Victoria, Ashland suite Y&R
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Billy pops into Crimson Lights and Sharon notices he’s in a good mood. He gives her a list as to why until he spots Adam and wonders why she lets the riff-raff in. She points out that Adam’s been cleared and insists she’s seen a legitimate change in her ex, just like she has in Billy. That doesn’t go over well. Billy reminds her that while Adam may have saved Faith, he also took Delia’s life.

Billy strolls over to Adam and tells him that Connor is safer with Chelsea than he would be with him. Adam wonders why he isn’t busy writing tabloid trash. Billy accuses his nemesis of acting benevolent so he can worm his way into Sharon’s life. If he was a changed man, he’d know she was better off without him. Once Billy exits,  Sharon comes over and they fill each other in on their conversations with Billy. Adam insists that Billy is wrong. He’s not trying to win Sharon back. It was always his darker side that attracted her anyway. She claims otherwise but he’s not convinced and she awkwardly bustles away.

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Ashland and Victor plan New York trip at home Y&R

At Victoria’s, she’s surprised to see Ashland out of bed. He has things he needs to settle in New York but won’t be gone long. She can understand he needs to say goodbye to the life he lived there. He’d like her to go with him, see all his old haunts and meet her new staff. She says she’d love to go with him.

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Victoria later bumps into Adam as he’s leaving Crimson Lights. They take snipes at one another and he calls her a ghoul for exploiting a dying man. He’s sure if their positions were reversed, everyone would be labeling him a predator. Adam muses that his half-sister turned out a lot more like their father than he thought she would. Victoria tells him he’s always made the mistake of not understanding that she’s the member of the family he should fear the most.

Victoria worries about Ashland at home Y&R

When Victoria gets home, she finds Ashland unconscious on the floor. Rousing him, she thinks he should be checked out but he refuses and apologizes for scaring her. She’s worried that the stress of the merger may be making things worse for him.

Adam goes to his office and calls Victor in Italy, telling him about his encounter with Victoria. It’s given him an idea.

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Lily and Johnny discuss Ashland at home Y&R

At home, Lily tries getting Johnny ready for camp. His stomach still hurts and he asks her to stay home with him. They play cards. Johnny asks about Ashland being sick and says he hopes she always stays with his dad.

Billy arrives home to Lily and Johnny sleeping. After they wake up, Billy thanks her for being so good with his boy. She says they had fun but he brought up Ashland. Billy’s going to have to talk to Victoria about how to deal with the situation as far as the kids are concerned.

Imani interrupts Nate and Elena at Society Y&R

Nate treats Elena to breakfast at Society. Imani shows up and they discuss the offer to join Amanda’s firm. Elena is sure to tell her own story about why she stayed in town with Nate. Imani gets takeout and Nate asks about her mother’s case. She explains that they’ve managed to convince Naya to recant her confession. “I can be very persuasive when I want to be,” she tells Nate before heading out. Elena points out the other woman was hitting on him. Nate laughs it off and says he’s already taken.

Elena stops by Crimson Lights and catches up with Sharon about Rey. Sharon thinks Rey is happy to have a reason to be sympathetic to Chelsea so he can blame Adam for more of his problems.

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Moses, Devon, Amanda chat at penthouse Y&R

At the penthouse, Amanda informs Devon that Naya is on her way back to Genoa City to recant her confession. He thinks this is all down to her influence. Moses trundles down the stairs and thanks Devon for arranging for Faith to meet Tigirlily the day before. Amanda takes off, leaving the guys to talk about music and how it can open your perspective. The topic turns to Moses’ future and he repeats that he’s not sure medicine is for him.

Naya talks recant to Imani and Amanda at Society Y&R

Michael is with Amanda, Imani, and Naya at Society. He takes Amanda aside and tells her how guilty her mother seemed when she talked to him. He encourages her to help in the investigation into Sutton, but guesses that will be hard. After he leaves, Amanda tells her mom that she hopes she will be willing to help the authorities. After all, she owes that much to Richard. Naya is adamant that she will do nothing to implicate her father.

Nate meets with Devon at the penthouse. Devon explains that Moses is interested in music and wants to cut back on his hours at the hospital. Moses explains he’s checking out options other than being a doctor. Nate’s surprised and needs to think about this.

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