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At the hotel, Phyllis vows to Nick that Tara is going down. Nick feels this could cost Kyle a lot, but assures her she’s not in this alone. Lauren appears asking what the meeting is about. Phyllis is saving her company from making a huge mistake. Nick tells Lauren they need to split up, but first they need her to make a phone call.

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At the Abbott residence, Kyle rails at Tara that she’s going to stop with the lies. He can’t believe what she did after they took her in — he and Summer were in love! Tara decides it’s time to make good on her threat; she’s going upstairs to pack and take Harrison to New York. Kyle won’t let her. Tara challenges, “How are you going to stop me?!” She tells him he’s just a guy she had a fling with. When Tara’s upstairs, Jack proposes to Kyle that they try to get an injunction — he has rights. Kyle panics, “Who knows where she’ll be with Harrison when a judge rules on it.” Jack suggests Kyle get her back downstairs and tell her they understand. Kyle argues she’s cornered — and so are they.
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At Crimson Lights, Faith tells Sharon about the fantastic concert — the best part was being with Moses. Just then, he appears. Moses advises Sharon that going backstage was amazing but hanging out with Faith was the best part. The kids adjourn to the patio at Sharon’s urging after Moses gives Faith a signed album from Tigirlily.
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At Society, Adam urges Connor to improve on his skills at camp. He disconnects.

At the ranch, Victor joins Rey by the chessboard. The cop’s taken off guard when Victor compliments his analytical mind and thanks him for taking Chelsea to see her mother and making sure Connor got home safely. Victor hedges about whether Chelsea is pulling a ruse and planning to come back and run off with her son. Rey believes that Chelsea has accepted the situation. Victor wonders if Rey’s ever considered using his talents outside of the police department. Rey says that sounds like a job offer. Victor confirms, “It is.” He has a private security firm and Rey would be a hell of an addition. He touts the perks on offer, but Rey can’t imagine being anything but a police officer. Victor understands but also knows that situations can change.
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At the hotel, Nick approaches a man and asks if he’s there to see Lauren Fenmore. He is. Nick arranged the call and asks the man to have a seat.

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Nick walks into Society and texts Phyllis that the mission has been accomplished. He joins Adam and reads a reply from Phyllis that says she and Lauren are on it. Adam asks what he and Phyllis are working on. Nick fills him in on Summer being coerced to leave town and relays they have a plan that may be coming together as they speak. Adam pities anyone who messes with his kid. Talk turns to Chelsea. Adam explains he had to be delicate, but she agreed to let Connor come home. Nick asks where they stand. Adam tells him they’re done. She can come back or stay with her mom, but she has a job waiting for her. He explains Chloe has total autonomy so it should work. Nick thinks it could be tricky. Adam points out that he and Sharon did it. Nick concedes it’s true and Adam hopes he and Chelsea will get there too. Nick offers help or advice if he needs it.
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Nick and Adam agree it still feels weird hanging out and talking. Adam laughs that it’s strange without the occasional veiled threat. Nick warns the only thing that could cause another rift is if he ruins things for Sharon again. Adam assures him he’s focused on work. Nick knows he has a pull to her, and he’s single. “Just stay away from her.” Victor arrives and remarks how nice it is to see them spending time together. He joins them and tries to entice Nick to join Newman Media. Nick will stick with his charitable endeavors. He asks their take on Victoria’s merger with Locke. Victor’s proud of her. Nick and Victor agree they’re worried about her personal relationship with Locke. Adam hopes she can keep her eye on the ball.

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At the Abbott house, Jack gets off the phone and updates Kyle that the lawyers have doubts about the success of an injunction. Tara appears and Kyle asks her not to take Harrison away just when he’s getting used to calling him daddy. Tara retorts that Harrison is young and will forget about him soon enough. Jack wonders where the attitude is coming from; she’s the one who messed up, not Kyle. Kyle pleads with her some more, but Tara has one card and isn’t giving it up. Jack barks, “That’s how you see your son now? As a bargaining chip?” Tara won’t give up control and assures Kyle he can visit them any time.

She’s about to head back upstairs to get the boy when Phyllis and Lauren walk in. Phyllis informs her she’s not taking Harrison anywhere. Tara sniffs, “It’s not like you can stop me.” Phyllis replies, “Well the cops can.” Lauren reveals she’s just learned why her accountants won’t hand over the financials — she’s been stealing from her own company; siphoning off the capital to put in her own private account. She misrepresented her company to Fenmore’s to get more money… that’s called fraud. Tara guesses Phyllis hacked her accounts, so none of this is admissible. Lauren informs her that Nick got her accountant to talk and he’s gone to the authorities. Jack gawps as Phyllis tells Tara, “It’s over,” and admits the police to arrest her. Tara’s handcuffed and asks Kyle to go upstairs to Harrison. Kyle tells her it didn’t have to be this way. She hopes Phyllis is proud of herself. She is actually.
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After Tara’s taken away, Jack gets the rundown from Phyllis and Lauren on how they found something to neutralize Tara. Jack says, “Thank you, Red. I owe you an apology.”
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At Crimson Lights, Rey tells Sharon he unofficially looked into Mariah’s absence and there was nothing. Sharon asks him not to mention it to Faith and worry her. They’re glad she’s hanging out with Moses. Rey fills her in on Victor’s job offer and Sharon seems relieved that he turned him down. Rey’s happy being a cop unless the right opportunity came along. She wonders if he’s regretting turning Victor down. He’s not; he’s thinking hypotheticals. Sharon is glad because he’d be working for Victor Newman! Rey doesn’t need to remind himself; she’s doing it for him.
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On the patio, Faith gushes about her gift from Moses; she can’t believe that he did this. He’s glad she likes it. Faith also likes him talk about how inspired he was being backstage. Moses reiterates that it was cool. He worries he’s a flake for changing career paths, but Faith reassures him she would never think that of him.

At Society, Nick gets a text from Phyllis that says, “Victory!!!” Nick tells his father and brother never to doubt Phyllis when she says she’s going to do something, and leaves. Once alone, Adam calls Sharon and leaves her a message apologizing if he’s made her uncomfortable with things he’s said lately and promising to keep his distance.

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At the Abbott house, Lauren is glad this all came out before the deal was struck with Tara. She can’t believe she put Sally in charge of JCV. Jack tells Phyllis he saved the day and he owes her big time. Phyllis assures he doesn’t owe her; he tries to see the good in people and Tara took advantage of him. Lauren thinks the best news is that Summer can do what she wants now. Phyllis agrees. “She can come home now.” Nick appears and adds, “Thanks to you.”

Back at the hotel, Nick sings Phyllis’ praises. She notes he took the risk with her and teases that’s what he likes best about her — that she’s a risk-taker. Nick hopes Summer knows how lucky she is to have a mother like Phyllis.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Kyle worry about what to tell Harrison and when. Jack figures Tara will spend a few years behind bars, but asks Kyle not to regret having empathy for her. He vows they can handle this, and will do it together. Jack suggests he call Summer. Kyle asks Jack to look after his son for the next few days…

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In Italy, Summer opens her door to Kyle, who says, “I’ve come to take you home.” She drops the designs she’s holding and throws her arms around him as he pulls her into a kiss.
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