach out to Ashland, but they’re hoping he’ll let Harrison come to stay with them permanently. “I will talk to him and hope for the best.” Nick’s impressed with Kyle and feels it’s finally the right time for them. Phyllis is silent and looks emotional. When they sign off, she closes the laptop quickly. Nick feels he was more prepared for this outcome than they were. Jack admits he’s thrown for a loop. Phyllis tears up. “I’m just going to miss her, that’s it. That’s all.” She leaves to get some air and Jack follows.
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In her suite, Amanda warns Naya not to try and talk her out of filing a civil suit against Sutton. Naya announces that she’s realized that giving her and Hilary up was the best thing she ever did. Amanda gasps — what does she want her to say to that?! Naya didn’t mean it as an insult — she doesn’t think she could have raised the twins to be as incredible as they grew up to be. Amanda counters, “What about Imani?” Naya says her father partially-shielded her from Sutton; it wasn’t her doing. Even if she had defied Sutton, married Richard, and kept Amanda and Hilary, eventually she would have ran back to Sutton and they would have grown up under his domineering thumb like the rest of them. It took the courageous Amanda fighting Sutton to save her from herself. “I wish I was more like my daughters. But I’m not.” The women break down in tears as Naya says she wants to be a part of Amanda’s life more than anything, and Amanda tells her the only thing that matters is not the past, but that the woman sitting in front of her is her mom.
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Ashland rejoins Victoria at home and updates her that Tara’s being transported back to New York for arraignment. She’ll likely make bail but won’t be able to leave New York. They have to make this okay for Harrison and hopes Kyle will be back soon. Victoria warns that Tara may not lose custody if the judge is lenient. Ashland is ready to fight for his son. Talk turns to telling her parents about their engagement. She thinks it will go down better than with other men she’s married — they’ll find out soon. Before they leave, Ashland presents Victoria with a sapphire engagement ring that matches the color of her eyes. She marvels, “It’s stunning.” Ashland drops to one knee and proposes again. She accepts and he places the rock on her finger.
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At the ranch, Nikki stops Victor from heading to the office as Ashland and Victoria are coming to see them. Victor’s intrigued.

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Phyllis enters Crimson Lights as Sally is still protesting her innocence to Lauren. She hollers, “Should we tell her what we heard?” Lauren nods. They heard that Tara admitted they teamed up to force her daughter out of town. Sally groans, “You heard that from who?” Jack appears. “From me.” Sally gulps. Lauren continues that she spoke to Eric Forrester herself who confirmed what he told Phyllis. Sally never denied talking to Eric. Jack points out that she conveniently left out that she involved Ashland, and everything Tara did to get Summer out of town was with her help. Phyllis yells that her daughter lost everything but Sally got exactly what she wanted. Lauren seethes, “Not for long. It’s over Sally, you’re fired!”
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Sally pleads with Lauren not to do this, but she can’t forget about her personal failings. She took her under her wing and was proud to be her mentor but she’s done. “I could never trust you again.” Jack looks disgusted and Sally asks him please not to look at her like that. Jack assures her she doesn’t have to worry — he’ll never look at her again. Jack and Lauren exit and Phyllis muses, “I’m still here.” Sally warns she’ll regret this. Phyllis reminds her she’s in no position to issue threats. “The best thing you can do is go away.” Sally walks out.
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On the coffee house patio, Phyllis calls Summer to tell her that Lauren fired Sally. “It’s all good now, you can come home!” Summer will come home… to visit. Phyllis pleads that she did this for her — she got hammered by everyone for her. She cries, “You need to come home. Okay?” Summer has so much love and gratitude for her protecting her; she always has her back. Phyllis agrees, “I’ll always have your back.” Summer breaks it to her mother that she taught her to go after what she wants and she wants to be there with Kyle, and hopefully Harrison. She needs to understand that she’s staying. Phyllis sobs, “I don’t understand.” Summer assures her they’ll be okay. “I promise.” Phyllis and Summer express their love tearfully before Phyllis disconnects.
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Ashland and Victoria enter the ranch living room and greet Victor and Nikki. They go over Tara’s arrest and Victor learns it won’t complicate the divorce proceedings as that’s already final. Victoria flashes her ring and Ashland wants to cut to the chase. They announce that they’re engaged. Victoria turns to her father, “Dad. How do you feel about this?”

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