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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle tells Jack he can’t stop wondering if Tara and Sally were behind Summer leaving town. He fills his father in on the phone call he overheard in which Tara assured Sally they handled the elevator video well. Kyle worries about Tara taking Harrison away — he can’t imagine his life without his son. Jack feels the same way. He wonders what will happen if Phyllis offers proof that Tara’s manipulations led to Summer leaving town — could he forgive her? Kyle honestly doesn’t think he could, and wonders what she could have gained by getting involved in Sally’s plot. Jack can only think of one thing. “You.” Kyle admits he’s felt a vibe that Tara would like to pick back up where they left off in the Hamptons. Jack asks if he still has feelings for her. Kyle definitely states, “No.”
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Jack realizes that while Sally didn’t have leverage over Summer, Tara did — Harrison. They go over Sally and Tara’s denials surrounding the elevator footage and that they both had something to gain by Summer leaving. If they accept they were working together, Tara must have been using her son as leverage. Jack is still surprised that Summer would back down. Kyle casts his eyes downward; the last words she said to him were that she didn’t love him anymore. Jack figures it was the only way she could think of to keep him from digging into her real reason for leaving. Jack has a conference call and leaves the room. Kyle takes out his phone and Tara enters unseen as he leaves Summer a message saying things have taken a strange turn and she needs to call him — he loves her and misses her. Tara quietly exits.
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In the coffee house, Sally tells someone on the phone that Phyllis is digging around and could ruin everything for her.

In Los Angeles, Phyllis meets with Angela Marchetti and Eric Forrester. Phyllis tells him Lauren sends her love and Eric returns the sentiment. He asks what brings her to L.A., and Phyllis claims she had hotel business and wanted to meet Angela. The Italian is grateful that Eric recommended her daughter for the job. Eric relays that it was actually Sally who came to him and recommended Summer. Phyllis would love to hear more about that conversation.
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Marchetti steps away to take a call, and Phyllis grills Eric about his meeting with Sally. Eric admits he was surprised Sally approached him; she doesn’t have the best history with his family. Eric won’t tell Phyllis about it, but says he’s happy to hear Sally’s doing well with Lauren and resisting her worst impulses. Phyllis learns that Sally told her Summer was a good friend of hers and angled for him to have Marchetti offer Summer the position and to keep her name out of it. Phyllis finds that interesting because Sally has Summer’s old job at JCV. Eric realizes that Phyllis isn’t happy about the outcome and asks what’s going on. “What’s Sally up to now?” The redhead reveals that she suspects Sally and Ashland Locke’s ex-wife manipulated to get Summer out of town — it benefited them both. Eric never would have complied if he’d known and is irked that Sally took advantage of him. Marchetti rejoins them and sings Summer’s praises. Phyllis asks them to pose for a selfie, and they agree.
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At Crimson Lights, Sally gets the photo of Phyllis, Angela, and Eric and gasps. Lauren appears and asks if it’s good news. Sally covers by giving her sales numbers. Lauren realizes she loves her job and informs Sally that her trial period is over — it’s time they made her position permanent. “You’re only getting what you deserve.” When Lauren steps away, Sally stews over the photo Phyllis sent her.
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In New York City, Ashland feels cleansed after closing this chapter of his life. Victoria thinks he was right to make a clean break. Talk turns to the new chemo cocktail he’s going to try. Ashland reminds her it’s not a miracle cure, but could give them more time. He’s going to treat her to takeout that is the culinary equivalent of good sex. Victoria loves this easygoing side of him. Ash marvels, “You see what you did to me?” They wish they’d met sooner and decide to be grateful for the time they have. Ash states that Tara set him free by revealing herself.

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Ashland and Victoria discuss the media’s interest in their personal relationship and their shared passion for achievement. He asks her to tell him more about their future. Victoria suggests they rent a villa on the Côte d’Azur. Ashland muses, “What a happy power couple we would be.” He strokes her chin as a call comes in from Nikki. As Victoria steps away to take the call, Ashland grimaces and touches his chest.
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At the ranch, Nikki thanks Victor for the trip to Italy and tells him she has no idea to top it for his birthday. Victor smiles, “You know how? By just being with me.” Adam appears and Nikki sighs, assuming he wants to talk business. Adam says that’s not the only reason he’s there, but there’s a lot to discuss.

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After Adam hears about their trip, Nikki excuses herself. Adam assures Victor that Connor’s thrilled to be back at the ranch. Victor asks about Newman Media and Adam reports that their branding is on point. He’s concerned about the merger between Locke Communications and Newman Enterprises, however, and how they can make it work for them. Adam proposes to Victor that they start siphoning off Locke Communications’ talent. He points out Victor is in a position to complicate the merger. Victor doesn’t want to go after anything that has to do with Newman Enterprises. He won’t put at risk what Victoria has accomplished. Adam’s stunned and wonders if it’s Victor who has now lost his killer instinct.
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Adam and Victor bicker over Victor’s change of heart. The Mustache says Victoria made a gutsy move and it took him by surprise. It made him realize that she is the real power at Newman Enterprises. Adam reflects, “It’s exactly what she’s always wanted.” Victor confirms she makes him proud. Adam worries about stopping her before she comes after Newman Media — it’s just business. Victor refuses and tells Adam it’s never just business… not when he and his sister are involved. Adam makes his pitch once more, but Victor tells him there’s enough for all of them. “I have an idea. You want to do something? Let’s go after Billy Boy Abbot and Chance Comm. Newman Enterprises is off limits.”
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In the park, Tara complains that Sally has got to stop texting her to meet. Sally shows her the photo of Phyllis in L.A., and rants that the woman is relentless. Tara updates Sally on Kyle’s voicemail to Summer. Sally thinks they can still control it — she’ll figure it out. Tara’s not very encouraged. Sally urges her to keep playing the hard-working mother. Tara worries they’ll try to take away Harrison if they learn the truth. “My entire life is about to blow up!” Without the Abbotts she’ll have nothing. Everything she’s ever done is for her son’s future. Sally tells her, “I’m not the one you have to convince.”
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In L.A., Eric expresses his regret at getting wrapped up in Sally’s plot to Phyllis, and then leaves.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack joins Kyle in the living room and his son marvels that Tara could drive away the woman he was about to marry. Just then, Jack gets a text from Phyllis telling him not to do anything until she gets back. “I found out something big.”
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In the park, Sally urges Tara to keep focuses on his son and how Phyllis is trying to create trouble where nothing is exists. Tara has to take care of herself and doesn’t need Sally lecturing her. Sally snaps at her to just keep it together and walks off.

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In New York, Victoria rejoins Ashland, who tells her they can leave for the Côte d’Azur after they get the merger up and running and adds, “It can be our honeymoon.” He brushes her hair from her face and tells her, “I have fallen in love with you too.” Ashland doesn’t care if this is happening too fast. Only God knows how much time they have together and he wants to spend every moment of it with her. He gets on one knee and proposes. “Victoria Newman, will you marry me?”
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