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At Society, Lauren arrives in time to overhear Jack ordering flowers. He explains he and Sally are giving it another shot. She’s surprised. Jack asks if she thinks it’s a mistake. Lauren has no issue with it and is glad she gave her another chance at Fenmore’s — she’s shining. Lauren is considering making her position permanent. Talk turns to his Teardrop of Love cuff-links. Lauren wonders if they represent familial love, as in Harrison. Jack thanks her for sharing the necklace with them, and they wish each other happiness.
Jack, Lauren discuss Sally Y&R

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At the hotel, Sally is still crossing out erroneous charges on her bill as Phyllis apologizes from the bar. She glances down at Sally’s phone to the text she sent to Tara, and deletes it. Rejoining Sally, she replaces her phone on the table and promises she’ll only pay for what she’s responsible for. Phyllis offers a spa day for her inconvenience and Sally thinks she’s being too nice. She lets Phyllis know she’s seeing Jack and leaves.
Phyllis watches Sally Y&R

At the Abbott house, Tara complains to Kyle about Ashland refusing to be reasonable. She thinks she and Kyle should tell Harrison about his diagnosis. Kyle’s reluctant — he believes Tara and Ashland should break the news to the boy. Tara decides he’s right. Kyle notices she still seems anxious and asks her about it. Tara rants that it’s been one thing after another and worries her little boy won’t have any true peace. Kyle reassures her. Tara has to go for a drive and arranges for Kyle to watch their son.
Kyle questions Tara Y&R

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At the park, a shirtless Nate concludes a phone call as Elena appears. He wants to take her out for champagne, so they agree to meet at Society. He’ll tell her why he’s so excited when they get there.
Elena, Nate park Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Abby thanks Devon for being a really good friend. Talk turns to Mariah and Abby reveals she texted to say she’ll be back before the next doctor’s appointment. Abby worries she was too overbearing before; she even tried to find a way to track her through her cellphone. Devon reassures her that everything will be fine. She asks how he’s feeling, and Devon relays he’s still glad to be on the journey. Abby thought Chance would be back by now. Devon reminds her he’s there for her to lean on.
Devon, Abby discuss Mariah Y&R

Abby wants to hear about his life, so Devon fills her in. He says work is going great, it’s nice having Moses around, but the main source of his happiness is Amanda. Abby thinks she’s just what he needs. She learns Amanda’s been supportive about Baby Chancellor. Devon notes that her ex may not be so happy. Abby insists that Stitch is glad for her; they’re friends now. She reveals he’s moving there, which surprises Devon. Abby’s glad he’s moving back; it could start a new chapter in his life.

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In a room, Mariah awakens with a start, rubs her belly and says, “Good morning, kiddo.” She does yoga breathing to de-stress for the baby and tells herself she’ll pretend there’s some sense of normalcy. Mariah decides to try banging on the door and asking to be freed again, but no one answers. She tells the baby, “I guess we’re still prisoners.”
Mariah shout door Y&R

At the Chancellor Estate, Tessa closes her laptop abruptly when Nina comes in. She admits she was trying to use the app to track Mariah. She’s concerned and doesn’t want to argue about it. Nina advises her to do what she feels is right. Tessa reveals that when she asked Mariah to send her a clue if something was wrong, she didn’t respond, which made her think something was actually wrong. It’s a gut feeling. Nina urges her to trust her instincts. Tessa becomes emotional before turning on the app to track her partner’s phone. There’s a beep and Tessa tells Nina it says Mariah’s phone location is completely blocked. “What does that mean?”
Tessa track Mariah Y&R

In the room where she’s being held prisoner, Mariah tells the baby they’ll have to wait because she can’t find a way to get them out of the room. She vows to find a way to get the baby back to Abby safe and sound. She hears a noise outside and sighs, “Here we go again.” She opens the dumbwaiter and takes out a tray of tea, food and prenatal vitamins. They have everything they need except answers. She charges back to the dumbwaiter door and bangs on it. “Who are you and what do you want from us?”

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At Society, Nate and Elena are both dressed to the nines. They sit and Elena jokes about trying to seduce his good news out of him. Nate delays by ordering champagne. Once they have the bubbly, Nate informs Elena she is now sitting across the table from the new Chief of Surgery at Memorial. Elena gasps and they toast.
Elena, Nate toast Y&R

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Jack arrives at home to find Kyle in a mood. He tells his dad about his confrontation with Phyllis and Jack complains about her sticking her nose in other people’s business. Kyle thinks she’s looking for someone to blame for Summer leaving and has seized on Tara. He adds that she thinks Tara and Sally are working together as co-conspirators. Kyle’s decided it’s ridiculous that Tara’s up to anything, but Sally on the other hand… Jack argues that Sally’s trying to change. Kyle counters that trying isn’t succeeding and he doesn’t want to see his father get hurt again.
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Tara arrives at the hotel and tells Sally they should go up to her suite and talk. At the bar, Phyllis sees them board the elevator and then watches them on the security footage as they argue. Inside the elevator, Tara pushes the stop button and angrily confronts Sally about sending her that text. Sally has no idea what she’s talking about. Tara asks what Phyllis could possibly know that she’d send an incriminating text to her phone. Sally didn’t send a text. Tara shows it to her. Sally didn’t sent it and realizes that Phyllis must have done it. She tells Tara to wait in her room while she handles Phyllis.
Phyllis watch footage Sally & Tara Y&R

Sally confronts Phyllis at the bar, and the redhead plays innocent. Sally knows she stole her phone and sent that twisted text. Phyllis acts confused and wonders what was on it that had her so upset. Sally warns she’s making a big mistake underestimating her. Phyllis purrs that she doesn’t underestimate her at all but she does wonder why she’s so upset. Say for argument’s sake she did send the text — what could it be about it that has her so freaked out. It’s really next level. “I think your buttons have been pushed.” Phyllis warns her to come clean right now and tell her what she and Tara did to her daughter.

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At the Abbott house, Kyle and Jack each get a message from Phyllis containing a link to the security footage showing Tara and Sally arguing in the elevator.

In Sally’s suite, Tara gets a text from Kyle asking her to come home — they need to talk.

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At the Abbott residence, Kyle worries about questioning Tara, but Jack argues they need answers.

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