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At the Abbott house, Jack happily greets his sisters, Ashland and Traci. He can’t wait for them to meet Harrison. Ash is keen to meet Tara too. They go over how Kyle’s devastated about Summer, and he suddenly appears. As he’s complaining that some people haven’t made this any easier, Billy arrives. Kyle tells him he went too far, but Billy argues they handled the divorce in a respectful manner. Ashley questions if it was necessary to speculate on his health. Kyle is concerned for his son and warns Billy nothing that happens behind these doors is news. Billy won’t cross that line.
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Tara appears with Harrison and he meets his aunts and uncle. Harrison’s clutching his fox, Zippy, and Jack laughingly recalls Ashley’s childhood doll, Esmerelda. Kyle takes Harrison to get Mrs. Martinez’s muffins, and Billy invites Tara to tell him how she felt about the article. She’d prefer he exercise restraint in the future when it comes to her son. Ashland and Traci would like to know more about her. Tara relays that her parents passed away and she has a brother, Shane, but they’re not close. She admits it’s been lonely over the years; Ashland traveled a lot. Traci’s chuffed to hear she read the Abbott memoir. Tara thinks Harrison is lucky to be part of their family. She’ll set down roots in Genoa City and is working with Lauren on her shoe line. Ash confides she’s a fan of her shoes. Tara goes to check on Harrison and Jack says, “She’s something isn’t she?” Billy frowns, “Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.”
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Traci teases about Jack and Ashley both becoming grandparents. Talk turns to Mariah having to leave suddenly for work. Jack plans to check into it. Traci proposes a family sector in the fiction division at Chance Comm and Billy’s on board. Kyle appears and invites them all to play with Harrison, but Billy has to go. He asks to speak to Kyle alone before leaving and tells him Summer asked him to be a friend to him. Kyle snaps, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Billy warns him to be careful about how he moves forward and mentions the lonely Tara. Kyle fumes, “Stay the hell out of my business.”
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In the park, Chelsea and Connor express how much they’ve missed each other and love each other. Chelsea assures him she hopes to be home soon; she’s getting better by the day. “Seeing you is the best medicine of all.” Connor chatters away to her about soccer and Adam offers to get the ball out of the car. First, he sends Connor to get cold drinks. Chelsea thanks Adam, who explains that Rey played a role in him changing his mind. She hopes he can see she’s not a threat; she just wants to get out and have her son back in her life. “No more threats, no more games.” Adam spoke to Victor, who is setting things in motion for her release… as long as she plays by the rules and continues her outpatient therapy. She swears she will.
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After they kick the ball around for a while, Chelsea tells Adam that was the most fun she’s had in a long time. They establish that things will never be the same between them — there’s no going back. They’ll be the best parents to Connor, however. Chelsea plans to spend as much time with him as possible. Adam’s enjoying quality time with him and advises her they’ll discuss arrangements as the need arises. Connor and Chelsea say their goodbyes and she assures him everything will be fine. Adam says he’ll be in touch.

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Connor and Adam leave, but then Adam returns. Her mother, Anita, called and is in the hospital with a broken hip. She wants Chelsea to come help her recover if the judge will allow it. Adam asks, “Chelsea, did you concoct this whole thing with your mother?” Chelsea’s as shocked by the call as he was — she knows the timing seems suspect, but she swears it wasn’t her back-up plan. She appeals to Adam to get Victor to agree to the plan — and if she’s allowed to go… she wants to bring Connor with her.
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At Society, Nina meets up with Lily and briefs her on Mariah being out of touch before talk turns to business. She knows Chance Comm has been busy with the Locke divorce drama and wonders if that’s the project Lily wanted to talk to her about. Lily explains Billy and his team are handling that. Nina reflects on the human side of that drama. Lily thinks that makes her perfect for what she has in mind — they’d like her to do a series of stories focusing on the old guard versus the new guard in Genoa City’s business scene. Nina’s so in.
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In Nick’s hotel room in Italy, Summer thanks him for coming out there for her transition. Nick was happy to do it and will go see Noah in London next. Summer knows her dad has been keeping something from her and wants to deal with it. Nick sighs; he was hoping she wouldn’t see Billy’s article on the Locke divorce. Summer’s grateful to be away from the drama; reading the story was proof she was right to leave when she did. Summer did what was best for everybody and insists she’ll be fine. Nick just wants to see her happy and marvels at how far she’s come. Summer pleads with him not to be hard on Kyle — he did nothing wrong and she wants him to find happiness. Nick promises. Soon, it’s time to say goodbye. Summer says, “I will miss you, Dad,” and embraces him. She’ll make him and her mom proud and will miss them. Nick will miss her more and says, “Arrivederci.” Summer sniffs, “Until we meet again.” They express their love and Summer goes.
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Nick walks to look out the window and sighs. Later, Nick takes a call from Phyllis, who asks how things are going. He admits he’s sad. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door – it’s Phyllis there to surprise him. They kiss passionately. Phyllis relays she saw Summer in the lobby and they’ll have breakfast together, but tonight is about them. “Do you like my surprise?” she purrs. Nick gulps, “I love your surprise.” They begin to undress and Nick pushes her up against the wall as they make out.
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After sex, Nick tells Phyllis he’ll text Noah and delay his visit so they can spend a day together in Milan. Phyllis seeks his reassurance that Summer will be okay. He believes she’s excited about her future but there’s sadness due to Kyle. Phyllis knows there’s more to the story of why she left Kyle and Genoa City so abruptly.
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At Society, Nina chats to Abby by phone, who still hasn’t heard from Mariah. She hopes they hear from her soon.

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At the Abbott house, Ashley and Tracie listen as Jack enthuses to Kyle about making memories with his grandson. Tara thanks them all.

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At home, Billy updates Lily that Tara really turned on the charm today. She’s good — really good. He thinks there’s more going on with her than anyone knows. Lily trusts his instincts but cautions him. Billy admits he warned Kyle, but Lily thinks he should let it go.
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