Billy and Lily talk Victoria and the kids at home Y&R
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Billy returns home and tells Lily that Victoria is moving Ashland in. Neither saw that coming. Under the circumstances, Victoria wants Billy and Lily to take the kids more often. That’s fine with Lily. Billy isn’t sure his ex understands what she’s setting herself up for and doesn’t see how the kids won’t be negatively impacted by this. Lily is surprised, but says there is one thing she’s sure of: Victoria is a good mom. He suspects Victoria is doing this partially to safeguard her deal. Lily thinks he should be listening more carefully to his ex and what she’s going through.

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Victoria introduces Ashland to her kids at home Y&R

Victoria brings Ashland into her home and introduces him to her kids. She announces he’ll be staying there for a while. The kids hop off to play. Ashland has an attack and has to sit down until he can breathe. He would understand if she’s having second thoughts about having him there. This is where she wants him to be.

Later, Billy stops by to get the kids. He and Ashland are awkward together. Locke regrets the mess with the video. Billy doesn’t understand what he’s doing there and wonders why he is subjecting Victoria to the pain of inevitably losing him. Ashland claims he’s sick, not dying. Victoria interrupts and says the future is unpredictable and they just want to make each other happy. Billy can be okay with that. It’s good to see her happy as long as it lasts.

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Kyle and Jack discuss Tara's concerns at Abbott house Y&R

Jack finds Kyle looking pensive at the Abbott estate. Kyle is worried about Harrison. Tara wants to restrict Ashland’s contact with him. Jack saw the video and doesn’t think that Ashland was doing anything other than trying to shield the child. He’s sure Kyle will make the right decision about this if he lets Harrison’s best interests take priority.

Tara and Kyle discuss Harrison at Abbott house Y&R

When Jack heads out, Tara emerges from eavesdropping around the corner. She tells Kyle their son has been having nightmares about what happened in the park. Tara claims that Ashland hasn’t accepted that he’s not in control anymore and he’s disturbed by the future they will have without him. He’s reassuring and offers to come up with a plan later. She smiles to herself as he leaves for work.

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Devon and Amanda discuss Victor at Crimson Lights Y&R

Devon and Amanda are impatiently waiting to hear from Victor at Crimson Lights. She’s sure the Newman will be able to help her expose Sutton.

Jack bumps into Sally and they banter about whipped cream before she gets him to ask her out. She rushes off and he smiles to himself until Phyllis interrupts. Red isn’t planning to intrude on his life. Jack hopes that’s true.

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Sutton is with Victor in his office. Victor offers him a solution to his problems with Amanda. He tells him about helping Richard search for his twins. Victor claims to have a letter in which Sutton warned that if Richard did not stop searching for the twins, there would be consequences to pay. Sutton tries to talk around the apparent threat, but Victor stands firm and says the letter can be his… for a price.

Amanda and Devon head back to her place and she wonders if Victor is sincere about helping her out. She thinks she trusts him, but she’s not sure of her ability to judge character.

Lily and Devon catch up at Crimson Lights Y&R

Lily runs into Devon at Crimson Lights and he catches her up about the Mariah situation. Then he recaps what’s been happening with Amanda and she informs him about Johnny and Katie moving in for a few months. She really admires Victoria for facing the pain of dealing with someone dying. Billy, she says, doesn’t quite grasp what Victoria has taken on.

Phyllis and Tara talk Summer at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Tara arrives at the Grand Phoenix for a meeting with Lauren. She’s early so Phyllis decides to keep her company. Phyllis rattles on about how happy Summer is in Milan. She feels bad for Kyle and how much he must be suffering. Tara says he’s focusing on the future. Phyllis is startled to hear that Tara is trying to get sole custody from a dying man. Tara insists that she and Phyllis aren’t really that different from one another. As Tara strolls off, Phyllis can’t help but react.

Phyllis and Amanda discuss Tara and Sutton at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Amanda comes over and asks what’s happening. She gets the recap on what’s happened since Tara came to town and Phyllis is distraught as she explains about Summer being driven away. The lawyer tells her to make sure she’s right about Tara before she does anything. Rather than pay attention to that advice, Phyllis vows, “I will take her down!” Sally strolls by and makes a point of telling Phyllis that she’s going on a date with Jack. Phyllis says she can do what she wants. Sally chews on that and walks away. Having witnessed the scene, Amanda admits to being baffled. Phyllis explains that she is sure Tara and Sally are in cahoots.

Billy goes home and tells Lily that he feels for Ashland. He can see Locke and Victoria just want to be happy and thanks Lily for helping him see that.

Kyle returns to the Abbott estate and Tara tells him she’s made up her mind.

At Victoria’s, she and Ashland are about to share a drink when he gets a call from his attorney informing him that Tara has filed for sole custody.

Jack joins Sally at Society. He’s glad they are doing this. Phyllis watches them through the window.

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