Amanda threatens Sutton in hotel room Y&R
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In Amanda’s room, she worries to Devon about Victor coming through for her. He urges her to be patient but she’s frazzled. Imani bursts in, panicking that her mom has gone missing. Devon takes off to search for her.

Nikki and Adam clear the air at ranch Y&R

At the ranch, Victor calls Sutton to ask if he’s considered his proposal. Newman reiterates that he wants a favor in exchange for the incriminating letter. When he gets off the line, Adam strolls in, eager to brainstorm about a marketing strategy. His father has too much on his mind for that today and exits. Nikki comes in and Adam wonders what Victor is so preoccupied with. Sitting down, he updates her on Chelsea and Connor. The topic changes to their own difficult history and relationship. Nikki admits she has a hard time trusting Adam, but concedes he seems to be working hard to improve himself. Adam feels like he’s in uncharted territory as he tries to be a better man. She assures him that someone will always be there to set him right. But if he starts to backslide, he will be back to public enemy No. 1.

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Later, Nikki notices that Victor seems distracted. He gruffly explains that he has things to do before they leave for Italy, then thanks her for reminding him to be more magnanimous toward Victoria about the merger. She thinks he could do that in person.

Amanda and Imani worry about Naya in hotel Y&R

After security allows Amanda and Imani to search Naya’s room, they return to the lawyer’s suite to consider what could have happened to their mom. Sutton shows up, saying that he’s been looking for Naya, too. Amanda wonders if he told Naya to go on the run. He’s annoyed that they are so suspicious of him. The lawyer declares that she will prove he’s guilty of her father’s murder. Determined to deal with the situation without his help, she orders him out. After he exits, he sends Victor a text.

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Sharon and Abby talk Mariah's texts at Crimson Lights Y&R

Sharon gets a text from Mariah at Crimson Lights. Abby and Tessa get one at the same moment. They compare them and assume everything’s okay with the MIA mom-to-be.

Adam and Sharon discuss Chelsea at Crimson Lights Y&R

Adam arrives for coffee and chats with Sharon about Chelsea. He’s worried that Chelsea could end up fighting for custody and take his son to live closer to Anita. Sharon gets him to open up more. He fills her in about Chelsea’s scheming and Victor’s machinations. Although he tries not to dwell on it, he’s realized that Chelsea always reverts to form. Sharon points out that people often say the same thing about him. Adam tells her about his conversation with Nikki and how much he’s enjoying trying to be a good person. He hopes Chelsea will learn to see him in a different light, too. As they get up, he admits to Sharon he’d be lying if he didn’t admit to missing her. Clearly flustered, she says she needs to close up the shop. He lingers to look at her before leaving. Sharon thinks back to everything that has happened with Adam over the past few months, including her admission that she will never love Rey the way she loves Adam and the kiss that they shared.

Meanwhile, Adam goes to his office at Newman and thinks about Sharon.

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Tessa and Abby compare guilt at Chancellor house Y&R

Tessa and Abby arrive at the Chancellor estate and apologize for snapping at each other lately. They decide they need to do better by Mariah rather than drive her away. They beat themselves up about that until Devon joins them. He notices that there seems to be less tension between the women. Tessa admits she’s still concerned that they are only receiving texts, not calls.

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Sutton confesses to Victor at ranch Y&R

Sutton visits Victor at the ranch and agrees to his offer. Now, however, Victor says he’s changed his mind: Sutton betraying his family is not something he can tolerate. Sutton smirks, saying that’s pretty rich coming from Victor. The Mustache understands why Sutton might feel that way,  but says he’s never turned his back on his family. Victor pushes Sutton’s buttons about Richard. Sutton rants about the dead man and that Naya was foolish enough to let herself get pregnant by him. Sutton insists he can live with what he did to Richard. When Sutton demands the letter again, Victor asks, “What letter is that?” Amanda and Imani come out of hiding. Their grandfather declares he will deny everything he said. The lawyer reveals she recorded it all. He tries to negotiate, but he can’t give her the one thing she wants: her father back.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Phyllis decides to come clean.

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