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Ashland shows up at the Abbott estate and asks Kyle if he is behind Tara trying to steal his son from him in his final days. Kyle thinks he needs to discuss the issue with Tara. Locke is concerned when he hears Harrison has been having bad dreams, but that doesn’t justify what Tara is doing.

Later, Sally drops by and Kyle lectures her for taking advantage of Jack’s loneliness. She thinks he’s projecting. He quizzes her about the trip she made to LA before she got her new job. She insists she was just visiting friends and encourages him to stop blaming his bust-up with Summer on other people.

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Victoria discovers her father sitting in her living room when he should be taking off on his and Nikki’s trip to Italy. Victor reminds her he owns the plane, it will take off when he says. They discuss the merger. He hopes that it was her idea and reminds her there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of a situation. She’s defensive but he insists he’s congratulating her and doesn’t want her to get hurt. He’s concerned when she mentions she’s moved Locke in. Victoria insists he isn’t taking advantage of her and insists their relationship is wonderful. Victor loves her and doesn’t want her to get hurt.

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Dragging her luggage to the door of the ranch house, Nikki calls for Victor, reminding him they need to catch their flight. Morose, Victor strolls in and complains about their daughter’s new domestic arrangements. He’s not thrilled when his wife says she agrees with Victoria’s choice. She insists Victoria knows what she is doing. He waves away the idea that she’s being selfless. Nikki is eager to get on the plane but Victor is still upset. She encourages him to be proud of their daughter’s strength. Eventually, he relents and they take off.

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At home, Billy and Lily discuss their sick kids. He worries that Johnny might be ill because of all the change going on around him. She says they just need to make their place a safe haven for his kids. Victoria shows up to check on her son. After Lily leaves for a meeting, Billy repeats that he was wrong to question her decision to move Locke in. She says it’s going to be rocky for a while, especially now that her father knows. Billy wonders if she would see a future with Ashland if he wasn’t dying. After she checks on her son, she admits to Billy that she’s been surprised by how deep her connection with Ashland has become. Billy can tell she’s serious about him. It means a lot to Victoria that he can be happy for her.

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Lily bumps into Moses in the park. He wants advice on how to be more than friends with Faith. He can respect her wanting to go slow but wonders if it’s too slow. She gives him some advice on how not to overstep and takes off. Moses calls Devon, asking for help.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis calls Summer and gives her an update on the Kyle-Tara situation. Phyllis assures her it won’t last forever and the Abbotts will see her true colors soon. Tara stops in and does her best to avoid Phyllis when she goes over the top on acting civil. Phyllis walks over to Tara to apologize for accusing her of trying to take custody from a dying man. She confesses that she only pretended to befriend her because she was worried she might be manipulating the Abbotts. Tara appreciates her coming clean. Phyllis encourages her to avoid Sally like the plague. When Sally appears, Phyllis makes herself scarce and eavesdrops from behind a plant. Sally advises Tara to get Kyle to back off because he’s been snooping into Summer’s exit.

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Tara returns to the Abbott estate. Kyle fills her in on Ashland’s unpleasant visit. She thinks it’s time to tell Harrison about Ashland’s illness. Kyle can’t help thinking that perhaps Ashland should be given the option of telling Harrison himself.

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Ashland joins Victoria at Society, worried that he won’t be allowed to tell Harrison about his illness himself. They go over the custody case. She suggests it might be stronger if he accepts some treatment. This is becoming unbearable for him. Kyle and Tara show up and Ashland storms over. Tara insists she’s just trying to protect the child. When Kyle stands up to defend her, Ashland gets upset and has trouble breathing. He declares he won’t let her steal his son and Victoria leads him out. Tara claims to be scared. Kyle promises they can battle Ashland together. As they eat salad, they recall their affair in New York. Phyllis comes in and says it’s great to see them carrying on.

Lily returns home. She and Billy recap their days. Seeing how much Victoria cares for Ashland has made him realize how fortunate he is to have Lily as a soulmate of his own.

Ashland and Victoria go home. He’s upset about letting this legal fight get under his skin. She says a lesser man couldn’t even get out of bed under the circumstances. He’s happy they’ve found each other.

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