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Sharon is having trouble with the salt shakers as Faith and Moses enter Crimson Lights. As they chat, Sharon accidentally refers to Rey as Adam. Sharon asks her daughter to look after the place while she runs an errand. Once she takes off, Faith starts experimenting with coffee until Moses can’t drink anymore. As they chat about his career plans, Nate shows up. Sitting down with Moses, he asks him to think hard about what he really wants. Faith says that whatever he chooses, he should do what makes him happy.

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At the Abbott estate, Tara worries to Kyle about Phyllis. He assures her Phyllis doesn’t like many people. She’s sure Phyllis blames her for Summer leaving. Kyle points out that’s not exactly wrong, but Summer did what she had to, even if that meant breaking his heart. He suggests they contact Sharon for her advice on helping their son deal with Ashland’s illness.
Tara and Kyle discuss Ashland strategy at Abbott estate Y&R

When Sharon arrives, she encourages Tara and Kyle not to leave Ashland out of the conversation with Harrison and to be truthful. Once she’s gone, Tara worries that Ashland will lash out if they approach him. She’s starting to think that Jack and Kyle are coming to doubt her thanks to Phyllis. Kyle promises that he will deal with Phyllis, but insists that the stalemate with Locke needs to end.

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Phyllis and Billy are bantering in the foyer of the Grand Phoenix since his meeting was canceled. They discuss their theory that Sally and Tara are working together. She’s sure that Tara can exploit Harrison to get whatever she wants from the Abbotts. Phyllis is determined to expose her so Summer can come home. Billy wonders if her daughter really wants that. “But I inspire her,” Phyllis insists. Billy suggests Summer may like having a great job and being in the fashion capital of the world. Besides, this isn’t the first time she’s left. This suggestion is bumming Phyllis out. She weeps and insists it’s all Sally and Tara’s fault.
Phyllis and Billy discuss Summer at Grand Phoenix Y&R

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At Victoria’s, she worries to Ashland that the merger may have been a mistake if it’s taking a toll on his health. He insists this isn’t the case. It’s the burden of losing his son and the future they could have had that is weighing on him. She suggests he seek treatment so he can stop the anxiety attacks. He’s tired of her continually urging this but she can’t let it go. She wants what they have to last as long as possible, but he’s letting this disease define him. After she makes him some herbal tea, she reminds him of what a force he is. She wants as much of him as he can give. Tara calls him and asks to meet.
Victoria and Ashland talk treatment at home Y&R

Kyle bursts into the Grand Phoenix, corners Phyllis, and demands to know what she’s doing to Tara.

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In his office at Newman, Adam video chats with Chelsea about their son and Anita. He wants Connor to come home for lacrosse camp. The kid has seen that she’s healthy and he can come back to his regular life now. When the chat ends, Chloe arrives and he welcomes her to her first day at Newman Media. She’s still worried that his job offer might not have been altruistic. When she brings up Chelsea, he insists they focus on work. He is giving her free range in the fashion division. Chloe remains skeptical and accuses him of trying to trap her. As she rants at him, he gives her the key to her new office and reminds her that they have a valid contact. He still wants her to bring Chelsea in for work when the timing is right.
Chloe bickers with Adam at Newman Media Y&R

Sharon goes to the park and calls Rey, leaving a message about how she misses him. Adam startles her. She apologizes for being so jumpy. As they pick up their conversation from the previous day, she insists she’s not “pulled toward” him and refuses to be roped into another discussion of their history. She stomps off and he smiles to himself.
Adam bumps into Sharon in the park Y&R

When Sharon gets back to Crimson Lights, she finds her daughter experimenting with milk. Faith wonders if she’s okay. Sharon says she’s eager for Rey to come home and runs into the storage room.

Billy eavesdrops as Nate meets with Victoria at Society. She tells him about her “friend’s” diagnosis and he admits treatment can only offer a small amount of time. He offers to confer with some colleagues and get back to her. She’s eager to give her friend all of the options she can.
Nate gives Victoria advice for her 'friend' at Society Y&R

Ashland arrives at the Abbott estate. Things are tense with Tara as he accuses her of pushing him out of his son’s life.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor and Nikki pay Summer a visit.

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