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Lily arrives at home to a romantic welcome back from Billy. They embrace and canoodle. Lily tells him about moving Mattie into her new place and Billy croons that he missed her like crazy. They kiss. After sex on the sofa, they decide to go for round two. Later, Lily updates Billy that Mattie is thrilled that they’re so happy together. He says that means a lot. Lily muses that her little babies are all grown up. Billy hopes it’s okay that she’s back helping parent little ones. She adores Katie and Johnny. Billy tells Lily that she inspires him and adds he would like to get to know her kids and let them know how much he adores their mother. He suggests a family vacation. Lily thinks the twins would love his children, but it’s a big step. It’s one Billy wants to take with her. They kiss.
Lily, Billy after sex Y&R

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon’s chatting with Rey when Jack arrives and asks if they’ve heard from Mariah. He relays that she texted about taking a couple of days off, but the vacation has extended and she’s left them in a lurch. Sharon worries, “That’s really not like her.” If she’s not back to work soon, Jack warns he’ll have to find a replacement.
Jack warns Sharon Y&R

At the hotel, Devon and Nick are talking about Moses and Faith meeting Tigerlily when Phyllis comes in. Devon goes and Phyllis fills Nick in on Sally flying to meet Eric Forrester to recommend Summer for the job. Nick feels it makes sense that her endgame was to get Summer out of town so she could get her dream job. Phyllis wonders how she got Summer to end her engagement and take the job in Italy. Sally wanders in and Phyllis informs her she got all the dirt she needed on her. Sally volleys that the favor Eric did her benefited Summer. Phyllis urges her to drop it and come clean, and then she’ll leave her alone. Sally denies she has anything to confess and heads for the elevator.
Phyllis confronts Sally Y&R

Phyllis rejoins Nick, who says of Sally, “She’s definitely up to something.” Phyllis gets a text from Jack, who’s available to meet, and tells him to come over. Lauren appears and Phyllis asks her to take a seat. She advises her to reverse her decision to have Sally run JCV and warns the truth is about to come out. Phyllis reveals how Sally maneuvered to get Summer the job overseas. “Sally and Tara are working together.” Lauren hopes she has proof because Sally’s doing an amazing job and Fenmore’s is about to acquire Tara’s shoe line. Phyllis exclaims, “Oh that cannot happen!” She notes the look on Lauren’s face and gathers she has evidence of her own. Lauren admits that they’re having some trouble getting financials on Tara. She tells Phyllis and Nick they’ve given her a lot to think about and leaves.
Phyllis, Nick update Lauren Y&R

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Nick steps away to take a call and Phyllis opens the laptop to try and figure out Tara’s password. Jack arrives and informs Phyllis “this had better be good.” She tells him that Sally was manipulating behind-the-scenes to get Summer the job in Italy. Jack is done and tells the redhead, “No more.” Phyllis stops him from leaving by saying that Sally admitted it — she admitted that she and Tara were working together to force her daughter out of town.
Phyllis manipulates Jack Y&R

At the Chancellor mansion, Tessa and Abby fret about Mariah cutting it close for her doctor’s appointment. Abby shares that Jack hasn’t been able to reach her about work either. They get a text and Tessa can’t understand why Mariah would send a group text about something so important. Abby figures she’s not coming back. She reads, “I’m not ready to face the doctor yet. I’m not ready to come home. I’m sorry I know this is torture for all of you but I have to get in a better headspace and I have to do it on my own.” Abby can’t understand this; she was so excited about the doctor. She worries she’s responsible for pushing her away. “I guess now we just have to pray that Mariah works this out, not just for herself but for the baby.”
Tessa question Abby Y&R

Nina arrives and discusses the text with Tessa, who is frustrated that her location is still blocked. She wants to approach a real detective for help.

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In the room where she’s being held captive, Mariah feels the baby kick and tells it they have to keep fighting or they’re never going to get out of there. She taps on the walls and wishes she had watched more prison break movies. Mariah decides that calling the baby ‘kiddo’ isn’t cutting it anymore. She’ll give him a rock star name and decides on Bowie. She assures him it’s just temporary until they get back to his mommy and daddy. Deflated, Mariah can’t imagine what they’re going through and wishes Tessa would burst through the door and save them.
Mariah names baby Y&R

Bowie kicks and Mariah agrees they need to save themselves. Settling on the bed, she tells Bowie that she was once in a cult, and Ian Ward could be behind this. She then decides he has bigger fish to fry. She muses that Tessa has had run-ins with shady characters, but she really has no idea who is holding them. Until they reveal themselves, they’re trapped in this room. She bellows, “Can you please tell me why you’re doing this! What did I do?!” After another emotional round of banging on the door, Mariah apologizes to Bowie. She needs to protect him from her anger and fear. Mariah figures whoever is keeping them there will have to talk to them eventually. She won’t give up.

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Abby arrives at Devon’s penthouse and updates him on Mariah’s text. She’s trying not to get too upset in front of Tessa, but Mariah is carrying their baby and they have no idea where she is at all. Devon assures her that whatever is going on, they have to believe Mariah’s still taking care of the baby. He asks if she’s heard from Chance. She hasn’t, and doesn’t blame him for being who he is, but he’s been gone for so long and she’s facing everything alone. Devon reminds her there’s a lot of people in her corner. Abby knows, but it feels really wrong to be going through all of this without him. He should be there when she needs him the most! Devon is sure Chance wants nothing more than to be by her side and will come home as soon as he can. Abby hopes Devon will offer the same comfort and wisdom to their baby when he’s born. He guarantees it.
Abby vent about Chance Y&R

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At Crimson Lights, Tessa tells Sharon and Rey that she’s freaking out about Mariah’s prolonged disappearance. Sharon warns that pregnancy can cause emotional changes. Nina doesn’t think Tessa’s instincts should be ignored. Tessa shows Rey the tracking app. He doesn’t put too much stock in the technology. Tessa asks about his using his resources — the heart she shares with Mariah is telling her that something is very wrong. She doesn’t understand why Sharon isn’t more concerned and feels she’s wasting her time. Sharon stops her from leaving and agrees with Tessa that something is off. Rey argues Mariah’s choosing to stay away. Sharon asks if he can’t help as a cop, can he help as her husband?
Tessa appeals to Sharon Y&R

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At the Abbott house, Jack tells Tara that Phyllis confronted Sally with what she found out in Los Angeles and Sally admitted everything when backed into a corner. Tara thinks Phyllis is the one backed into a corner trying to prove this crazy theory. “I sincerely hope you can see that Jack!” Jack repeats that Sally told Phyllis that she and Tara worked together to get Summer out of Genoa City. Tara claims one of them is lying. Jack asks if Tara’s the one lying; he understands going to extremes to protect your family and warns he’s trying to help her out of this before it explodes.
Jack confront Tara Y&R

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At the hotel, Nick rejoins Phyllis as she’s mumbling, “Profit and loss.” She slams it shut and he demands to know what she’s up to.

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