Devon and Amanda talk Victor Y&R
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At Devon’s, Amanda calls Victor and asks to meet. When she gets off the phone, she informs Devon that Sutton has threatened her. She didn’t think she’d be reaching out to Victor like this.

Jack runs into Victor at Society and they catch up. Jack makes a jab about Victoria’s latest business coup and chuckling Victor claims nothing in the company would happen without him.

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Phyllis and Billy discuss Tara at Crimson Lights Y&R

Billy and Phyllis get coffee at Crimson Lights. She’s sure that Tara has her sights set on Kyle and will steamroll over anyone to get him. Sally eavesdrops until Phyllis notices and snaps at her. Sally saunters out. Phyllis says Sally and Tara need to be stopped. She complains about how forgiving Jack has been to Ms. Spectra and then they rehash their own problematic past.

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Stitch, Abby and Tessa worry about Mariah at Chancellor estate Y&R

At the Chancellor estate, Abby and Tessa continue to worry about the AWOL Mariah. Stitch offers to do whatever he can to help and explains he’s been offered a job that could keep him around. Tessa is starting to suspect that someone might have taken Mariah. Abby has been trying to stop her mind from going there but they need to at least discuss the possibility. Stitch points out that there’s no evidence of foul play, and Tessa reminds everyone that Mariah did a lot of sketchy things before she came to Genoa City. Stitch suggests that Tessa might have been the real target and she admits she has some enemies from her own dark past. Abby is sure there must be a different explanation. But once Tessa leaves, Abby and Stitch wonder if Mariah’s disappearance really is because of something from the brunette’s past.

Devon threatens Sutton at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Devon runs into Sutton in the Grand Phoenix foyer. Devon reminds the older man he’s a billionaire and warns that he will go after him if he threatens Amanda again. They bicker with and insult each other. Devon thinks he’s a coward and is confident Amanda will reveal it to everyone.

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Nikki worries to Victoria in office Y&R

In her office at Newman, Victoria shoots down Nikki’s pleas that she clear the air with Victor. Victoria shocks her mom when she announces that Ashland is moving in with her. Nikki won’t object if this gives her joy, but she should talk to Billy before making such a big decision. After Nikki leaves, Billy drops in and asks for some insider information. Victoria shoots that down and asks if the children can stay with him more. He’s aghast when she announces she’s moving Ashland in. He doesn’t think having a dying man in the house is good for the kids. She’s determined to make sure they don’t suffer. Billy thinks she’s opening herself to a world of grief.

Nikki joins Victor at Society and worries about their daughter’s relationship with a dying man. She’s annoyed he hasn’t congratulated Victoria on her latest accomplishment and storms out.

Nikki worries about Victoria's choice in office Y&R

Nikki returns to her daughter’s office. Victoria assumes she was hoping Billy would talk her out of her new living arrangement. Her mother worries that she’s opening herself up to heartbreak. However, she can admire her for taking a chance if she really cares for Ashland. Flowers come and Nikki heads home. Victoria assumes they are from Ashland, but they are actually a congratulations bouquet from Victor.

Jack and Phyllis talk Tara at Society Y&R

Phyllis joins Jack at Society and tells him that Tara is “really something.” After talking to Kyle’s babymama, she figured out why Summer canceled her engagement and left the country. Jack defends allowing Tara into the Abbott house and refuses to believe that she has acted maliciously.

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Victor listens to Amanda in office Y&R

Victor meets with Amanda in his office. She apologizes for implicating him and people at Newman in her father’s death. Now she believes her grandfather is the guilty party. His heart goes out to her, but he wonders why she’s really there. She wants the whole truth about her family to come out and she’s hoping he can push Sutton into a corner. After she leaves, Victor calls Sutton over. He soon arrives and Victor warns him he has a serious problem with Amanda. “I have a solution,” Victor adds.

Devon and Amanda get coffee at Crimson Lights and he tells her about threatening her grandfather. That’s what happens when anyone tries to mess with someone he cares about. She’s touched that he stood up for her.

Sally warns Tara at Abbott house Y&R

Sally shows up at the Abbott estate to give Tara a friendly warning about Phyllis and Billy. That’s not a surprise to Tara. In exchange for this tip, Sally wants her help stopping Phyllis trashing her to Jack.

Tara weeps to Jack at Abbott house Y&R

When Jack arrives at home, Tara turns on the waterworks and tells him that Phyllis was there and launching accusations at her.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Victoria makes Ashland a promise.

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