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In their suite, Nick wants to know what Phyllis was up to on the laptop downstairs. She was following up on the tip Lauren gave her about Tara holding back her financials. “They got Al Capone on tax evasion, so whatever it takes.” Nick gathers she’ll hack into her records. Phyllis hasn’t got through Tara’s firewall yet, but she’ll get through. “You can count on that.” Nick worries this will backfire on her. Phyllis sighs, “I’ll be careful.”

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Phyllis thinks Jack is starting to believe it but she can’t be sure. He might forgive Sally and won’t risk alienating Tara. They can’t count on the Abbotts. Nick agrees. Phyllis gets emotional thinking that Summer’s not fighting for herself and reiterates it’s up to them to neutralize Tara. Nick asks what he can do to help. Phyllis will be through the firewall soon and then they’ll get the information they need to expose Tara.
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At the Abbott mansion, Tara rails that someone is making up lies about her and accuses Jack of repeating the hurtful accusations. Jack is inviting her to trust him enough to tell him the truth. He makes a speech about trust beginning with honesty and assures her she’s on safer ground there than she was with Ashland — she’s family. Tara recaps how she came to be there and how it was hard to see a more mature Kyle settling down with someone else. Sally guessed what she was feeling and pushed her to go after what she wanted, and what Harrison deserved. “She said she had a plan.” Jack grits his teeth. They both wish she’d taken advice and stayed away from the redhead.
Jack learns truth about Sally Y&R

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Tara relays that Sally told her she’d arranged a job opportunity overseas for Summer and all she had to do was convince her to take it. Jack asks how she did that. Tara replies, “I’m sure you can guess.” Jack correctly guesses that she threatened to take Harrison away from Kyle if she wouldn’t go. Tara snappily reminds him that he promised not to judge her — she was only doing what she thought was best for her son!
Tara confess Jack Y&R

On Crimson Lights’ patio, Kyle gets a call from Summer, who questions him about the cryptic message he sent her. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea for them to talk; it will make it harder to move on. Kyle pounces on her admission: “So this is hard for you too.” Summer wants to hang up but Kyle promises to unearth the real reason she left him. Summer learns her mother won’t stop digging and more evidence is coming out every day. “The truth is going to come out. I think I deserve to hear it from you.”
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Summer pleads with Kyle to stop this, for his own sake. He wonders what she’s trying to protect him from and then asks if Tara used Harrison as leverage. Summer becomes emotional — she hated lying to him but there was no way out. She couldn’t be the reason he never saw his son again. The poor little boy is stuck with that horrible woman and needs him in his life! Kyle has to go. Summer panics, “You can’t tell Tara!”

At Society, Michael tells Amanda that Sutton’s recording isn’t being taken as a confession and her own arguments from the case are being used to support him. He can’t make any promises that the charges, now roped against Naya, will be reinstated against Sutton. Once alone, Amanda calls Imani to see if she’s with Naya; there’s something she needs her to do for her.
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In New York, Victoria flashes to Ashland’s marriage proposal. He enters the room and reveals he was meeting with a realtor about selling his homes — and giving her time to absorb the shock of the proposal. Ashland asks, “What are you thinking?” Victoria admits he caught her off guard. Ashland muses that his unpredictability usually works to his advantage but that may not be the case here. Victoria wants optimism for him, but they can’t ignore reality. She decides that logic didn’t bring them to this point; they kind of threw caution to the wind. Ashland acknowledges this will probably all end in tears.

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Victoria decides she doesn’t really want to rein herself in and tells Ashland, “Yes. Yes!” She falls into his arms and they kiss. Ashland pours a champagne toast to his stunning fiancée and vows to tell his doctors he has even more reason to stay alive now. Vic toasts to their golden anniversary. He warns people will think she’s taking advantage of his condition. She doesn’t care and wants to have an epic celebration. Ashland loves the idea, and adds, “And I love you.” He wants to go out and celebrate and Victoria is persuaded. He kisses her and they head out.
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At Society, Amanda meets with Imani and Naya, who admits she sometimes dreams she’s back in the jail cell. Imani prompts her mother to thank Amanda for getting her sprung, but Naya’s more concerned about her father’s recorded confession. Amanda relays that if he’s acquitted she can hit him with a wrongful death suit. Naya protests, “You can’t do that!” Amanda isn’t sympathetic because he’s an old man. Naya hisses, “So vindictive.” Amanda asks her mother to put herself in her shoes for one minute — her father was callously disposed of. “Did you not care about Richard at all?” Naya doesn’t want to believe it wasn’t an accident. Imani thinks in her heart she knows Sutton was responsible. Naya asks Amanda, “If I admit that, would you let go of this crusade?” Amanda says no, it won’t be enough. But it could be a start for the two of them.
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Imani reminds her mother that Amanda will be there in a way Sutton never was. After they eat, Naya admits she feels terrible at dragging Amanda into this mess. She truly thought her father was being unfairly accused. She never would have tried to trick her into defending her own father’s… She can’t say it. Overcome, Naya goes to fix her make-up.

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Amanda tells Imani she’s amazed at her mother’s admission. Imani suggests it would be hard on Naya to put Sutton through a civil case, but she knows it’s the very least he deserves. She asks Amanda to be patient with her and Naya as they learn to separate themselves from the misconceptions they grew up with. Amanda concedes she was taken in by Sutton too, and appreciates that her sister is willing to try. Imani thinks Naya will get there too. Amanda becomes emotional — it’s incredibly precious to have a relationship with her sister and her mother.
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At the hotel, Nick’s frustrated they still haven’t accessed Tara’s financials and thinks they need something more immediate. Suddenly, Phyllis gets a call from Summer who informs her mother she’s ruining everything by stirring up trouble! Phyllis won’t sit back and let those two girls manipulate her daughter. Summer argues it’s not her call. Phyllis reveals that Sally flew to Los Angeles to meet with Eric Forrester to get her the job she has right now. Summer knew she was involved, but didn’t know that. She admits that Tara forced her to leave town. Phyllis throws up her hands, “Was I right?!”
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Summer explains trying to protect Kyle from losing his son, and now, because of Phyllis, he’s on his way to confront Tara. If it blows up it’s because her mother wouldn’t stop! Phyllis assures her that Tara won’t take off with the kid and Nick marvels at the sacrifice Summer made for Kyle. Phyllis reveals she’s digging into Tara’s past, which prompts Summer to hang up on her. Nick tells Phyllis she was right, but there won’t be any gratitude if Tara disappears with Harrison. Just then, Phyllis’ program gets behind Tara’s firewall and accesses her hard drive. “That bitch isn’t getting away with this.”

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Kyle storms into the Abbott mansion and tells Jack that Tara bullied Summer into leaving. Jack already knows. Kyle’s furious at Tara coming clean now that the walls are coming down. Jack reminds him they share a child and will have to get past this. As Kyle shouts, Tara comes downstairs and warns that Harrison will hear him. Kyle fumes, “How could you do this to me.” Tara coolly says she’s sorry. Jack calms Kyle down and Tara asks where this leaves them. “What happens now?”
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