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At Grand Phoenix, Kyle declares he doesn’t like the head games Phyllis is playing with Tara, and asks her to stop taking out her anger about Summer leaving on the woman. Phyllis argues she doesn’t trust Tara, who is looking for another rich man and is taking advantage of his love for his son. She believes Tara is the person who drove her daughter out of town, but admits there’s no proof. Kyle accuses her of twisting things, but Phyllis hollers that she knows Summer better than anyone — she was forced! Kyle just can’t buy that Tara manipulated Summer into leaving — why didn’t she fight for what they had?

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Phyllis urges Kyle to think back on his conversations with Summer and suggests that Sally and Tara have both benefited by her daughter’s departure. She insists, “That is not a coincidence. They are in this together.” Kyle pleads with her to stop her theories about Tara, who is going through enough. Phyllis warns Kyle not to let his love for his son blind him to what Tara’s doing. Kyle retorts that Summer left him — it was her choice — and stalks out.
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In Italy, Summer visits with Nikki and Victor, who are impressed with Marchetti. Summer tells them Leslie Brooks will be wearing one of their gowns for her concert. Nikki’s tickled, but Victor questions if his granddaughter’s had any second thoughts about moving away. Summer insists she made the right choice and had to do what was right for her. She’s at peace with everything. Her grandparents are glad to hear it.
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Victor steps out to take a call and Nikki asks her to be completely honest. “Is this really the life you want?” Summer only knows that now she’s here, it feels right. Being away from Kyle however, does not feel right. They were a team and it feels unnatural to be disconnected from him. Nikki muses that they’ve always found a way to get back together. What they had was rare and special. Summer confesses it hurts to imagine a future that doesn’t include him, but she has to let go of that feeling. She’s not happy yet, but she hopes to get there.

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Sally joins Jack at Society and they agree they had a great time together at dinner. She relays that Kyle wasn’t happy about it. Jack thinks that’s understandable, but ultimately will want him to be happy. Sally wonders where they go from here. Jack definitely feels a connection with her. He lists her attributes and says he wants to give their relationship another shot. Sally warns some people won’t like it. Jack makes his own decisions. Sally is tired of always having to be on the defensive but is determined to win back his trust. Jack will set up another date and call her.
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At the Abbott mansion, Tara insists she wouldn’t try to keep Harrison from Ashland and wants to talk about Sharon’s recommendation to be forthright with the boy about his cancer diagnosis. Ashland wants to speak with Harrison alone first, but Tara argues they need to tell him together. Ashland bellows that it’s his illness and accuses her of thinking only of herself. He fumes that he has to find a way to prepare his son thanks to the news of his illness being leaked to the media by her. Tara sniffs about his unfounded accusations — this is why she doesn’t want him talking to Harrison alone. They bicker about who is more controlling.
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Ashland observes that Tara has traded one comfortable life for another — he hopes someone will expose her for the fraud she is. They’re still arguing when Jack arrives. Ashland presumes Abbott saw the video of him in the park and notes he’d love to get his hands on whoever put it online. He urges Jack to help him convince Tara that the conversation with Harrison about his health is one he should have alone, then leaves. After, Jack assures Tara the family is there to support her.

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Billy stops by Victoria’s house to discuss the kids. She’s relieved to hear Johnny’s feeling better and thanks Billy for having them. Billy saw her talking to Nate and figures it was about Ashland’s condition. She wonders if he’s planning another tasteless article about the mogul. Billy’s only concerned about her. He sees that Ashland makes her happy, but admits it took his breath away to realize that she loves him. Billy told Lily he feels bad they won’t have much time together. He lets Victoria know she can talk to him. Victoria tears up as she admits he’s right. “It’s awful. I am in love with him.”
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Victoria opens up to Billy about watching the strong Ashland struggle, and worries they shouldn’t have merged their companies — it’s something that gives him purpose. Billy learns there are treatments for Ashland’s cancer but not a cure. Victoria has some choice words about Tara seeking sole custody out of spite because he cut her off before swerving back to how hard it is to watch Ashland dying. Billy says he warned her. Vic asks, “This is how you support me? By saying ‘I told you so’?” Billy insists it came out wrong — he just feels terrible about what she’s going through.

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Ashland enters Victoria’s house just in time to hear Billy surprise his ex by telling her she’s exactly what Ashland needs right now. “I think you need each other.” Ashland joins them and muses, “That’s quite the endorsement considering the source.” Billy sees they’re committed to each other. He thinks Ashland’s situation sucks and is sorry he’s going through it. Ashland just wants him to keep it off his media site. Billy gives them his word. Victoria thanks him for being a good listener and he leaves.

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Once alone, Ashland asks Victoria what she needed to say to her ex that turned him into such a good listener. Victoria admitted she feels overwhelmed, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She also told Billy she’s in love with him. “I love you, Ashland.” She warns him not to tell her not to feel that way. Ashland gawps, “I guess I have to find a way to stay alive.” He’ll start treatment and maybe he’ll get lucky and it will work. “I sure as hell hope so.”

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At the hotel, Phyllis watches Sally on her phone from a distance. She calls her from across the room and claims she didn’t even see her sitting there. Sally informs her she has her attention. Phyllis tells her a new employee may have erroneously charged her room with some things. She presents her with a list of charges to check over, and while Sally’s distracted, Phyllis places her folders on top of Spectra’s phone, and them picks them back up with the cellphone underneath. By the bar, Phyllis uses Sally’s phone to text Tara a warning that they have a problem. “Phyllis has figured things out.”
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At the Abbott manse, Tara reads the text from ‘Sally’ and curses. Kyle comes in and asks what’s wrong. She complains about Ashland being stubborn. Kyle wonders how they left things. Tara assures they’ll talk again soon and will work things out somehow.

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