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At the hotel, Phyllis is happy to get together with Amanda, whom she thinks is glowing. They’re about to sit and catch up when Sally storms up to Phyllis and warns she’s crossed her one time too many. Phyllis assumes she’s upset by Jack’s visit. Sally volleys, “You know damn well I am.” They bicker about the security video, and Sally reminds Phyllis of her warning before calling her spiteful and vicious. Phyllis confirms it, and informs her she can end this right now by confessing what she did to drive her daughter out of town — otherwise things will get much, much worse for her. Sally snarks that Phyllis is just bitter because Summer is happier far away from her mother. Phyllis levels that she will not stop until she gets the truth. Sally stalks out.
Sally, Phyllis square off Y&R

Amanda questions her pal about what evidence she has. Phyllis has none, but Sally and Tara are rattled. They’re going to make a mistake and when they do, she’ll be right there to take them down. Amanda asks about the video, so Phyllis describes her scheme. Amanda warns she’s playing with fire. Phyllis asks her to help instead of judging her. The lawyer agrees to help put the pieces together — she thinks they can crack this case and suggests they focus on Tara. “I have a feeling she’s the key to this mystery.”
Phyllis, Amanda discuss Sally Y&R

At the Abbott residence, Tara’s startled to see Kyle sitting in the shadows. He reveals he came in earlier… when she was on the phone with Sally. Tara describes her day as grueling as she witnessed Ashland telling Harrison about his cancer. “I’m so glad you’re home.” Kyle learns Ashland has decided to seek treatment and that Harrison accepted it. He’ll go check on his shortly, but first wants to know about the call with Sally. Tara claims she just called to apologize for blowing up at her. She hopes he hasn’t let Phyllis’ misguided suspicions get to him. Kyle muses that Phyllis has a long history of jumping to conclusions about people.
Kyle questions Tara Y&R

Tara asks if Kyle still trusts her. He’s more concerned about Sally, who is a manipulator. He asks, “How do you see things going forward?” He figures she’ll want to start dating soon and doesn’t want to stop her from going on with her life. They’re interrupted by Jack, who abruptly asks for a moment alone with Kyle.

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Tara goes and Jack tells Kyle that Sally lied to him when he confronted her. “I ended it with her.” Kyle’s glad. Jack concedes it’s looking more and more like Tara and Sally are more than co-workers. They both could be hiding something.
Kyle, Jack update Y&R

At Newman Media, Chloe approaches Adam with a rant about the items that need to be addressed in her office. He tells her to order anything she needs, which leaves her speechless. His phone pings — Connor’s home and he has to go. He will see her tomorrow… if she decides to come back.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon greets Rey and Connor, who updates her that his grandmother is improving. Sharon knows his dad will be happy to see him; he talks about Connor all the time! Rey’s eyebrows go up as he asks, “You and Adam have been in touch?” Once Connor’s out of earshot, Sharon claims she only talked to Adam briefly and assures Rey he wasn’t trying to play on her sympathies. She asks for a kiss as Adam arrives.
Rey questions Sharon Y&R

Adam joins Connor, who wants to go see Nikki and Victor, but Adam explains they’re overseas visiting Noah and Summer. He’s glad the boy’s home and says, “It was lonely here on my own,” while looking pointedly at Sharon, who casts her eyes downward. Adam has an exchange with Rey about Chelsea and Connor, and after Adam and Connor exit, Sharon offers Rey food. He just wants to be with her. They sit down to catch up and Rey asks if she’s heard from Mariah. Sharon has only had a few vague texts and wishes she’d let her help with whatever she’s going through. Rey reassures her.
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Talk turns to Chelsea and Rey raves about how she’s doing in an environment away from Adam. Sharon’s taken aback and hopes he kept an eye on her. Rey doesn’t think she’ll do anything to jeopardize her access to Connor. Sharon marvels that he admires the woman who put him in the hospital. Rey shrugs that she mostly hurt herself and deserves a second chance. Sharon remarks on how kind he is and then flashes to Adam questioning her about her feelings for him as a ‘bad boy’. They decide to go back to the house so Sharon can show Rey how amazing he is. Sharon finds a book Connor left behind. Rey relays that Chelsea gave it to him and remarks on how remorseful she was about everything.

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At Newman Media, Chloe is sneaking around near Adam’s desk when Chelsea calls in on the laptop and asks if she’s snooping. Chloe muses, “Not really,” and reports that it’s been a cushy job so far and Adam’s keeping his word. Chelsea figures he must feel bad about what happened. Chloe warns her about backsliding and giving him a break. Chelsea realizes he didn’t do all the things she thought he did — it was all in her head. Chloe points outs out he is, and always will be, Adam. Chelsea’s sick of the anger and is ready to let it go. Adam and Connor come in and greet Chelsea. Adam retrieves his laptop and hurries off with his son. Once alone, Chloe urges Chelsea to keep everything with her ex strictly business and focus on herself.
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At the hotel, Phyllis and Amanda go over the timing of the Summer’s job offer from Marchetti and her abrupt change of heart about being a stepmom. Phyllis observes that Tara took her place at the Abbott mansion and Sally took her job at JCV. Amanda suggests it could be coincidence but Phyllis isn’t buying it. She knows Tara is using her kid to make inroads with the Abbotts — she’s played that game. Amanda wonders why Tara needs Sally and asks when Summer got the job offer. Phyllis recalls that Sally told her about it. “We need to do a deep dive as to how this happened.” She knows that Sally went to L.A. and calls her PR person to ask a big favor.

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At the Abbott mansion, Tara eavesdrops as Jack tells Kyle that Phyllis’ instincts are always on the money. Too many things don’t add up and he can’t dismiss this entirely. “Can you?” Kyle sighs. Tara rejoins Jack and Kyle and proposes taking a swim. Kyle tells her to go ahead, he has something to take care of. Once alone, Tara offers to put any of Jack’s concerns at ease. Jack asks her to reassure him that she’s been upfront with them about everything… that he won’t eventually learn something that will make him regret inviting her into his home.
Tara eavesdrop Y&R

At the ranch, Connor wants to call Chelsea and hopes Adam will talk to her again too.

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At Society, Sally corners Kyle and demands to know why everyone in this town is so determined to ruin her life.
Sally confronts Kyle Y&R

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At Grand Phoenix, Phyllis gets through to Angela Marchetti on the phone, who says Summer is doing a great job. She’ll be forever grateful for Eric Forrester for recommending her for the position. She’s there to meet with him in L.A. right now. Phyllis replies, “What a coincidence, I’m on my way to Los Angeles as well.” Phyllis turns to see Nick enter.
Angela Marchetti talk to Phyllis Y&R

Next on The Young and the Restless: Phyllis plots her next move.

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