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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle tells Jack that Tara’s on the way. Jack doesn’t know what to make of the security footage, so they debate.

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At the hotel, Phyllis relays that she thinks Sally and Tara did something nasty to her daughter. Sally points out Summer’s living her dream in Italy — what would she have done to her? Phyllis baits her about the text she sent upsetting her and lets her know she saw her and Tara arguing in the elevator. Tara appears and Sally reports that she was right; Phyllis sent the text. Tara asks Sally to leave her out of the drama and walks out. Phyllis muses about Sally getting thrown under the bus.
Phyllis baits Sally Y&R

Devon arrives home to find Amanda waiting in the penthouse — Moses let her in. Devon suggests she get her own key made. Talk turns to Mariah’s odd disappearance. Devon will fill her in later but wants to celebrate Sutton Ames going down over champagne. Amanda reminds him it’s not a slam dunk; she’d rather just focus on them. After Devon’s changed into a suit, Amanda looks him up and down suggestively and dinner plans are abandoned as they decide to head upstairs.
Amanda, Devon look good Y&R

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After sex, Devon pours more wine and Amanda appears wearing his shirt. Talk turns to the case. Devon thinks it’s a big deal to find out about your life, where you came from, and how different things could have been. Amanda imagines how it might have been if her father had lived and raised her. Her mother’s rejection still would have stung. Devon feels Richard may have convinced Naya to become more involved, but Amanda believes Sutton wouldn’t have allowed it, and Naya won’t stand up to him. Devon marvels at having a father that manipulative. Amanda’s not hopeful about changing things, but Devon thinks there’s hope. As the conversation shifts back to them, Amanda thanks Devon for believing in her. Devon replies that it’s very easy to do when you love somebody. “You know I do, right? I love you.” Amanda tells him, “I love you too.”
Devon loves Amanda Y&R

At Victoria’s place, she and Ashland are ready to go to New York. He reveals he made an appointment for treatment in the Big Apple, but warns her to keep her expectations in check. She knows there are no guarantees but will be with him every step of the way. Vic says goodbye to Johnny and Katie by phone, then wonders if Ashland would like to talk to Harrison before they go. Ashland isn’t up for dealing with Tara and hopes to be calm and comforting when he tells his son he’s sick. As a mother, Victoria feels it would be good for Harrison to have the support of both his parents. Ashland supposes it’s worth considering and marvels at her ability to change his perspective. He wishes he’d met her years ago. Ashland tells her to forget the garbage he said about not getting emotionally involved; he was protecting himself. Victoria wants to make the most of every minute they have together.
Ashland, Victoria feelings Y&R

Tara arrives at the Abbott house to Jack and Kyle questioning her about her involvement with Sally. Tara relays she got a troubling text she thought was from Sally and went to see her about it. She claims she doesn’t remember what it said but it was something about Phyllis being a problem. Kyle says she sent them a video. He shows it to her. “You look pretty upset with Sally. What was that all about?” Tara deems Phyllis spying on them ‘creepy’. Jack asks what’s happening in the video. Tara admits she flew off the handle a bit; she’s not proud of it, but she doesn’t want to be dragged into Phyllis and Sally’s feud. She didn’t do anything to Summer and doesn’t know where this is coming from. Kyle thinks Phyllis is mad that Tara’s there and Summer’s not. Tara feels she’s trying to run her and Harrison out of town. Jack vows to deal with this and storms out.
Tara shown video Y&R

Kyle and Phyllis are talking about Phyllis when Ashland comes to the door. Once inside, Ashland informs Tara he and Victoria are heading to New York and he’d like to see Harrison before he leaves. Kyle leaves them to their discussion. Ashland advises Tara that after talking to Victoria about it, he’s fine with her being there when he tells Harrison about his condition. He also reveals he’s decided to fight his cancer. Tara’s glad. She goes to get the boy.

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At the hotel, Jack angrily confronts Phyllis, who claims she’s just gathering information. She points out the two little scammers are reacting to every bit of scrutiny. Jack tells her to back off Tara. Phyllis advises him to ask himself why she ran over there as soon as she got the text and hollers that Jack is turning a blind eye to everything that’s in front of him because he wants to believe that she’s wrong. Those woman ran her daughter out of town and she will get the proof! Phyllis becomes emotional as she asks why she doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt from him? Why doesn’t Summer get it? She suggests he go question Sally and warns him not to let her talk her way out of this. Jack resents what she’s insinuating. Phyllis barks, “Resent it all you want.” Jack stalks to the elevator and furiously punches the button.
Phyllis, Jack confrontation Y&R

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In Sally’s suite, Jack pleads with the redhead to be straight with him. Sally complains that Phyllis has it out for her and asks him to get her to back off. Jack wants to know what she and Tara were arguing about in the elevator. Sally denies seeing the text. Jack reveals he has the security video — Tara clearly showed her the text. Sally only saw it quickly and asks, “Does it really matter?” Jack snaps, “Yes it does matter. It matters that I can’t trust you to tell me the truth!” Sally counters that Jack is playing into Phyllis’ hands. Jack questions her constantly trying to redirect the conversation. He can’t build a relationship with someone he can’t completely trust. Sally insists they can get past this but Jack is done and walks out.
Sally, Jack shows video Y&R

As Jack strides into the lobby, Phyllis asks how it went. Jack snarls that it’s none of her business. Phyllis snarks, “That bad, huh?” He thinks she’s enjoying this. She’s not — she knows he likes Sally and wishes things were different. All Jack knows is that Phyllis will never change. She sniffs, “You say it like that’s a bad thing.”

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At the Abbott mansion, Ashland greets Harrison and as Tara looks on, he tells the boy he hasn’t been feeling well lately. He’s hoping the doctors can fix this problem as they did his heart. Ashland hugs Harrison as he says, “I want to spend as much time with you as I can.”
Ashland, Harrison talk Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Kyle credits Victoria for Ashland’s change of attitude. As they discuss the situation, Victoria muses that Tara’s very good at keeping secrets and warns him to be careful.
Victoria warns Kyle about Tara Y&R

Back at Victoria’s house, Ashland reports that things went well with Harrison. Victoria relays she ran into Kyle at the coffee shop. Ash thinks Tara has him wrapped around her little finger, but Victoria’s not so sure about that.

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle overhears Tara on the phone with Sally telling hers she thinks everything on her end if fine — they both gave the same explanation for the elevator conversation and handled it well. After Tara disconnects and leaves the room, Kyle steps out looking concerned.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Phyllis chases down a lead.

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