Tara and Billy talk in park Y&R
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Billy approaches Tara in the park and asks how she’s coping with being in the news. He talks about the unsavory video and wonders who sent it. She wanders off to see her son and Billy nearly calls Lily but changes his mind.

Amanda and Devon talk case at her place Y&R

Devon is with Amanda in her room. He talks about the Newman/Locke merger, but she’s distracted by work. She’s convinced that Sutton had his online profile scrubbed. To create reasonable doubt in Naya’s case, she needs dirt on her grandfather. He gets a text from Abby and the lawyer offers to walk out with him.

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Billy and Phyllis talk Tara at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Billy strolls into the Grand Phoenix lobby and runs into Phyllis, who is in a mood. She hasn’t slept since getting back from Italy. He needs information about Tara. Phyllis assumes he wants dirt for an article, but he says it’s personal. His gut tells him something is off with Harrison’s mom. Phyllis thinks he might be right for once. They wonder what she’s really up to. When he brings up seeing Sally with Tara, Phyllis gets more interested. He tells her his suspicions and she asks him to let her deal with it. Amanda and Devon step off the elevator and spot them. She thinks they look like they’re up to something intense and that gives her an idea. As soon Billy is gone, Phyllis calls Summer to say she’ll always have her back.

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Sharon and Tessa worry about Mariah at Crimson Lights Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Tessa and Sharon wonder about Mariah. She’s been sending them texts, but something seems off. Abby calls to say that Mariah responded to a text from Jack and is taking a few days off. Sharon tries to calm Tessa‘s concerns and suggests that Mariah might just feel like she’s being watched and judged.

Stitch and Sharon catch up at Crimson Lights Y&R

Sharon stares at a rag distractedly until Faith interrupts. She gets lemonade for Moses as Sharon goes on about how her daughter should be honest with the young man so they can get over their awkwardness. Moses arrives and they head to the patio. Stitch saunters in. Sharon’s surprised to see that he’s still in town. He tells her Memorial is considering him for his old boss’ job, which means he could be moving back to Genoa City. He’s reluctant to come back and she assumes that’s because of Abby. He doesn’t want to disrupt her life. When he brings up Mariah, she explains she’s missing.

Moses and Faith talk relationship at Crimson Lights Y&R

On the patio, things are still awkward for Moses and Faith. She blames herself for what happened at the ranch. She’s thought about where they are headed too, but needs to go slow after everything that’s happened to her over the past few months.

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Abby worries about Mariah at home Y&R

Devon arrives at the Chancellor estate and Abby tells him she’s worried about the fact that Mariah seems to have taken off and is barely communicating. She’s worried that something seriously upset the surrogate  and wishes Chance were around to help. Devon offers her some reassuring words. Tessa arrives and the women bicker about which of them was putting too much pressure on Mariah. Eventually, Devon urges them to stop fighting and work together.

Later, Stitch stops by and tells Abby he heard about Mariah. He’s there if there’s anything she needs.

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Phyllis and Tara talk at Abbott estate Y&R

Phyllis drops by the Abbott estate with a gift for Jack. Tara answers the door and Phyllis says it’s time for them to have a little chat. She talks about Summer and Tara acts worried that she broke up her relationship with Kyle. “I don’t blame you at all,” Phyllis claims. After Tara talks about how hard her life is, Phyllis urges her to let Kyle take Ashland’s place in Harrison’s life. Phyllis thanks her for this talk. It’s cleared up a lot of things for her. She leaves the house, almost gagging.

Amanda asks Lily for a favor at Chance Com Y&R

Amanda drops by the Chance Com office to asks Lily for a favor. She fills her in about Naya’s case and her own plan to go after Sutton. The lawyer keeps hitting dead ends in research but, after seeing Billy with Phyllis, wonders if Lily would have anyone on staff who could help. Lily can’t think of anyone. Amanda is even contemplating asking Victor for help. Billy arrives and Amanda heads out. Lily asks him about his conversation with Phyllis. He explains vaguely and then gets a text from the redhead, asking to meet. Billy suggests Lily come along with him, but she decides to stay behind.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Amanda asks Victor for help.

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